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Top 10 Destinations in Serbia
Explore the Undiscovered Beauty of Serbia and Enjoy its Green Pasture

Formally acknowledged as Republic of Serbia, a landlocked country located between Central and Southeast Europe. A whole lot of unexpected adventure is waiting in this destination. Tourists will bag a different kind of fun filled nature trip in Serbia.

Here are some of the best places to add in a Serbian trip itinerary:


The largest and the capital city of Serbia, Belgrade is situated along Sava and Danube rivers. Belgrade is a celebration of architectural structures at its finest. This destination caters different extravagant structures that will definitely awe its visitors. Belgrade literally means “White City,” and this is a never to miss tourist spot during a Serbian getaway.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad, which is the second largest city and host to Serbia’s largest music festival, is the ideal destination for fun party and city walks. This destination is recognized as the center of cultural and regional aspects of Serbia. Cafes and parks are just some of the few spots to stay during a Novi Sad trip.


Vinca is a village-town situated in Belgrade, which is the capital city of Serbia. Vinca plays a significant role in the Neolithic culture. This destination is famous to curious minds as Vinca is where the first European city that was discovered by archeologist Miloje Vasic.


The third largest city in Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Europe, Nis is Nisava District’s administrative center. This destination’s main attractions are the Nis Fortress and the Tower of Skulls which is a commemoration of the Ottoman domination.

Oplenac Church

Located in Topola, Serbia, Oplenac Church is also identified as St. George’s Church or Oplenac Mausoleum. This destination is where the Royal House of Karadordevic is situated, in honor of the Serbian and Yugoslav royalties. The interior design of Oplenac Church portrays sophistication and luxury that will truly amaze its visitors.

Mokra Gora

Wet Mountain is how Mokra Gora is translated in English. This destination has paved its way to being one of the most visited tourist attraction during its historic reconstruction. Drvengrad, an ethnic village that literally means Wooden Town, is also one of the famous destinations in Mokra Gora.


A government protected village in Serbia, Sirogojno is an ethno-village located at Mt. Zlatibor. This destination is known for variety of traditional structures entirely made out of wood. Although it is still yet to be proven, locals believe that the village was named after some kind of a fruit named

St. Sava Temple

Church of Saint Sava is what this temple is oftentimes called. St. Sava Temple is located in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia. This destination is one of the largest Orthodox Church in the world as well as being one of the largest church buildings in the world. St. Sava Temple can accommodate over 10,000 people in one event. This temple was named after the Serbian ruler son Rastko Nemanjic, also known as Saint Sava.

Studenica Monastery

Studencia Monastery, which is the mother of all Serbian temples, is built in honor of the Holy Virgin. This destination was built in 12th century and one of the largest and richest Orthodox monasteries of Serbia. This UNESCO World Heritage Site houses art collections from 13th to 14th centuries like Byzantine-style fresco paintings. Studenica Monastery has gone through several reconstructions and renovations but keepers of the monastery were able to preserve the solemnity of Studencia Monastery.


Positioned western region of Serbia, Zlatibor is a mountain that is part of the Dinaric Alps. With English translation of Golden Pine, Zlatibor is a famous mountain resort with cool and clean mountain air. Zlatibor’s climate has long sunny days during summer and extreme snow that is best for skiing. There are also other mountain sports activities that travelers will definitely enjoy.






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