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Travelers who have seen the beauty of the country can attest to its beauty. It has a number of tourist spots which can look heavenly when seen through the naked eye and translates well in photographs. It has truly become one of the top tourists’ destinations.

Travelling New Zealand

New Zealand has a lot to offer. Nature lovers will enjoy their stay. You can hike, swim in a waterfall or just enjoy relaxing at a beach. New Zealand's North Island has most of New Zealands peoples living there, the south island has less people and more nature to explore.  So if you wanna go out, explore, do some hikes or multi day hikes, then choose the south island. If you wanna do the popular hikes like the tongariro crossing, then choose the north island. The most popular hikes and the awesome Cape Reinga lighthouse are located here. And if you are a Lord of the Rings fan, then you need to visit Hobbiton as well. You wanna become an explorer, yes you can, in New Zealand.


No matter if you stay here for a holiday, or come with a work and holiday visa, New Zealand offers all options to travel. From backpacking, renting or buying a campervan, or just taking the long distance bus, New Zealand is easy to travel. And you can practice your english skills as well.


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New Zealand

New Zealand has awesome beaches, mountains and some of the greatest hikes. You can find the beach with the whitest sand, can walk along some of the film spots of the lord of the rings or have a adrenaline kicking activity like skydiving. There is plenty to do in New Zealand. We recommend a minimum of two weeks to stay, but the more the better. You can choose between taking the bus, hitchhiking or renting a car or campervan. New Zealand has plenty of accomodation, so there is the right place to stay all over New Zealand.

There are different tour operators you can choose from, guided tours along the beautiful nature, activities like bungee jumping, skydiving or rafting, you can have the adrenaline kick of your life.

You can find more information on travelling New Zealand here on the different topics. And of course you can explore our FAQ about New Zealand. If there are any questions left for you, we are happy to welcome you in our free community groups.

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You are thinking about travelling New Zealand? Great, thats a good choice. We have prepared some useful information in our "Get the answer" section for you. If you wanna inform yourself about the right health insurance for travelling, then we have something prepared for you as well.

And last but not least, we are happy to welcome you in our free facebook community for New Zealand. There you can find plenty of other travellers all around New Zealand, so you can ask everything you wanna know.