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Antigua and Barbuda

Top 10 Destinations in Antigua and Barbuda
Top Ten Tourist Destinations In Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda, which is located in the eastern Caribbean, is gifted with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Antigua’s sister island, Barbuda, has immaculately extended pink-tinged sand and high-class resorts where tourists can stay.

Antigua offers captivating ingredients that draw visitors and tourists from all over the world while Barbuda is a peaceful island with very little population. This Caribbean country, with two exquisite islands, possess natural tranquility, wherein swimming, deep sea diving, sailing, fishing and windsurfing are just few of the popular activities here. Here are 10 great places of this country for the tourists I would love to recommend:

Museum of Antigua and Barbuda

The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda contains the history of the geographic origin of these islands to its political independence. The museum is a home for a full-scale replica of an Arawak dwelling. Pottery, tools, weaving and a various collection of different cultures and ecosystems are found here. The most impressive thing about the museum is that it is founded in the former 18th-century Courthouse in St. John.

St. John

St. John is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda and is also the cruise ship port. The St. John's Cathedral’s white, neo-Baroque towers are amongst the city’s most extraordinary buildings. Right now, the majestic towers are going through restoration.

The candy-hued cottages and buildings in St. John produce such picturesque view that one can easily fall in love with. To know the island’s history, you must visit the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. If you wish to see the overall beauty of the city you must visit the ruins of Fort James and Fort Barrington which were built in 18th-century to protect the city from French forces.

Frigate Bird Sanctuary, Barbuda

For birdwatchers, Frigate Bird Sanctuary is more than a heaven. The sanctuary lies in the northwest lagoon of Barbuda. Here you will witness the largest colonies of frigate birds of Caribbean. These birds are mostly known for their red gullets and one-and-a-half meter wingspan. This place also attracts 150 other bird species such cormorants, pelicans and herons.

Darby Cave

Darby cave is a result of the disintegration of the limestone which created one of the most fascinating natural features of Barbuda. It has been illustrated as a cave but the site actually is a sinkhole that is 100 meters in diameter. The inner environment of the cave resembles a rainforest rich in tall palmetto palms, ferns and other greens. Many birds are often seen amidst the foliage. The water dripping has also created intriguing stalagmites.

Martello Tower

Martello Tower, the highest building in Barbuda and also a very important landmark on the island, was built by the British in early 19th century on the beach at River. Astoundingly, the thick stone walls and gun platform of the small defensive fort are intact until today.

Dickenson Bay

Dickenson Bay is one of the most attractive tourist destinations on the island which lies in the far north of Antigua. It has long stretched white sandy beach and a line of resorts with alfresco restaurants. It is a great place for swimming especially with its array of watersports and windsurfing facilities.

17 Mile Beach

17 Mile Beach of Barbuda has an entrancing stretch of pink-tinged sand surrounded by pale aqua seas. The sand separated the Barbuda lagoon from the Caribbean Sea. It is an extremely attractive beach one can ever imagine. If you really wish to stay there and enjoy the unworldly beauty, you might need to bring your own supplies because here facilities are not available.

Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay is one of the best beaches of in the Caribbean. It is protected by a reef, azure sea, fine white sand and serene nature which offer great snorkeling experience and beautiful days at the beach. There are small restaurants where you can have snacks too. It truly is an amazing place to have holidays.

Nelson’s Dockyard National Park

Nelson's Dockyard National Park, in English Harbour, is a home to former 18th-century British Naval Dockyard on Antigua. It is the most popular tourist attraction of the island. It also has restored historic buildings. Surprisingly, this dockyard is only operating Georgian dockyard of the world and it is now one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites.

The restored buildings and marine include restaurants, old stone warehouses, galleries, museums and hotels. Admiral’s House Museum and Dockyard Museum contains history from 17th century to the present time.

Devil's Bridge: Indian Town National Park

Indian Town National Park contains the natural limestone Devil’s Bridge which has one dramatic appearance on the island. It is sculpted by the pounding surf for the centuries.

In this park, you can also have a great opportunity to experience hiking and bird watching. It is believed that the east part of the park once was an Arawak campsite.


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