Epic Travel Show (Every Sunday)

Started as an idea after hearing many amazing stories of backpackers, nomads and expats alike.
Life and personal experiences tell the best stories and give the best advice.
We wanted to give these people a voice and a platform to tell their story and share it with others that want to hear it and may benefit from it. Find a local street food cart with the best Pad thai instead of a paid review on some blog, find that little amazing beach front bungalow which you can only know about if you are a local or expat there and you cannot find online.

About the Show

Real stories from real people.

We want to create a Travel show that that is much more than the travel shows you see on TV or the Shows you follow on Youtube a show with which you can interact and help create, where you get actual valid information about travelers and not some paid endorsement (which will always be mentioned if something is paid for).

Furthermore we want to give fresh creators the possibility to come on our show and present themselves to our audience and show us what is unique about them and if our community likes them, help them and support them, maybe even send them off to a country to film for us and be part of the show on a more regular basis.


The Epic Travel Show Entertainer JONNY HAMBURG



About Jonny Hamburg

Jonny Hamburg is not only the Founder, one of the hosts and creative mastermind behind the EpicTravelShow which is quickly becoming one of the biggest live shows for backpackers and travelers on Facebook, but he is also our market manager for Southeast Asia (Asia) and CMO here at Backpacker-Footsteps.
After having travelled to Thailand for the first time and getting first diving experience Jonny realized that his Job as running 3 Stores for a big German Mobile Phone provider was just not satisfying anymore and that he didn’t want to be stuck in a boring 9-5 for the rest of his live. So he decided to quite his job, sell all his belongings and move to Thailand to become a dive instructor.

During his time as a divemaster trainee he first came across other people who where trying to build a following on social media and this got him started on a journey to learn all about social media marketing that he could which was a good choice as it got him a great job as Online Marketing Manager for a German company part of the automobile industry after not being able to teach diving anymore due to serious ear problems and having to go back to Germany to let this heal.

Being back in Germany got him missing Thailand and southeast Asia and that is how and why he got involved in the backpacking community on Facebook, having his own group and leading the biggest German Thailand group (formerly) and then later joining up with Backpacker-Footsteps he put in a lot of effort and hard work to build these communities leading soon to becoming team leader and market manager for southeast Asia and ultimately becoming Chief Marketing Officer for Backpacker-Footsteps.
During the Group building phase he came and his time in Online Marketing he started making videos of his travels and uploading them to youtube in a vlog style kind of way. This lead to him coming up with the idea of EpicTravelShow ) a show from backpackers for backpackers. Around this idea he build a network of bloggers/youtubers/instagrammers and influencers that would help him in future efforts.