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Usually all visitors who come in Thailand first goes to Bangkok. Cultural and administrative center has a lot to offer: not only the nightlife such are in placa “Nana” and “Patpong”, restaurants and bars. You definitely have to visit temples that are not only historical sites. Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok is an excellent example because tourists are considered him to be equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At the same time, it is still place where local believers come to pray.

Thai king and the royal family are much more favorably here than in other monarchies in the world. Their status reflects the sheer grandeur of Thai royal palace. One should also visit the National Museum, attend Tai boxing match or visit the floating market.

What you need to know about Thailand

Why Thailand is so popular destination?

Perhaps the main reason is its diversity, because even though there is never snowing,
Thailand can offer colorful landscapes. Mountainous region in the north with the misty valleys
is a real contrast to the plains of central and northeastern Thailand. Here are some of the most
beautiful beaches and islands in the world, and nature, on the other hand, is in the contrast to
the urban areas of the country.
The largest city is Bangkok, capital of Thailand. Culturally, Thailand is equally diverse.
Unlike other countries in the region, he was never colonized, so its history and culture are
intact and have evolved in a natural way. This place is a Buddhist country which rituals are
unknown to most visitors that blends with the impact of Chinese and Islamic cultures and
further contributes to its exoticism.
Of course, nightlife in Thailand is widely known and perhaps the main reason for its
tourist boom. Cabarets, strip clubs and discos are trough-out even less well-known tourist
Another reason why Thailand is an increasingly popular destination is its availability. The
infrastructure is among the most advanced in the region, and transport, banking system and
telecommunications are world-class. So Thailand is visited by both ordinary tourists and
business people along with those who are looking for a luxury vacation.
However, the greatest wealth of this country is still its people. Temperament is
completely opposite to "Westerners", they do not remove their smile from the face even in the
extremely stressful situations.

Where to go?

Usually all visitors who come in Thailand first goes to Bangkok. Cultural and
administrative center has a lot to offer: nightclubs such are “Nana” and “Patpong”, restaurants
and bars.
However, what still needs to be seen? In the first place are Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai
with breathtaking mountain landscapes and unusual history that make them extremely
interesting tourist places.
The ruins of the ancient city of Sukhothai offer insight into the glorious past of this
country, as well as Ayutthaya in central Thailand. Northeast is not visited by a lot of people, but
cities Buriram and Loei are becoming increasingly popular among tourists.

For those interested in World War II, Kanchanaburi is a mandatory destination because
it is rich in testimonies from this period. Eastern provinces also have something to offer -
Chonburi and its capital Pattaya, Hua Hin and Cha Am are becoming more and more the targets
of the tourists.
Of course, there are places worth visiting in all the Thai provinces, but to experience
such an atmosphere you must deviate from the usual tour.
Thailand is famous for its islands - clean water, golden sand, palm trees and coconuts –
it is the real paradise on earth. The largest island of Koh Chang is still relatively unknown, but
it's also very quiet.
Phi Phi islands are widely known and are actually the place where the movie “The
Beach” was filmed, with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main role.
Phuket, The James Bond Island (yes, that's his real name), Sunin island, Koh Samet, Koh
Phangan and Koh Samui are just some of the ones that are worth visiting.

What to visit?

In Thailand, you cannot be bored, because there is always something to see. You
definitely have to visit temples that are not only historical sites. Wat Phra Kaew in Bangkok is an
excellent example because tourists are considered him to be equivalent to the Eiffel Tower in
Paris. At the same time, it is still place where local believers come to pray.
Thai king and the royal family are much more favorably here than in other monarchies
in the world. Their status reflects the sheer grandeur of Thai royal palace. One should also visit
the National Museum, attend Tai boxing match or visit the floating market.


Thailand offers many sporting and cultural activities. You can learn to dive or jump into
the water, try bungee jumping and paintball or play a round of golf. In the last 10 years the
Kingdom of Thailand has become the “Promised Land” for all those who believe in alternative
medicine. Therefore, you can visit some of the many spa centers, attend a course of meditation
and learn to train your mind and body to become relaxed. There is a famous Thai massage,
which has become popular all over the world due to specific erotic touch.


Thailand has a lot of options when it comes to the visa regime. The best known options
are the Tourist Visa Exemption, which allows citizens of certain countries to stay in the country
for 15 or 30 days. In this case, you do not need visa at all; Visa on Arrival is also available to

tourists of certain nationalities which they receive upon arrival in Thailand; Tourist Visa is the
option that falls within the classical visa system.

Nightlife in Bangkok
Aside from its good food and historical heritage sites, Bangkok is also now known for its fashionable and
classy clubs, bars, restaurants and entertainment streets. As a matter of fact, more and more foreigners
are now going in and out of the city its sophisticated and enjoyable party environment. So here are
some of the best places and must-try clubs that you can visit to experience an all-night party in the
capital city of Thailand.

1. Demo Nightclub
This brick-walled fashionable club is located in Thong Lor Soi 10. It offers a vibrant party environment
that is best for partying. Its main room is the home of cutting-edge electro and house party music, while
the neon-orange bar, a very beautiful place to warm up, plays mostly hip-hop music. You can also
hangout and chat with your friends in their large outdoor area and meet new friends! The drinks here
are a little bit pricey. You can order drinks from 220 baht to 2000 baht. You can enter to this club with
no cover charge. If you do not finish your drinks on the night, you can just put it inside the bar's
refrigerator and redeem it within a month.

2. Royal City Avenue or RCA
This area is considered as the party and clubbing capital of Bangkok. The clubs and bars located here
hold party seven times a week being the nightlife zone. Among popular clubs here are Slim and Route 66
where most party-goers enjoy partying until daylight. Aside from jam-packed parties, you can also enjoy
watching live concerts, international DJs and popular songs of local artists all in one night.

3. Khao San Road Nightlife
When the twilight and darkness kick in, bright lights begin to flicker, neon lights flutter, music begins
booming and the crowd of people begin to flock. You have a lot of choices here. Your an choose to stay
at any club or bar that suits your mood, budget, state of cleanliness and taste. You can drop by the
Hippie de Bar, if you want to stay somewhere less noisy, or the upscale Silk Bar and Cinnamon. Soak
with alcohol all night with their affordable drinks. You may also opt to buy drinks like beers from some
convenience stores nearby.

4. Sukhumvit Nightlife
This party street is the location of some of the coolest clubs and bar in the city. It offers a wide variety of
fashionable bars and funky clubs that changes the entire avenue into a different world at nighttime. You
can try Bed Supper club and order classy cocktails, martini, or beers. Most of the clubs here close at 1
am. So get, eat and drink whatever you want before it's too late!

5. Silom Nighlife
Name it, Silom has it! This street in Bangkok transforms into a busy shopping street at night. You can buy
here a lot of goods such as DVDs, T-shirts, shoes, caps, utensils and other Thai products. Too, you may
opt to eat in the restaurants here where you can eat and drink almost everything you wish to. You can
also stoll over the red-light district where Bangkok's most famous and rowdy streets are located.

5 Best Sky Bars in Bangkok
Bangkok has plenty of sky bars to choose from for people who love to party or for those who simply wants to hang out. Although the idea is to wine and dine at the highest point possible, a number of bars on the smaller buildings can offer better food and drinks at a more reasonable price. Just keep in mind that most sky bars keep a strict dress code so dress accordingly.
Listed below are the top five sky bars that most tourists and locals alike frequent.

Vertigo and Moon Bar
Vertigo and Moon Bar is one the highest sky bars in town, which is a definite must go for people who like to party in high places. Just come to the Banyan Tree Hotel and go up to the 61st floor to enjoy good food at the Vertigo restaurant plus plenty of drinks for you and your friends at the Moon Bar. The Vertigo and Moon Bar is separated by an open air bridge. The place is quiet, and you can enjoy your meal and cocktail while basking at a view of Bangkok’s streets, buildings and river.

Park Society
Park Society is a Sky Bar that is perfect for couples on a romantic date. This rooftop bar is located at Sofitel So in its 29th floor. What Park Society has to offer is the wonderful sight of Lumphini Park, alongside the towering skyscrapers at Siam and Silom. If you have a date, better get the best seats just in time to witness as the sun sets in horizon and Bangkok’s night lights turns on.

Sky Bar by Lebua
Sky Bar by Lebua has been popularized by the Hollywood movie “The Hangover.” Located at Lebua state Tower’s 63rd floor, it’s no wonder that Sky Bar by Lebua got picked as a movie setting as it offers the most scenic view of Bangkok’s sunset and river. If you like to party at the famous Sky Bar by Lebua amid breathtaking sceneries, this is the place to be. Since it’s a popular hangout, be warned that it is also one of the most crowded Sky bars at night.

Octave Rooftop Bar
Octave Rooftop Bar offers three floors and a 360 degree spectacular sight of the city. Located at the rooftop of Marriot Hotel at Sukhumvit, you won’t have a problem getting a table in here since it is not located in the major tourist routes. You could choose which floor to go based on your needs and moods. The Octave Rooftop Bar’s first floor is a nice place to have dinner with friends and loved ones. If you are in a party mood, just go to the next floor and dance the night away.

Cloud 47 Rooftop Bar and Bistro
Cloud 47 is right in the middle of Bangkok. It is conveniently located at the 47th floor of the United Center Office tower in the middle of Silom Road and very near the famous Patpong Night Market. Even with the great view of Bangkok, the drinks at Cloud 47 are not that pricey. You will need to reserve at Cloud 47 though if you really want to get the table with the best view.

Top 10 Events/Festival in Thailand
Thailand’s festive calendar is one of the few things tourists keep flocking the Asian country, and if you’re wondering what to look for in Thailand, the following events may help you decide when to visit the country.

This is Thailand’s most festive holiday since it is likely considered to be a traditional Thai “New Year” season of the country that is normally celebrated for 3 days. During the Songkran celebration, which is always celebrated during the hottest time of the year, people flock to the streets and celebrate with one another. It is highlighted by sprinkling water all over the place, including people who came to celebrate. Water sprinkling is a sign of welcoming the New Year and washing away bad luck. It also means prosperity and good luck for Thai families who celebrate the occasion. The date when they celebrate the Songkran festival varies because of the lunar calendar they follow. Nevertheless, the festival is celebrated for three days. Tourists are not exempted from getting wet and if you don’t have plans of getting wet, it is advisable to stay inside the whole time.

Loy Krathong
It is a beautiful, majestic festival in Thailand, which normally confused people as the date always changes every year though Thai’s most likely celebrate it on the full moon of the twelfth month of their lunar calendar. Loy Krathong is commemorated by floats (krathong) decorated with flowers and candles, left to float on bodies of water specially rivers and the ocean. Today, the said festival is even made popular by the younger generation because of the occasion’s romantic idea of candlelight and time along the rivers and coastlines. The Loy Krathong festival kicks off at the end of October until the early part of November. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Sukhothai are known to have the most elaborate Loy Krathong celebration. Krathong floats, as well as khom fai lanterns, are sold by vendors all over the place for those who wish to join the fun festival.

Chiang Mai flower festival
It is another Thai festival that should be on your list of activities. The flower festival kicks off at the first weekend of February and the celebration is usually adorned by the place’s horticultural products and incredible flower display for 3 days. Tourists from all over the world flock to this part of Thailand just to witness the powerful show of Chiang Mai flowers. The elaborate presentation of their heavily decorated floats are said to be an offering to the King. During this season, each flower beds blooms the prettiest and the business of flower peaks at. Suan Buak is a public garden and is known to be the center of the festival. The Chiang Mai flower festival closes the streets near the public garden, in order to give way to flower vendors who wish to display and sell their own.

Wan Khao Phansa
Wan Khao Phansa, popularly known as the Buddhist Lent Day, is a three month lent activity that requires Buddhists to stay in one temple for three lunar month period, without returning to their own temples within the specified time. Wan Khao Phansa usually starts from July and officially ends in October, which also marks the day when rainy season ends. Wan Khao Phansa also collaborates with the “Candle Festival” at Ubon Ratchathanee province where participants, including tourists, display their artistic side of creating a unique candle to be offered at some of the Buddhists temples. The candles signify the importance of their religious beliefs and the preservation of their local customs. During the Wan Khao Phansa festival, alcoholic drinks are prohibited, while stores and avenues that sell these types of drinks are forced to close or highly monitored in order to prevent them from selling alcoholic drinks.

Vegetarian festival
This event in Thailand is commemorated during the month of October, usually from October 15 to October 23. Also known as Phuket Vegetarian festival, locals observes a nine-day vegan diet as their way of spiritual cleansing. Phuket and Bangkok are known to be the greatest celebrants of this event. The local’s fascination of depriving themselves of meat during the 10-day period has been the epitome of their quest for spiritual renewal. Tourists from all over the world usually join this “festive sacrifice” as a sign of respect to the local beliefs, as well as their personal experience of the said event. The vegetarian festival, also dubbed as a painful and awesome sacrifice, may be bizarre and out of this world because of the way they honor animals by piercing their bodies with metallic objects, but the fact remains, the vegetarian festival is all about spiritual cleansing.

Surin Elephant Festival (Surin Elephant Round-Up)
It is an event organized and celebrated during the third week of November and kicks off during the nearest weekend (November 21- November 22 for the year 2015). This cultural display of Thai’s local elephants is yearly celebrated in Surin province, Isan Thailand. The two day event is composed of powerful display of elephant skills such as playing soccer and tug-of-war. Other shows that include some of the elephant’s man developed skills are painting, hula hoops and even playing polo. Starting on a Friday, there are at least 300 elephants that will be paraded from Surin province to the elephant round – about which is located on Prasat road. These elephants carry dignitaries and once all the elephants arrive at the place, they are welcomed with a long banquet of food, which some of the leftovers can be taken home by the locals.

Ploughing Ceremony
The event is a Royal rite that commemorates the beginning of the rice planting season. Also called the Lehtun Mingala, the Ploughing Ceremony is being celebrated by most Asian countries and not only Thailand. In Thailand, the celebration is called Raek Nakhwan, all in connection to the abundant beginning of growing rice in the region. The Buddhist Lent is usually the time when the rite is being celebrated, normally from the months of June to July, where the ritual includes hitching two sacred oxen on a plough while they sow rice seeds on the sacred or ceremonial ground. The Ploughing Ceremony is also considered as their “Farmer’s day” because of its attributes to planting rice and similar crops. Reek Nakhwan is known of its Hindu origin, but Thailand also observes Phuetcha Mongkhon that means “Plantation Prosperity.”

The Rocket Festival
The event is a form of thanksgiving in Thailand, where the ethnic people celebrate the occasion at the beginning of the rainy season, usually in May full moon. The celebration includes well prepared dance numbers of the local people, as well as music and float procession. The rocket festival is said to last for three days wherein the third day culminates the firing of homemade rockets as a sign of prosperity and thankfulness for the graces received. The rockets, also known as the Bang Fai, are made of big bamboo stalks (bong); however, as the time passed by, they have somehow developed their rockets from bamboos to PVC pipings. The Bang Fai features several different rockets that make the rocket festival even more interesting.

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year in Thailand is not only celebrated by the almost 15% of Chinese population in Thailand, but by the whole country. The Chinese New Year, which date always changes as it depends on what’s the first day of the new year that falls in the Chinese Calendar, is their way of thanking their ancestors and paying respect to them through various offerings. Aside from their traditional offerings, the elaborate preparation of food and festivity becomes the highlight of the event. Local people who celebrate the Chinese New Year often buy some paper money to burn as a gift to their loved ones who already passed away. In Thailand, Bangkok’s Chinatown is known to be the largest place that celebrates the Chinese New Year apart from the rest such as papaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Ayyuthaya. Tourists who wish to experience a different kind of Chinese New Year celebration can come to this place.

Christmas in Bangkok
Christmas is another event in Thailand that is slowly getting popular to its locals. Being a Buddhist country, Thailand does not celebrate Christmas as gallantly as a Christian nation; however, more and more Thai’s are enjoying the hustle and bustle of Christmas decorating their homes. December 25 for Thai people is not officially a holiday as they still go for work or go to school; however, children wear vibrant colors as an effort to observe Christmas in the country. For tourists who are used to the Christmas occasion, but staying in Thailand for the duration of time, Bangkok is the place to experience Christmas. For fun and even more exciting way of experiencing the place, visiting the Paragon Mall will highlight the event because of their elaborate decoration and celebration of Christmas in Bangkok. For some outdoor Christmas sight-seeing, the MBK Mall concentrates on decorating their outdoor facilities for everyone to enjoy during the season.
Thailand’s culture has enabled them to invite tourists who wish to experience the different ways Asian countries celebrate their festivities. If you have to choose Thailand as one of your future destinations, learn more of their culture and the different events you can attend to.

Top 10 Beaches in Thailand
Thailand is known for its rich cultural history, and it is one of the reasons why tourists keep coming back to visit the place. But did you know that the country also takes pride on their majestic islands and beaches? If you’re planning your next visit to the island, the following may help you decide which islands to visit.

Kata Beach, Phuket
The white sands and clear water of Kata has been some of the few reasons tourists and locals keep coming back. The charming and majestic gleaming water and endless white beach are perfect for strolling and sunbathing during the summer season. Located near the Karon beach, Kata beach, Phuket is gifted with attractive palm trees and excellent restaurants and is mostly visited by surfers during the months of May to October.

Patong Beach, Phuket
Known as the most famous beach resort in Phuket, Patong beach’ swanky night life and arrays of activities are some of the reasons most tourists and visitors visit the place. If you are looking for a quiet, serene place to stay, this may not be the area of Thailand you should go. Streets and beaches are bound to get chaotic, especially during the night.

Railey Beach, Krabi
Known as the quiet and sporty beach in Thailand, Railey beach is surrounded mostly by rock cliffs and thriving jungle. Visitors who come here can enjoy rock climbing, snorkeling and swimming. Other than that, tourists can spend the whole day reading a book without getting disturbed by chaotic scenes and activities. Railey beach’ limited and few accommodations are just some of the proof, the island is isolated and quiet.

Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Ley
Apart from its white sandy beach and looming cliffs, Maya Bay in Koh Phi Phi is most loved because of its soft sand. Sinking your feet in the soft sand is something that will immensely deliver a relaxing feeling in this place. Visitors who love to hike, snorkel or swim will also enjoy the place because of its combined rocks and blue waters.

Lamai Beach, Samui
The combined quiet and tranquility of the place is usually experienced during the day. Tourists can spend the day at the beach lounging and strolling. The nights are usually spent in bars and restaurants where most of the activities in the place are centered. Lamai beach in Samui is the perfect place for those who look for balance and creativity during their vacation.

White Sand Beach, Koh Chang
Koh Chang is Thailand’s second largest island, and its long majestic white beaches are accentuated with thick lines of coconut and palm trees. The view includes the vast rolling hills and blue waters. Mostly visited by backpackers in Thailand, the beaches indeed have a modest number of hotels to accommodate its visitors.

Koh Mun Knork
If you are after a deserted island and can stroll the whole day on a hammock and the beach, this place is the perfect beach for you. Koh Mun Knork has only one resort and the rest of the place is lived by lines of palm trees and endless beaches. Meals are available at specific times during the early mornings, noontime and in the evening.

Sairee Beach
Also known as turtle island, Sairee beach is considered small despite its mile long stretch along the island’s west side. The beach island is popular for tourists who love to snorkel and scuba dive during their stay. Sairee beach has smooth rock formations accentuate the few resorts established in the place and the island also is a budding place for night life and few busy activities during the night.

Hua Hin Beach
Hua Hin beach is famously known for its high profile visitors and the rich and famous of the society. The 5 mile stretch of beach boasts the backdrop of Klai Kanwon Palace, making it even more interesting place to visit. Located in the Malay Peninsula’s northern part, Hua Hin is also the place of most prominent gold courses in the country.

Ko Nang Yuan
The beach of Ko Nang Yuan is strategically located near Ko Tao and is popularly visited because of its streamline beaches that accommodates scuba divers and tourists who wish to snorkel around the area. The tiny and pretty island of Ko Nang Yuan has clear blue green waters and unspoilt surroundings, despite being crowded at times.

10 Best Parties in Thailand
Most of the ten best parties in Thailand are located in Bangkok, but there is one or two outside the capital that offers some serious partying.

Full Moon Party
The Full Moon Party was originally started by small group of tourists who like to party under the island’s full moon. Now, you can dance to the beat of drum and bass, funk, house, trance or any beat that the numerous Full Moon Party clubs has to offer.

Green Mango Club
The Green Mango Club on Chaweng Beach is actually composed of two dance clubs. The first plays pop and hip-hop while the other features techno and house music. If you find yourself in the Green Mango Club, you could visit the Unique Bar or Solo Bar.

Patong Beach
There are plenty of clubs at Patong Beach for party goers to go to. The Safari club is just outside the town where DJs pump mean musical beats. Most of the bars in Patong Beach, however, closes by 2am.

Lava Gold
Lava Gold is popular among the local and foreign party animals for its loud music and dungeon themed setting. If you are in Bangkok, just look for the Bayon building located in Khao San Road. Lava Gold is at the basement.

Q Up
Q Up, formerly known as the Q Bar, is quite famous among local and foreign party goers. Every week, a guest DJ keeps the party going with latest sounds from electronic to hip-hop. Q Up has always been a permanent sight in its Bangkok’s address Soi 11.

Demo probably does not look much from the outside considering it is a warehouse filled with graffiti. But this is the favorite stomping ground among the rich and young Thais. If you decided to party at Demo, be warned that the drinks here are quite pricey.

Sugar Club
The Sugar Club is quite new to the Thailand clubbing scene but is pulling a large crowd, especially on weekends. This probably due to the fact that the Sugar Club is equipped with latest sound systems and features live bands and prominent guest DJs.

The Grease club is quite popular among Thai celebrities. The restaurants and dance club of Grease is packed with local and foreigners alike. The menu features a fusion of Thai and Mediterranean food. You can find the Shisha bar on the roof. The dance floor has DJs playing a variety of the latest music and live bands as well.

Levels Club
Levels Club features DJs playing the house music and also hosts foreign bands to entertain its party goers. The dance floor has a large LED chandelier above it and a terrace bar to take a breather from the dance party.

Ku De Ta
Ku De Ta is actually a compound that resembles the night life of Singapore. Located on the top floors of Sathorn Square Building, Ku De Ta is home to three restaurants, two night clubs as well as seven bars with various themes playing the latest music, ranging from pop to Trance.

Top 12 Thailand Island Destinations
Thailand has been one of Asia’s gold when it comes to tourism, and the country continues to serve their purpose of entertaining tourists by promoting their island tours. Thailand consists several islands that visitors can visit anytime of the year, and if you are not sure where to start, the following list maybe able to help you decide which one to visit.

Ko PanYi Island
Ko Panyi, is an island village in Phang Na Province in Thailand and it consists of a large group of fishermen, popularly known because of the stilts that makes up the village. The community in Ko PanYi basically lived their lives fishing as their main source of living; however, as tourism grew in Thailand, it was introduced as a tourist spot, mostly visited as a shortstop on several tours and is known for their great seafood restaurants. Touring Phang Nga Bay from Phuket, Ko PanYi is typically a lunch stop island before any tour heads on to its other destinations. Ko Panyi is now one of the main tourist attractions when touring the Phang Na Bay area. If you happen to visit the Ko PanYi village, you will also see their popular floating football pitch, inspired by the FIFA world cup.

Ko Tao Island
Ko Tao Island is a favorite destination for scuba diving aficionados. If you are visiting Thailand for recreational purposes, Ko Tao Island is the best place for rock climbing, hiking and the popular scuba diving. If you wish to be a certified scuba diver, this is the perfect place for you to hone your skills. Hobbyist of fishing can turn this recreational destination to their own spot on the fishing world. In the island of Ko Tao, the most notable fishes that can be caught include marlins, snapper and some barracudas. Like any of the other islands, Ko Tao Island also boasts a parade of nightclubs, restaurants and shops. Sairee, the white sandy beach of Ko Tao island, is located near the west coast and is separated only by big rocks, which is perfect for tourist who wish to spend time under the sun.

Ko Phi Phi Don Island
Phi Phi islands in Thailand are strategically located between Phuket and the Strait of Malacca. Ko Phi Phi Don is said to be the largest among the islands and is densely populated with permanent residents. Ko Phi Phi Don consists of several villages called Ban Laem Tong, Laem Tong, Ban Ton Sai and Hat Yao. From Phuket, Thailand, the island can be reached within an hour and a half hour via a ferry boat. From Krabi island, it can also be accessible riding a ferry boat. The island of Phi Phi Don is a popular destination for tourists as well as the island of Phi Phi Lee where celebrities come to visit the place. Most of the action happens in Phi Phi Don, but if you want a quiet and more subtle way to spend time in some of the islands, Phi Phi Lee is the right place to go to.

Ko Chang District Island
The Ko Chang District highlights both the beauty of seaside madness and the busy craziness of souvenir shops and restaurant within the island. Tourists are likely to meet both worlds in the island where the western part of the island is where you can find all the different shops and restaurants, including night clubs for those who wish to spend the night away in music and dancing. The Zion Beach is where you can find the serene and quietness of the coast. The tropical paradise, which can be reached using a scooter, is oozing with beauty; even shell collectors find the place enchanting. Kayaking is another way to commune with the shallow blue water that highlights the entire destination. Days can be spent here without even wanting the need to leave early.

Ko Pha Ngan Island
Ko Pha Ngan may not be a typical destination for tourists who wish to commune with quietness and serenity, but the place is definitely for those who seek some thrill and excitement during their stay. Ko Pha Ngan is known for its massive way of hosting parties and supplying the place with booze and alcohol. The island is also known to host the Full Moon Party, an all-night party madness that originated in Haad Rin. The occasion is usually held before or after the night of every full moon. This activity is very popular with tourists and backpackers in Thailand. If it sounds too crazy, Ko Pha Ngan also has its own share of beautiful sandy beaches, mostly located in the isolated regions of the island.

Ko Samui Island
Ko Samui is the foundation of all the island attractions of Thailand. The island became famous because of its variety of hosting family tours, friendly tours and individual backpackers who wish to experience the place. Ko Samui is just one of the few islands that has an incredible waterfalls and white sandy beaches. The island has beach bars that can accommodate your refreshment preferences. During the daytime when the hot noon time sun spreads through the place, a series of secluded coves can be found nearby. Ko Samui is also known for its undeveloped beaches and coastlines, accessible using a local bike. The affordable resort in Ko Samui have enabled them to attract more tourists each year and is now one of the most sought Thailand destinations.

Phuket Island
Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and probably the most popular among all the islands in Thailand. It consists of the beaches namely Hat Patong beaches, the most developed beach in the island of Phuket, winding to at least 3 kilometers long. Patong has been the primary location of beach hotels, bars, night clubs and restaurants. During the daytime, water sports highlight the area; however, it is during the afternoon where you can take the luxury of watching the sunset at the northern end of the Patong Bay called Kalim. Hat Karon, although known to have a beach of 20 kilometers long, it is less developed than that of the Patong bay, and you can walk the sandy shoreline without seeing any hotels or establishments along the coastline.

Ko Phayam Island
Ko Phayam is a small, quiet island in Thailand, where most travelers who wish to stay and commune with nature spend most of their time. The island manages to put up bungalows for the visitors and some huts uses the sandy beach as its own flooring. Villages in Ko Phayam Island can also be visited as one of the tourist attractions of the island. Sea-Gypsies were known to occupy these villages and tourist had made the place, a one stop attraction after visiting the jungles of the Ko Phayam Island. Hot springs and waterfalls are also present on the island for those who want to explore the jungle instead of the white sandy beaches. The Aow Yai is the Ko Phayam Island’s longest and busiest beach, where great waves are mostly enjoyed by surfers.

Ko Kut Island
Ko Kut island is one of the few tourist escapes that provides the best location for those who wish to escape the city life. This less popular island in Thailand can only be accessible from Trat via a ferry boat and the few resorts that are located in the island works the slow pace especially during the summer season. Tourists in Ko Kut Island can attest that at times, resorts are absolutely empty. August is known to give you some chances of rain while visiting the island, but still manages to give you a day of beach lounging under the sun for most of the day. The Bang Bao Bay in Ko Kut Island is popular for sunset viewing and the perfect location to take a photo of the islands beautiful view.

Ko Poda Island
The Ko Poda Island is usually the starting island for tours around Thailand. From Krabi, the island basically gives you the best day tour among all the other islands in Thailand. The journey to Ko Poda Island begins by treading the blue waters for over an hour using a long tailed boat to reach your destination. The island’s clear, blue water show the virgin location of Eco marine culture that invites visitors to dive and join the underwater experience. Tourist trail can be very exciting, but if you wish to experience more and live the life of a free man, Ko Poda Island’s white sand beaches is more than willing to welcome you in the place. Experience Ko Poda Island before heading to any other island on your list.

Ko Lanta
Ko Lanta is a district in Krabi Province, Thailand that is popularly known because of its majestic dive sites, majestic sceneries and long, gorgeous white beaches. Ko Lanta is the place for people who seek serenity during their vacation instead of beach parties and the nightlife. The place is perfect for visitors who enjoy long walks along the beach, basking under the sun and enjoying quiet meals with view of the beautiful place. Sunsets are quite popular in Ko Lanta and as the night falls, beach bars and restaurants also caters families and other tourists who wish to dine outside. Ko Lanta is less popular with tourists compared to Ko Phi Phi because of its undeveloped surroundings and serene, natural landscapes.

Ko Lipe
Ko Lipe is known for its rich marine life and is commonly visited by tourists who wish to snorkel their way to the beautiful waters of Ko Lipe. The island also offers accommodation that caters visitors their preference of staying in small huts to luxury hotels nearby. The island is rich in cuisines that are known internationally, as well as local Thai street foods, for those who wish to complete their Thailand experience. Ko Lipe (Paper Island) is basically small and plain island that still needs improvement in most of its small regions. At night time, you may still find the need to use a torch when going around town, nevertheless, locals are available to offer paid rides when going around. Ko Lipe is frequented by tourists from December to February while during weekends prove to be the busiest all year round.

10 Best Dive Spots In Thailand
Tourists travel for many different reasons and if you are the type of traveler who seeks fun and thrill while on a vacation, Thailand may be a great deal to spend time with. Several world class diving spots can be found in different regions of Thailand.

Richelieu Rock
The Richelieu Rock in Andaman Sea, Thailand is a popular dive spot where its main attraction is the richness of its aquamarine park. Because the reef lies where no other islands surrounds it, its corals and other underwater jewels are greatly preserved - perfect for divers who wish to see the beauty of the underworld. The Richelieu Rock can be reached using diving boats, instead of the ordinary boats that sail daily because of its distant location. Marine life consists of a limestone pinnacle that stands up to 50m just below the surface. Fishing is not a popular activity in the place, but certain sightings of snappers, manta rays and whale sharks made the place even more interesting. The Richelieu Rock’s other marine life that regularly visits the place includes lionfish, triggerfish and shovelnose.

Elephant Headrock
The Elephant Headrock is made famous by the rock that is located on the surface of the water, similar to the head of an elephant. Underwater, the rock comprises several caves that are very popular with divers because of the interesting ways they can dive through the caves. The Elephant Headrock can be spotted in the Similan Islands of Thailand, bringing an amazing run with fish species such as blacktip and leopard sharks. Because of its reef location, this diving spot is labeled as a deep dive and you have to be a certified diver to enjoy the possibilities of discovering the place. The best season to plan a trip to the Elephant Headrock is between October to November each year.

Hin Daeng and Hin Muang
Outside the Similan Islands lie the Hin Daeng and Hin Muang diving spots. Most divers who have been to Thailand for this type of activity knows that the place Hin Daeng, also known as the Red Rock, has a hidden sunken boulder pinnacle that is largely occupied by its marine life. Soft corals are permanent fixtures on the spot and the shades of different colors that highlights the surroundings makes it even more interesting. Hin Muang, also known as the Purple Rock, features a vertical wall that is adorned by corals and other aqua marine jewels. Hin Muang, compared to Hin Daeng, is less populated because of its depth where only selected divers can play through it. Hin Daeng, on the other hand, is more popular because of the frequent presents of gentle mantas crowding the place.

Koh Samui
Koh Samui, located in the gulf of Thailand, has attracted many visitors in the past not only because of its scenic and majestic place but also because of its two grand diving spots. Koh Samui lists two diving spots, namely the Sail Rock and Koh Tao. Sail Rock can be reached via a speedboat from Koh Samui in approximately 50 minutes. It is known for its vertical chimney that deliberately guides divers in ascending the dive site. It is also the place to find Whale Sharks, Barracudas, Yellow Fusiliers and Giant Morays. Shark Island is another diving spot in Koh Samui where it is shallower and can be accessed by divers day and night. Table corals and Flat Top Rocks crowds the site as well as Angel Fish and sporadic turtles.

Pattaya Wreck Diving
Pattaya Wreck Diving is famous for its submerged World War II landing ship that is a major attraction for recreational divers; however, because of the depth of the wreck where the real adventure is, divers must be certified or in the advanced stage of getting certified to dive the site. The Pattaya wreck has been carefully retouched to make diving even safer and to allow divers to pass through the insides of the ship wreck. Pattaya dive instructors usually accompany divers in the area as a safety precaution and as a guide in touring the underwater wreck. Specifications of the wreck site include connecting lines that will be used for descent and ascent from the wreck. Pattaya Wreck diving includes KUT, KHRAM, MATAPHON and SS SUDDHADIM shipwreck.

Tarutao National Marine Park
The Tarutao National Marine Park consists of 51 different small islands and is divided into two island groups. The place is rich in marine life that tourists have a diverse choice on where to conquer the place. Some of its famous dive sites include the Eight Miles Rock and Koh Lipeh. The Tarutao National Marine Park has two seasons that predict the smoothness of diving - the wet and dry season. During the dry season, scuba divers flock the place because of the excellent weather that comes with the season, while the wet season gives a more unpredictable dive timing because of the changing tides. The Tarutao Marine National Park borders Malaysia and it can be reached via a cruise route from Koh Ha and Hin Muang before it touches Langkawi, Malaysia.

Similan Islands
The Similan Islands have become the diver’s sanctuary because of its majestic underwater view. Divers will not fail to recommend the place as it boasts great rock formations and corals that presents the lively color of Similan Island’s marine life. The dive site also offers two dive types, the deep water boulder formations and the garden of pretty corals. Coral diving is usually flocked by new divers or those who wish to laze underwater while the deep water boulder formation is for the more extreme divers who wish to discover the more intricate parts of Similan Island’s dive spots. The island’s main attractions include other islands within the place, namely, Ko Similan, Ko Huyong, Dive Sites and the wildlife itself.

Phi Phi Islands
The Phi Phi Islands consist of grand aquamarine resources and is divided by two islands namely, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh. In Thailand, divers marvel on several beautiful spots to dive, but the Phi Phi Islands take exception as it offers more imposing underwater world than any other islands in the country. The almost 15 dive sites known in the island does not only offer a great marine life, but the way caves and other interesting formations that allow divers to challenge themselves underwater has made the place a one of a kind dive site. Fish and corals add up to the colorful and lively view underwater, making the dive site even more compelling to tourists and visitors who wish to try the adventure.

Chumphon Dive Site
The Chumphon Dive Site is composed of 50 islands that offer an excellent place for recreational diving. Unlike in Phuket and Pattaya, the Chumphon Dive Site is less populated and its marine life is considered virgin because of its rich marine life and preserved underwater attractions. The dive site also takes pride on the abundant corals in it as well as swim through from various formations under water. Compared to the Andaman Sea, Chumphon Dive Site is not as crystal clear when it comes to visibility; however, if you come visit the place at the right season and time, you are bound to experience something extraordinary underwater. The months to avoid if you plan on diving the site is from June to September because of its 5 hour drive from Bangkok, the place is relatively unspoilt.

Khao Lak
Khao Lak is part of the Andaman coast that is located north of Phuket Thailand. Khao Lak diving site is also known to be the place most likely to be used as a gateway to the Similan Islands. Khao Lak is a premier dive site that is why it is more expensive for recreational divers to conquer the place than any other dive spots in Thailand. This leading dive site has been one of the many islands who suffered from the 2004 tsunami, yet emerged as one of the most interesting dive sites in Thailand. The island of Khao Lak includes Cape Pakarang, Bang Sak, Nang Thong beach, Bang Niang and Khuk Khak. Khao Lak beaches are free to be explored by the locals and tourists. Diving, on the other hand, requires you to pay a certain amount to explore the island’s marine life.

10 Best Beers in Asia
The trend on beer brews have made a breakthrough all over the world, and Asia is not about to settle on the bottom list just because it’s Asia.
Hite may have conquered the market later than all the other beers in Asia, but that didn’t stop the not-all-too-new beer product to rise and become a crowd favorite in Korea. In 1996, Hite’s trademark “Fresh Taste” took the high route when it conquered Korea’s top beer, OB and since then remained the number one beer in the country. Hite Brewery markets the beer in 30 countries around the globe, including, China, Mongolia, U.S and Japan. Hite’s developers include Denmark’s Dan Brew and Weihenstephan University from Germany.
OB Blue, years ago was Korea’s top beer, but eventually conquered by Hite in the 90’s. Nevertheless, it remained one of the favorites on this side of Asia. Oriental Brewery, former manufacturer of OB Blue started its business of exporting beer in the 80’s, but somehow fell on a series of pollution scandal. Cass beer brand, also owned by OB eventually gave full control to InBec in 1998 and allowed the Belgian company to take full responsibility of the business’ marketing and manufacturing process.
Kingfisher is one of India’s top brand from United Breweries and is said to have great similarity with Cobra, with its pale clear golden color with a twang of sweetness. This standard, lightweight Indian lager has made it to the top, not only because of its brand, but the way it treats your mornings, an even gentle waking up as compared to other beers. The Kingfisher beer, because of its Indie origin became a popular partner to local dishes such as curries and spicy local food.
Asahi Super Dry became popular in Japan after it helps Sapporro gain recognition as one of the country’s top brewers. How you taste the Asahi Super Dry depends on how you pour your drink in your beer bottle. Some people complain about its lack of taste, but the secret to savor its flavor and relinquish to its alcoholic spirit is to have it chilled on 4 – 6 degree Celcius and pour it in a chilled beer bottle, making sure that at least ¼ of the beer foams up.
Kirin Ichiban became the number one beer in Japan with additives carefully selected and imported from the Czech Republic. Barley Malt and Saaz Hops are its main contents, and while the brand has since been internationally brewed in Los Angeles in the mid 90’s, the idea of exportation became less of a priority, especially where the western countries are concerned. Kirin Lager is Japan’s best seller while Kirin Light with a 95 calorie per bottle is more popular in the United States.
Sapporo Premium Beer is a product of Japan’s oldest beer brand “Sapporo.” The crisp taste of this premium beer is the result of the immense use of aroma hops. The refreshing flavor of a clean gulp is what makes the beer so popular not only in Japan, but to other countries where the beer is exported. Sapporo beer was first introduced in the United States in 1964; however, they opened the first Sapporo U.S.A brand in 1984 to preserve its excellent quality and distribution around the country, and soon became the number one Asian distributor in the United States.
Tsingtao Beer has a malty flavor and an aroma of a well-balanced taste. The water used to formulate the Tsingtao Beer came from Laoshan’s spring water, which is known all over China because of its purity, while the hops are locally grown and used to brew the local beer. Nevertheless, that didn’t keep the brand from storming the European Breweries. Yeast and barley are also main additives of the beer and Tsingtao’s ingredients were carefully selected and imported from Canada and Australia. Just like a pilsener, its froth dies down easy if you let it sit for a while.
San Miguel Pale Pilsen has been in the market since 1890 and that is why it is not surprising that the brand covers almost 80 percent of alcoholic drink in the Philippines. Its Asian debut has been so successful that it covers a market share in HongKong. The malty, caramel flavor of this beer is perfect for side dishes cooked by local chefs. The Pale Pilsen has a mild zesty and peppery after taste that will make you remember this one of a kind beer from the Philippines.
Taiwan Beer has a distinct flavor that comes from adding a locally produced rice (Formosa Rice) during the process of fermentation. In late 2012, the Taiwan Beer launched new brews with flavors of mango and pineapple and in 2013, the grape and orange flavor were introduced.. The brew has a mild alcohol content of 2.8% and is the perfect drink during the summer season. This lager beer is best served cold and is paired with seafoods from the Taiwanese and Japanese cuisines. In 2013, Taiwan Beer launched a new flavor made of wheat beer called, Taiwan Weissbier Draft, a tangy spice influenced by Kronenbourg Blanch wheat beer and Hoegaarden in Taiwan. It is sold in almost all convenience stores in Taiwan in 600ml bottles and 330ml cans.
Beer Lao is famous in Laos and Cambodia, and has since then conquered Thailand’s bar and restaurants. The Jasmine rice content of the beer is locally produced, but the hops and yeast is carefully selected and imported from Germany. In 2009, Beerlao became even more popular when they were selected as the official sponsor of the Southeast Asian games in Vientiane.

Muay Thai: Thailand’s Boxing
As a combat sport or martial art, Thai Boxing is one of the
most popular all over the world. In fact, countless of movies
have been produced and released featuring this fight, fitness
centers highlighting the sport’s efficacy in losing weight and
achieving a totally flexible and toned body, and most of all,
Thai Boxing associations have been established in many other
countries including the United States, Japan, and Europe.
It is important to note that if you hear someone talking about
Thai Boxing, that person is referring to Muay Thai (it’s
translated as such). It can be traced back during the ancient
times when Thai armies were using hand to hand combating
techniques, your hands and elbows are particularly used
during the fight. And for a full defensive and offensive stance,
you can also use your knees and legs to attack or protect
yourself from your opponent.
Generally, a fight is described as a combination of punching,
kicking, grappling, foot-thrusting, clinching, neck wrestling,
head-butts, and knock outs. This is the reason why some
people say it is a martial art of eight limbs. As you realize,
both of your hands, elbows, knees and legs are utilized. And
so, it’s a full body combat sport.
Practicing Muay Thai for several months or years, you’ll be
amazed at your combating power, speed, and cardio-vascular
strength. You’ll even feel like one of those Muay Thai experts
in Hollywood films. It’s a very good training not just for
sporting purposes but also for self-defense.
Some says that a high kick targeting the opponent’s head is
the key to winning a fight as it can effectively result to knock
out, especially when the attacker executed such technique

with incredible speed and power. Worst, it can paralyze the
victim. And so, it is considered a strong and dangerous
defense. However, others are not at all convinced. They
believe that a low kick along with elbow and knee usage is
more powerful to topple down the opponent.
Today, the practice of Muay Thai is open to everyone, from
kids to adults. In fact, in Thailand, kids (10 to 11 years) are
allowed to fight in the ring but with special permission. Also,
it has been considered as the most effective base when
striking during MMA or Mixed Martial Arts fight.
The rules governing Muay Thai are sourced from the
International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA).

10 Important Rules To Know In Thailand
If you are a tourist in Thailand or if it is your first time to set foot in the country, make sure you know their basic house rules for tourists in order to avoid detention, or worse, jail time. Thailand may be the place for a great vacation spot but it also pays to know your rights and the things you need to understand.

Wildlife and Environmental protection
In Thailand, their wildlife and environment protection plays a great role in the promotion of their tourism and that is why they have rules that inevitably disallows tourist to purchase, transport or keep wild animals, especially those that are endangered. Killing of wild animals is strictly prohibited in Thailand, therefore, you are also not allowed to eat in restaurants that include wild animals in their culinary recipes. Tourists are encouraged not to frequent restaurants who practice it. Like any other countries, wildlife and environmental protection also include the ban on throwing any type of plastic or Styrofoam material, especially in the sea where marine life is at great risk and all their water sources. Buying local products such as souvenirs made from these animals is also strictly prohibited.

Travel Rules in Thailand
Travel rules in Thailand can be very strict, but all for the purpose of protecting the country as well as the tourists themselves. Accepting package tour from an unlicensed agent is not encouraged by the local government. Avoid accepting free materials from strangers whether as a compliment or a giveaway, in order to avoid yourself from illegal possession. Personal hygiene also plays a great role in making your stay in Thailand stress free. Avoid spitting phlegm, saliva or even throw your cigarette stub in any public place in Thailand, doing so will charge you not less than 2,000 Baht, a possible community service or a jail time if needed. Travel rules in Thailand also indicate that child prostitution, gambling and narcotic drugs are prohibited in the country. Do not attempt to illegally slip them into the country.

Custom Formality Rules
Custom Formality Rules in Thailand have a wide range of scope, however, for outbound passengers, there are few things you need to know to make your travel less stressful. Anything of value that is currently being transported from Thailand to other places requires proper documentation from the customs department. Record gadgets such as laptops, video cameras and tape recorders should be properly declared through their serial numbers at the customs department. A one time registration is needed so you don’t have to declare them the next time you visit the country. Custom Formality Rules also point out that prohibited, or those that are declared restricted items, should not be at any cost be attempted to transport, corresponding punishment is applicable depending on the type of offense made.

Currency and Money Exchange
Currency and Money Exchange Rules in Thailand include a declaration to Customs Officer of any amount of money worth, or exceeding, $20,000 or its equivalent in Thailand’s local currency. A tourist who fails to declare such amount can be slapped with a criminal offense that could literally get you in prison. Thai currency amounting to 50,000 Baht should be declared to Customs, unless you are travelling somewhere nearby the country wherein you are allowed to bring as much as 500,000 Baht. In Thailand, U.S dollar is mostly accepted where currency exchange is concerned. Currency and Money Exchange rules in Thailand indicates that a traveller’s cheque is worth more than exchanging your cash for local currency. Credit card is widely accepted in the country, especially Master Card, Visa, Amex and JCB.

Health Regulations
Thailand’s health regulations is not so strict when it comes to tourists; however, if your country of origin has been declared to be contaminated with a certain disease, you may be required to submit a medical clearance to the Customs department in order to freely enter the country. If you have plans of visiting distressed areas, you are required to take precautionary medicines in order to avoid getting the illness. Malaria is one of the main concerns of Thailand government and tourists are warned not to be too confident in their approach to depressed areas as they can also get the illness in time. Health Regulations in Thailand also include voluntary quarantine in the event that a deadly disease is suspected to have been acquired by a tourist.

VISA Regulations
Thailand’s VISA regulations, like any other country, should be a primary concern by any other tourist who wish to enter the country. Although there are at least 21 countries all over the world who doesn’t need a VISA when entering the country, those who require one should know their basic rules in entering and staying in the nation. Countries who need to have a Thai VISA should secure one at immigration checkpoints, these VISAs normally last for 15 days only. Avoid overstaying in the country to avoid being blacklisted and banned from returning to Thailand. If you wish to stay longer than intended, make a request to validate your VISA or apply for an extension. An expired VISA can be considered a criminal offense depending on the nature of neglect.

Alcohol Laws in Thailand
Where alcohol laws in Thailand are concerned, the drinking age is 20, and bars and restaurants must see to it that they do not cater their alcoholic beverage to underage, in order to avoid any legal problems. While there is an occasional underage individual who can still buy alcohol despite their age, Thailand’s local government strictly discourages doing such act to avoid penalties and jail time. There are also some illegal places wherein you are not allowed to drink any type of alcohol, even if you are at the right age and these include gas stations, educational institutions, parks, public offices and any type of religious establishment and temples. Such offense can land you to at least 6 months in jail or a fine of 10,000 Baht.

Drug Laws in Thailand
Drug laws in Thailand should be taken very seriously. Lots of other nationalities have been in the country’s prison because of this. The “Death Sentence” is automatically presented to violators especially tourists. Whether you transport, sell, produce or use these drugs, keep in mind that it will be very hard for you get your way out once you are convicted. If you have to have these items with you when you travel, it is recommended that you cancel your travel plans until such time you can go without these illegal drugs. Drugs used for health reasons should have paper works and clearance from a recommended doctor, for you to be able to carry it around during your stay in the country.

False Documentation and Identification
False documentation and identification in Thailand is considered a criminal case. If you intend to visit or work in the country under these circumstances, think again as authorities are keen on punishing violators. In Bangkok, Thailand, sellers of fake international IDs can be found all over, and buyers of these illegal documents are just as guilty as those who sell them. Penalties for presenting a false document and identification includes 6 months to 10 years in prison, depending on the type of falsified document presented. The government of Thailand encourages tourists to secure their legal documents before visiting the country to avoid apprehension and detention. Avoid presenting your original ID’s, especially passports to institutions where they ask you to leave your passport. If possible, present them a photocopy of it.

Arrested in Thailand
In the event that you get arrested in Thailand, you have the right to contact the consular officer of your country for help. The best thing a consular officer can do is to help you find a Thai lawyer who can help you with your case, other than that, it’s an impossible plea. Thailand is very strict with their laws and their standard of punishment is quite high that is why as a tourist, you must know their basic rules in visiting their country. Thailand’s laws that can certainly get you the “Death Penalty” or “Life in Prison” sentence includes narcotics, illegal tampering of currency and sex crimes. Thailand is known for their tarnished prison conditions and the notorious way their cells have been neglected. If you don’t want to experience such conditions, stay legal while in Thailand.

Volunteering in Thailand

This amazing homestay is located in the wide open and beautifully natural countryside of Singburi in central Thailand, about 135 Km north of Bangkok. You will have the benefit of visiting the ‘real’ traditional Thailand. The homestay is organized by a local Thai family who also are involved with local Thai schools in teaching the children English language. Be a Volunteer, Learn Thai Boxing with a master or Mediation with monks!


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