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Top 10 Destinations in Guadeloupe
10 Top Travel Destinations in Guadeloupe

Guadaloupe is part of the European Union, an integral part of France. The country depends on tourism as it is their key industry, and secondary to that are agriculture and some services.
More than 80% of the tourists visiting France are coming most from other parts of Europe and the others are from the United States, Canada, South America, and from the other parts of the world.
To give you more insight of the country, here are some of the best places to visit when you’re in Gudaloupe.


First of is the beautiful island of Marie-Galante which is located in the Caribbean Sea. It is also known as “The Big Biscuit” because of its round shape. The highest peak of the island is called the Morne Constant Hill because of the hundreds of number of windmills on it that led to its another name -“The island of a Hundred Windmills.”

Îles des Saintes

Îles des Saintes is also located in the Caribbean and is known for the Pain de Sucre Beach’s coral-rich waters and palm-lined bay. Overlooking is the 19th century Fort Napoleon that houses a museum and a cactus garden. It is quite near the Anse beach which makes it an awesome destination.


Pointe-à-Pitre is a city of Grand-Terre. This is where you can find the Live markets like the Marché de la Darse, where the fishermen sell their fresh catch directly from their boats. If you’re a person who loves coffee, this is the place to be as the area has café’s to try out. The Saint-John Perse Museum is also located here, where it boasts a 19th century creole interiors and exhibits done by poet Alexis Léger.


Sainte-Anne is located on the Southern part of Guadaloupe where the serene and relaxing La Carevelle beach is located. It has a long line of white sand with a breathtaking view of the waves going to the shore.

Basse-Terre Island

You can find a lot of places to see in Basse-Terre Island - from its awesome beaches, botanical gardens and some adventure. There is also the Cascade aux Ecrevisses which is a beautiful waterfall. Another spot to see in Basse-Terre Island is the Fuerte Delgres, which is part of their history and a museum that highlights their culture.

La Désirade

La Désirade is a National Natural Reserve that houses some iguanas, fishes, and some plant species like the mapou, cashew tree, and some protected species of cacti. They also have a rare animal species called “biclotin” which is a topical rodent with glossy brown, orange fur names the Agouti and a herbivorous lizard that has a color changing ability that ranges from bright apple green to a dark grey color.

Petite Terre

The Terre de Bas which is a larger one than the Terre de haut is located here in Petite Terre. It is a natural reserve and the two islets are separated by a lagoon. In the earlier time, the area is being managed by the light house keeper and his family, but today, this tiny archipelago is now surrounded by waters and huge coral reefs and became a hoe to iguanas, birds, the American Oystercatcher and some various types of sandpipers. Petite Terre is quite an amazing place to check out if you’re up for an adventure.

Le Moule

Le Moule has an array of sight to see like the Damoiseau Distillery in Bellevue. It is the middle of the sugarcane fields and it is where the production of white rum, old vintage rum and punches are being made. Another sight is the Ouatibi-Tibi Archeological Park - this place is so serene and so relaxing a truly perfect place for meditation.

The Edgar Clerc Museum

The Edgar Clerc Museum is a prehistoric museum and it is unique because it will help you discover the traditions of the Tainos, Varibs, Arawaks and the Carribean people through their vast collection of pottery and tools that was found at the digging of the archeologists. It’s really amazing to see what the early people used as their tools for everyday life.

Church of SaintJean Baptiste

Church of SaintJean Baptiste was reconstructed and has resisted numerous cyclones; it has exceptional ventilation and has woody décor in pastel tones. Church of SaintJean Baptiste is a perfect place for praying and meditation.


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