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We want to make planning your "Work and Travel" year or your next trip around the world more simple and easy.
The Backpacker-Footsteps-team consists of people who Backpacking and Traveling a lot. By every single of our journeys and experiences we are able to broaden our horizon step by step. We want you to take part in our stories and use our experience and acquired knowledge to get you started for the adventure. It will enable you to get a new perspective on life.

600000 Backpacker and Traveler all over the world are members in our Facebook Groups. Be a part of our community and join us!


Spend your working holiday a year or two in Australia. Experience the chilled lifestyle, the friendly locals, beautiful beaches, venturesome outback and the amazing wildlife.  We providing many infomation about the topic Work and Travel in Australia, help you to find a job and much more...

Australia Guide & Facts

New Zealand

For anyone who loves spending time outdoors, New Zealand is paradise. The landscape is beautiful, you will definitely fall in love with the country and people.  You can get one year a Work and Travel visa for New Zealand. We give you all infomation which you need and much more...

New Zealand Guide & Facts


Experience the wonders that Canada caters and enjoy nature at its finest
Canada, which is the world’s second largest country. Canada is also one of the wealthiest countries in the world, has a lot of beautiful things to offer for backpacker. If you are planning a Work and Travel year in Canada read more...

Canada Guide & Facts

About Backpacker-Footsteps and Eugene

In this fast moving world, where everything seems to be momentarily, there are people who make a detour. Some of them wander through the Mongolian steppe, other stroll along Bangkok’s water markets or through the width of the Sahara desert. All of them have different reasons for their journey, but all of them share one similarity: They made the decision to experience life on the way through. The Backpacker-Footsteps-Team consists of people like that.

Eugene Reimer is the Founder and started to work on Backpacker-Footsteps 2011 already. Here some more infomation about Eugene.

Eugene Reimer

Hi. I’m Eugene Reimer, 34 years-old, born in the cold Siberia but of German descent.  I can count myself to those people who traveled and still travelling a lot. At this moment, I have traveled 93 UN and 113 TCC countries. I made my dreams come true and i become in the years a digital nomad. After more than 6 years traveling i am helping Backpacker and Traveler with my knowledge and my contacts all over the world.

  • I also did 38 different Backpacker Jobs
  • Gave lift to more than 1500 people in Europe
  • Organized more than 60 Backpacker events
  • Created and currently managing 100+ Backpacker groups on FB with 600.000+ members
  • Member of the Travelers' Century Club
  • Open my own travel company
  • Made the whole world to my home

Where Eugene has been

World Map

Our Accomodation Recommendations

Eugene and his team travelled through 100+ countries and stood hundreds of different accommodation, where they spent several nights in 5 Star Hotels and Hostels with 20+ people in one room. We are experts in giving Hotel, Hostel, Homestay and private accommodation tips and information – we definitely knows your money’s worth. 

Accommodation is one of your biggest daily expenses when you travel or study abroad. There are many options available for travelers to find the best place to stay. We will help to choose the right accommodation and find the best deals for you. Use also the list of our favorite places to stay around the world.

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Volunteering around the world

The Backpacker-Footsteps-Team is also helping different Voluteerprojects around the World and also Travelers who would like to volunteer. Our favorite Volunteerplace is at Peetim`s Homestay in Thailand. Many our communtity members went to Singburi and help the kids and the local community.  Our goal is it to support many school and wildlife project all over the global.

We would be happy to have you on board...


This amazing homestay is located in the wide open and beautifully natural countryside of Singburi in central Thailand, about 135 Km north of Bangkok. You will have the benefit of visiting the ‘real’ traditional Thailand. The homestay is organized by a local Thai family who also are involved with local Thai schools in teaching the children English language. Be a Volunteer, Learn Thai Boxing with a master or Mediation with monks!


Welcome to the BACKPACKER- FOOTSTEPS backpacker & traveler communities.

600000+ Backpacker and Traveler all over the world are members in our Facebook Groups.  All our communities exists so that all members can share valuable information to travelers.  We wanted to give these people a voice and a platform to tell their story and share it with others that want to hear it and may benefit from it. Begining 2018 we started the EpicTravelShow which brings the members clother to each other.

Be a part of our community! Join us now!

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EPIC TRAVEL SHOW - Real stories from real people.

We want to create a Travel show that that is much more than the travel shows you see on TV or the Shows you follow on Youtube a show with which you can interact and help create, where you get actual valid information about travelers and not some paid endorsement (which will always be mentioned if something is paid for).

Furthermore we want to give fresh creators the possibility to come on our show and present themselves to our audience and show us what is unique about them and if our community likes them, help them and support them, maybe even send them off to a country to film for us and be part of the show on a more regular basis.