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Australia - Questions and Answers


Planning on travelling to Australia? Find out how you can make the most of your Working Holiday Visa and some important information that can help you make your stay stress free.

How much does it cost to apply for a working holiday visa?

There are different ways you can pay for your working holiday visa, and the cost to apply for a working holiday visa may change from time to time. The date of your payment may also affect the cost of your visa application, in which, any difference in the amount during the application to the time it was received will have to be paid by the applicant. As of posting, the cost for a working holiday visa in Australia is AUD420 and the total amount can be paid in installments. The first payment should be made at the time of the application and the second installment will need to be settled before the visa is granted, however, in the event that the application is withdrawn or refused, the second installment will not be required from you. A surcharge will apply if you pay using a credit card or a debit card. Currently, a surcharge of 1.08% is applicable to VISA and MasterCard users, American Express and JCB at 1.99% and a 2.91% surcharge for Diners Club International.

All visa application charges are in the form of Australian Dollars (AUD) unless specified. You can also check the exact charges for your type of visa application through the Australian Immigration Website and look for Fees and Charges. The Visa Pricing Estimator is also a great way to know how much you need to prepare for the payment of your visa application. The current pricing table on the website is also printable in order for you to keep a reference of the prices.

How long will my working holiday maker visa application take?

There are two types of working holiday maker visa; these are the Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) and Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417). If you go to the Australian Immigration Website, you will see the list of countries that qualifies for each category. For work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462), the processing time is 6 days and this is through the application process for US nationals only. Paper applications for Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) will take 14 days to process. For Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417), the processing time is 6 days for the first Working Holiday Visa application and a 21 days processing on your second Working Holiday Visa application.

The purpose of the Australian Immigration’s Working Holiday Maker Programme is to provide young travelers the chance to earn and extend their stay in the country. If you wish to work in Australia’s regional and rural areas during your stay, and have completed at least three months of continuous work, you may be eligible for an additional 12 month extension. Under the Holiday Maker Visa Application, it is important to secure the right type of visa before you arrive in the country, this will enable you to take advantage of the different types of work in Australia such full-time, part-time, casual, shift and even voluntary work. The Working Holiday Maker Application is intended for temporary workers needing to earn more and extend their stay in Australia, if you are seeking to apply for a permanent employment or a full time study, you can refer to the other types of visa application in the Australia’s Immigration Website.

What kinds of work can I expect to do on my working holiday?

There are several kinds of jobs that you can apply when visiting Australia. Farm jobs are known to be the most popular out of the many temporary works available. Most backpackers turn to farm jobs because of the steep pay, it also gives them leeway where finances are concerned. The Australian government also awards 12 month visa extension to workers who have worked in the regional areas for at least 3 months. Fruit picking jobs, harvesters, cattle raisers, farm cooks and horse studs are just a few of the jobs you can find in the regional areas. Other jobs available for a Working Holiday Visa include hotel jobs, bars and cafes as well as working in a restaurant. Others jobs include laborer and stay in nannies.

While others work in the farms for the experience, others work in order to finance their next stay in Australia. Temporary works in Australia have become a necessity for tourists and backpackers who wish to stay longer in the country and still be able to finance their duration of stay. A working holiday visa allows you to legally work in Australia for up to 24 months, this includes extended stay acquired by working for 3 consecutive months. You can also use the National Harvest Labor website to mainly to find a harvest job, locate a harvest labor provider or you can use the site to search town and crop information that can employ you to work for them. For a more detailed information about farm works and harvest season, you can download the National Harvest Guide.

Can I study under the Working Holiday Visa?

When you hold a Working Holiday visa, it is possible for you to study in Australia for up to 4 months. However, if you intend to work permanently or study full term, it is best that you apply for the right visa that will enable you to stay longer and complete your studies there. There are three levels in which they assess your application to study in Australia, and depending on the country where you came from, there will be sets of criteria that needs to be met. To know more about the qualifications to study in Australia, you can also visit theImmigration’s Website for more detailed information on how to study in Australia.

Countries that are eligible to apply for Work and Holiday Visa (Subclass 462) include, Argentina, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Thailand, Uruguay and USA, whereas the Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) is applicable to visitors from United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hongkong, Italy, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Cyprus, Republic of Korea, Sweden and Taiwan.

If you wish to apply for a second Working Holiday visa, make sure that you have complied with Australia’s visa rules. If you have completed a specific work for 3 consecutive months, especially in the regional areas of Australia on your first Working Holiday visa, you are eligible to apply for a second Working Holiday Visa that grants you another 12 month stay in the country.

How much do workers earn under the Working Holiday visa?

Under the Working Holiday Visa Program, a visitor is entitled to work in the regional areas of Australia in order to finance their stay. Most backpackers turn to farm jobs not only for the money, but the opportunity to extend their stay for another 12 month, provided they have worked for a legitimate entity for 3 months. Depending on the type of work you do, pay rates are usually reasonable and has enabled visitors to provide for their financial needs during their time in Australia. Bar staff and waiting usually pays around $15 – $20 an hour at the metropolitan area, the outback gives you at least $300 a week.

Farming on the other hand, usually offers free food and accommodation and pays around $300 to $400 a week and roughly around $750 a week for experienced workers. Fruit picking jobs allow you to earn $800 to $1000 a week if you can work long hours. This type of job is normally paid per piece and if you are a good picker, you can even earn more. Childcare is another work that you can also apply for wherein you can choose to care for a child live-in or live-out.

If you choose live-in you are guaranteed free food and accommodation and a $500 a week’s pay, depending on the number of hours you need to work, whereas live-out work pays you around $15 to $20 an hour. Trades and labor will depend on your skills and experience, but entry level will pay you $19 an hour.

How do I open an Australian bank account?

In Australia, there are several banks that allow you to open a bank account even before you arrive in the country. This will allow you to ease the problem of transferring funds and take advantage of currency rates that is most favorable to you. If you are planning on working during your stay in Australia, having an Australian bank account will enable you to instantly give your employer your account details. In order for you to open an Australian bank account, make sure that you will be arriving in the country in the next twelve months. It is very important that you tell your local bank your plans to open an Australian bank account, they usually communicate with them first before you do. Choose your preferred Australian bank and apply either online or through the telephone.

Take note that once you open an Australian account, you may only be able to deposit funds initially. Other transactions via your account will have to be verified first. The verification process can be done through their foreign offices or the embassy itself.

How do I apply for an Australian Tax File Number?

An Australian Tax File Number is for anyone who receives income in Australia. The TFN form is usually sent to you by calling the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). You can also apply online for your Tax File Number through the ATO’s website. Your Australian bank account can also be used to transfer possible tax funds from the Australian Taxation Office. The TFN is needed in order for you to get a job, and you are expected to acquire this within 28 days since starting work. In the event that you fail to apply for TFN, you will be taxed 47% of your wages.

Your application for TFN should be accompanied by identification documents, not necessarily original copies. Original copies will also be accepted however, there is no guarantee that they will still be returned to you.

What are the best months in booking a flight going to Australia?

The best months to book a flight to Australia is between the months of September to April, when the weather is not too cold or not too hot.

Is it possible to rent a car and drive in Australia using an International driver’s license?

Using an international driver’s license to rent a car in Australia depends on the state you are in, the driver’s license restrictions that you currently have, the length of stay in Australia and other terms.

Where is the best winter destination in Australia?

The best winter destinations in Australia are mostly located in the states of Victoria and Queensland, where there are numbers of winter activities to choose from like skiing and snowboarding.

Where would be the best tropical destination in Australia?

There are a lot of islands and beaches in Australia, but the most recommended tropical destinations are typically found in Northern Queensland, and not to mention, the World renowned The Great Barrier Reef.

Are there hotels to check in near Kings Canyon in Australia?

Yes, there are several hotels to stay near Kings Canyon in Australia. Some of which are the Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge and Kings Canyon Resort, and these are also some of the most recommended ones.

Are there historical heritages to visit in Australia?

There are also a lot of historical heritages in Australia like the Australian Convict Sites in Port Arthur, Tasmania. There are also structures and places to visit in exploring the rich Australian history.

What type of government does Australia has?

Government of the Commonwealth of Australia is also known as the Federal Government. This is Australia’s current political system.

What is the cheapest way to go to Uluru from Perth, Australia?

The cheapest way to go to Uluru would be via air as it normally cost around AUD$500-$600 depending on the season.

What is the cheapest way to go The Great Barrier Reef from Sydney, Australia?

The cheapest and always the fastest way to visit The Great Barrier Reef from Sydney in Australia is via air, which will cost a traveller more or less AUD$300; however, the cost is still depending on the season or month that the tourist booked or will book their flights.

How much is the entrance fee in Sydney Opera House in Australia?

The Sydney Opera House caters different tour packages like walking tour, backstage tour and tours with dinner packages, but their usual entrance fee is ranging between 20 to 95 Dollars depending on the type of reservation and the package to get.

What is the most recommended and perfect place for mountain biking in Australia?

One of the most recommended places perfect for mountain biking in Australia are the Candle Bark Park and The Great Ocean Road.

What is the cheapest way to go to Fraser Island from Byron Bay Australia?

The cheapest way in going to Fraser Island from Byron Bay in Australia is via bus transit, which will only cost around AUD$40-$60. For those who would like to opt for airfares, it cost around AUD$130-$350.

What mode of transportation is the fastest way to go to Darwin from Broome, Australia?

The best, exciting and fastest way to visit Darwin from Broome in Australia is renting a 4WD, as the roads are too rough and intense. There are also other modes of transportation like motorcycle, minibus and other land vehicles.

What are the activities available in the Australian Alps?

There are a lot of activities to do in the Australian Alps which will make your tour more exciting. Activities like camping and horse riding, as well as cycling and walking are some of the activities available during an Australian Alps visit.

What kind of Visa can i get for Australia?

Of course, you need to have a Visa to be able to visit Australia. There are a lot of types of Visa but below are some which can be used if you want to travel as a tourist or to work in Australia.
ETA Tourist Visa

This is one of the easiest to acquire. As long as you have the basic requirement, it is possible to have a confirmation within minutes. This type of Visa is valid for a year with multiple entries – each stay lasts for three months.

Working Holiday Visa

This only applies for individuals aged 18-30. Working Holiday Visa is ideal for students who wants to travel Australia yet cannot fund their stay. So applying for this types of Visa, gives the Visa-holder casual right to work while holidaying.

Australian Skilled Visa

There are a lot of categories below this type of Visa. They can either be temporary or permanent. You can also apply for an independent Visa, nominated Visa or sponsored Visa.