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St. Lucia

Top 10 Destinations in St. Lucia
Top 10 Best Places To Visit in St. Lucia

St Lucia is geographically and culturally rich enough to shame far bigger nations. It remains a humble place that wears its thrilling beauty with casualness.

The country is weell known for its large quantity of small and luxurious resorts that drops color and flair, it is a combination of two islands in one. Rodney Bay in the north offers modern comforts in the middle of a beautiful bay. While in the south, Soufrière is at the center of a beautiful region of old plantations, hidden beaches and the geologic wonder of the photogenic Pitons.

Let’s reveal the top places to visit in Saint Lucia…

Sugar Beach

The alluring Sugar Beach is spectacularly situated between the two Pitons, securing prodigious views both from the sand and in the water. It was originally a grey sand beach, the soft white sands are imported from other countries. Also, you can rent one of the resort's luxurious models of loungers.

Anse Mamin

Backed by luxuriant rainforest, this soothing secluded enclave of sand edges a slightly curved cove that's about a 15 minute walk north of Anse Chastanet, or about 20-30 minutes from town. The resort also has sun loungers and a grill restaurant. Anse Mamin is the number one beach in Soufrière.

Pigeon Island National Landmark

Pigeon Island is an exciting place to visit, with paths winding around the remains of barracks, batteries and garrisons, the semi intact stone buildings create a ghost like town effect. The grounds are well furnished with exalted trees, manicured lawns and great coastal views. You can plan a picnic and make a day of it. Guided tours of the site can be arranged at the ticket office for EC$59 for groups of one to seven visitors. The place will truly make you bring back time.

Mamiku Gardens

A relaxing place for any day trip and adventure, the Mamiku botanical garden is located on the grounds of a former plantation and brags an extensive collection of tropical flora including some orchids. Upon arrival you'll be given a booklet to help you in identifying the 247 named species in the gardens. But that’s not all, there are also historical ruins to explore, hiking trails and bird-watching tours. If you’re up for a nature tripping this is the best place to be.

Sulphur Springs

The Sulphur Springs are loaded with the unfortunate tagline of being the world’s only drive in volcano. There isn’t a classic crater, or a magma to check out, but it's still a spectacular view. Stinky pools of boiling mud are observed from platforms surrounded by vents releasing some clouds of sulfur gas. Just remember to be careful not to touch those boiling spots.

Sandy Beach

Located at the southern tip of the island, Sandy Beach is a pleasing strand of white sand that always has a firm breeze, which makes it a hot spot for kite surfers. It’s also suitable for swimming, and the best thing is, it’s never crowded. If you’re looking for a serene and amazing place to stay this is the spot for you.

Cas En Bas

A beach located in the northern tip. Apart from kite surfers who come here for the magnificent winds, few visit this wide curve of gray sand. Like the Sandy Beach, it’s a stunning beach to sun yourself on. Even though it’s a gray sand the view in here is still amazing.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens & Mineral Baths

If you’re the nature lover type of person then it is a must to visit and roam around the tropical flowers and trees at this old estate. Mineral baths date from 1784, they were built so that the troops of France's King Louis XVI could take advantage of their therapeutic effects. You can take a bath in small public pools among the nature or in the enclosed private bathhouse. The gardens are 1 mile east of Soufrière. The pools are really relaxing and you can definitely feel the nature that surrounds you.

La Tille Waterfalls

Although this place is rarely visited, La Tille is one of the best waterfalls on the island, with a waterfall descending over into a large pool a really amazing site to explore. A visit here is about more than just the falls; the Rasta guardians of the site constantly work on the grounds full of flowers and a relaxed, natural vibe. There is a nature trail and rope swing, and vegetarian meals are also offered. The waterfalls is definitely a majestic view and worth the trip.

Malgretoute Beach

This exquisitely jagged grey sand and pebbled beach, just north of Petit Piton, has some good snorkeling just offshore. There is an entertaining petro glyph covered in moss on a large rock about 200m north of the entrance, but you have to walk around the back to spot it or ask a guide to show you the way. This is a perfect place for tourist looking for some water adventure.


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