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British Virgin Islands

Top 10 Destinations in British Virgin Islands
Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is an entrancingly beautiful British overseas territory. It has encompassed more than 50 islands scattered between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic. The main islands are Tortola, Anegada, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke. The capital Road Town which is located on Tortola is the gateway to the archipelago and the most populated city amongst all islands.
The British Virgin Islands are world-renowned for their excellent beaches, sailing, chartered boat voyages, yachting and countless dive sites. These islands are idyllic for deep sea diving, snorkeling, sunbathing, bonefishing, reef fishing etc. Perhaps for this reason, tourists, adventurers and nature lovers from all around the world are attracted to this place.
The following are the ten tourist destinations I can recommend to those who are planning a holiday trip to these beautiful islands:

Road Town, Tortola

On the southern shore of Tortola, the capital Road Town is the commercial heart of all the islands and it is named after Tortola's principal harbor Road Bay. The harbor is swarming with charter yachts, boats, ferries and sometimes occasional cruise ships. Waterfront Drive and Main Street has the most magnificent shops and restaurants. There are other places you can visit while staying in this city including the Virgin Islands Folk Museum, J.R. O'Neal Botanic Gardens, Fort Burt, Crafts Alive Market, and Government House, a classic British Colonial Architecture.

White Bay Beach, Jost Van Dyke

White Bay is the most popular beach of Jost Van Dyke and probably the most beautiful one amongst all the beaches in the British Virgin Islands. The glistening white sandy beach is perfect for laying your back lazily while enjoying the sun and the turquoise water of the ocean, which is perfect for swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

The Baths

The Baths are the most popular attraction and a must-see when visiting Virgin Gorda in BVI archipelago. In between mountain and the sea, the scattered giant granite boulders uniquely carved by nature’s hand have become nature’s beautiful playground. The unusual formation of the rocks has created natural pools and grottoes those are really great for swimming and snorkeling. For the photographers, it is really a great place.

Smuggler's Cove Beach, Tortola

Smuggler's Cove Beach lies at the west-most part of Tortola. This undeveloped patch of the island and relatively peaceful beach attracts the beach lovers most. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling here, especially with the sea turtles swimming off-shore which can be a great experience for you.

See It Clear – Necker Island Tours

The Sea It Clear Glass Bottom Boat, a 26-foot vessel, charms the tourists and nature lovers with spectacular views of the reef and underwater marine life and natural wonders. Visitors can experience Branson’s wildlife habitat by getting close and interacting with the animals there on the Necker Island.

Dolphin Discovery

One of the most exciting interactive and memorable experience in the BVI is Dolphin Discovery. Hugging, kissing and swimming with the friendly marine animal, bottlenose dolphins in natural ocean water will be one amazing journey for you. Here many activities are available for both grown-ups and children.

The Wreck of the Rhone - Salt Island

One of the most visited attractions of British Virgin Islands is The Wreck of the RMS Rhone which was a 310-foot twin-masted steamer. It lies 65-80 feet under the water close to the Salt Island. The wreck is a heaven to underwater explorers and divers. The dive site is always crowded with divers and boats all the time of the year. RMS Rhone is truly a remarkable place to explore.

Gorda Peak National Park, Virgin Gorda

The Gorda Peak National Park is a semi-rainforest, so the richness of its biodiversity is extraordinary. The park houses some rare plants and six species of native orchids. Various kinds of reptiles, birds, crabs, bats, tree frogs, the Virgin Gorda gecko, and the world’s smallest lizard are found in this park. To climb the summit of Gorda peak, which is the highest point of the island, you will find two well-marked trails.

Cane Garden Bay

Cane Garden Bay is famous for its stunning beaches. It is also known as the most entertaining places on Tortola. The watersport activities, delicious local food of the Myetts restaurant and drinks bring more visitors here.

North Sound

For watersports lovers, the North Sound on Virgin Gorda is like a hive of many yacht clubs and moorings. There is an easy access for you to enjoy adventurous sports like jet skiing, water-skiing, diving, parasailing, diving etc. You can take the ferry from here to visit islands like sandy cay and Norman island.


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