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Top 10 Destinations in Estonia
Estonia is a wonderful country with lots to see and do. When it comes to Estonia, many tourists think that the capital Tallinn is the sole attraction of the country, but there are many other destinations in Estonia that travellers can visit.
If you are planning a tour in Estonia, consider visiting the following coolest destinations for complete fun.

Tartu – The University Town

Tartu is home to the oldest university in Estonia. Another major attraction of the town is the availability of numerous cheapest bars. Tartu is small and cozy and is known for its culture and philosophy. Many writers and philosophers visit Tartu often to have a relaxed discussion on their subjects.

Parnu – The Promenade and Beach Town

The sea shores and the beautiful promenades in Parnu are the perfect destinations to spend a wonderful warm day in the sun. Parnu is one of the biggest towns in the country of Estonia and is also popular for the presence of numerous luxurious spas and happening nightclubs. You will find the nightclubs filled with crowd every night and this is real fun for sure.

Viljandi- Estonia’s adorable town

Viljandi is a small but very well-organized town in Estonia. Viljandi looks beautiful with the presence of numerous wooden houses on the lap of the small hills and green meadows. This town also has numerous castles and churches with wonderful architecture, which you must surely visit.

Rakvere – The Town with a Statue of a Wild Herbivore

Rakvere is highly popular for the huge statue of the wild herbivore and is highly appreciated by the visitors. The tourists have been very curious to see this giant-sized statue and several have been curiously taking photos and selfies in front it. You also have the privilege of witnessing numerous ancient fortresses if you visit the wonderful place of Rakvere.

Haapsalu – The Venice of Estonia

Haapsalu is a small and quiet town with exotic beaches. Haapsalu is a perfect destination that you can visit during summer. The streets here at Haapsalu has very narrow roads and gets really crowded during August due to the celebrations of August Blues and the Airport Jam.

Narva – Remembering the Soviet times

Narva is a wonderful city which is named after the Narva River which passes through the city. Narva embodies the epitome of the Russian culture. The mighty towers of the huge fortresses which are situated on both sides of the Narva River marks the border between Estonia and Russia.

Lahemaa National Park – At The Lap of Mother Nature

Lahemaa National Park is popular for its natural beauty as there are dense forests and the breath-taking waterfalls which you will surely enjoy witnessing. Lahemaa National Park is indeed the biggest and the most diverse national park in Estonia. This National Park is pretty big, thus you should ideally opt for a reserved vehicle rather than opting for public transport in visiting Lahemaa National Park.

Riga – The Party Destination of Estonia

Riga is a wonderful place in Estonia which is just four and half hours drive from the capital Tallinn. Riga is considered as an ideal party destination for the natives as well as the tourists in Estonia. There are a few wonderful museums in Riga that are also fine to visit.

Helsinki – The Land of Rock Church

Helsinki is a town which is very near to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. There are numerous ferries which take the tourists from Tallinn to Helsinki. The major attraction of Helsinki is the Rock Church, where you can see rock bands performing always. You would really be fascinated to watch something unique like this.