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Top 10 Destinations in Slovakia
It would not be wrong to suggest that Slovakia is one among Europe’s most castellated country that offers visitors with an amazing and incredible hiking experience. The country still stick to its folk culture that is now lost in other European nations.
If you are planning to visit Slovakia, then here are the 10 most important destinations you must consider visiting.

High Tatras – To enjoy great Hiking Experience

High Tatras offer its visitors with the best hiking experience. High Tatras is filled with fresh air that will make you renewed and stay alive all throughout your journey. In case you have a strong physique and will power, take the risk of walking up to the waterfalls and take a look from above as you will feel mesmerized in viewing the mountain lakes.

Spis Castle – The Biggest Castle in Europe

Spis Castle is 900 years old and one among the biggest castle in Europe. Spis Castle, which is located along the countryside of travertine rock, is included in the official list of heritage sites by UNESCO. Travellers who had gone to Spis Castle suggests that the best time to visit the place is during weekends.

Slovak Paradise National Park – Magical Piece of Land

Slovak Paradise, which is situated in the east of Slovakia, offers breath taking view of waterfalls, chasms and meadows. Visitors can take a walk up along the waterfall with the help of iron chains, wooden bridges and ladders. In case you are not a lover of an adventure, then there is option for short walks too.

Pieneny Mountains – Ideal Destination for Anglers and Kayakers

Pieneny Mountains is an area that still holds on to its rich folklore culture and architecture. Visitors in Pieneny Mountains get an exceptional view of scenery and rocky ridges. River Dunajec is a must visit place in the area, and the ideal method to tour within the area is to rent a raft.

Presporacik – The Capital City

Take away half an hour from your itinerary and plan a visit to the capital city – Presporacik. A tour around Presporacik for half an hour will offer you with better understanding about the richness and cultural heritage of Slovakia.

Demanovska – The Cave of Liberty

The cave of Liberty is located just a distance away from Low Tatras. Demanovska is the most beautiful underground place that is now open to public when you visit Slovakia. The tour takes about 1.5 hours to complete and offers magnificent domes, rich fillings of flowstone and stalagmites among others. The temperature is around 7 degree and may not be suited for young children.

Vychodna – Land of Oldest and Greatest Folklore Festival

Vychodna is located 20 kilometre distance from Low Tatras. Every year, the city of Vychodna witnesses the greatest and oldest folklore festival. The festival, which is usually conducted during early July, is now declared as the top folklore event of the world.

Skanzens – Open Air Museums

In case you are a huge lover of architecture, then a must visit place in your itinerary is Skanzens. Open air museums, known as Skanzens, are scattered all around Slovakia, where travellers can witnesses exhibition and thematic weddings every now and then.

Jasna – Features Thermal SPA Post Skiing

Jasna is the most popular ski resort in Low Tatras that offers visitors with the best skiing and snowboarding place. The mountain has numerous spas and wellness centres that will help you maintain your fitness level high.

Little Carpathian – Indulge In Some Wine

The city offers visitors with the best wine experience, as Little Carpathian is a fertile land that produces wine. In fact, many visitors drop in to this place during this season to try their wines.