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Top 10 Destinations in Anguilla
Top Ten Tourist Destinations In Anguilla

Caribbean gemstone Anguilla is really an attractive tourist destination with dazzling, sun-drenched beaches and lavish resorts. The beautiful island, with its friendly locals, is very comforting and is indeed a perfect place for you to take a tour for your holiday or an escape from your modern structural city life.

Here are 10 beautiful places to enjoy while traveling to this gorgeous island:

The Valley

Valley is Anguilla’s capital, the center of political activity and at the same time the geographic and commercial core of the island. The perfect place to start the journey is Anguilla National Trust, which serves as the custodian in preserving the archaeological, cultural and historical resources of the country’s past, present and future generation. You can take a map and self-guide yourself to Anguilla Heritage Tour.

Wallblake House

One of the best place and great attraction of Anguilla Heritage Tour is Wallblake House. It was a plantation home built in 1787 by slaves. Wallblake House is one of those few plantation houses which survived the long journey of time and remains intact until now. The main complex of the building is its slave quarters and kitchen that are still unblemished, as well as the spacious room with many interesting specimens that illustrate the history of Anguilla.

Anguilla Dive Sites

Anguilla has a double reef system with a great variety of corals. Those sunken ships around the island have become artificial reefs. Prickly Pear, Little Bay, Sandy Island, Dog Island, Stoney Bay Marine Park, Seal Island Reef System and Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System are the seven marine parks surrounding the island. Stingrays, garden eels and turtles are found inhabiting in these sites. Sharks and barracuda are also seen around the island.

El Buen Consejo, an 18th-century Spanish galleon which was shipwrecked in 1772, is now resting deep in Stoney Bay Marine Park. For snorkels and scuba divers, the island is more than a heaven.

Fountain Cavern National Park

The Fountain Cavern, a top archaeological site of Anguilla, is a wonder of nature and culture and a great attraction for visitors as well. Underground in a cave, there lie many Amerindian petroglyphs. There are also two freshwater pools. A tall stalagmite is one most significant of all and very impressive because it is carved in the shape of Jocahu, Taino Indians supreme God. It is believed that this fountain was a great worship site for Amerindians.

Rendezvous Bay Beach

Rendezvous Bay is a perfect place for families with children. This four-kilometer long dazzling beach has amazing powdery sands and luminous water around with a calm and serene environment. For sunbathe lovers, shell collectors and avid swimmers, it’s really is an amazing place.

Meads Bay Beach

In the west end of the island, Meads bay is a popular place for beach goers. It has one-and-a-half- kilometer long white sandy beach. The water here is clear and calm for swimming. Here you will find luxury villas and resorts and some fine restaurants. Cheddie's Art Studio, where you will find driftwood carvings by a local artist Cheddie Richardson, is quite a nice place for art lovers.

Shoal Bay East

Shoal Bay East, which is a radiant white sandy beach, is an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling. Some of the best coral gardens of the island are found here and they are inhabited by beautiful tiny iridescent fish.

Sandy Ground Village

Sandy Ground Village is a white-sand beach with lots of restaurants, a dive shop and a quiet place to stay. Its fishhook-shaped bay is protected because it is the main port for the yacht in the island.

Also, there is an old factory and pump-house that is considered as historical attraction of the island. Herons, stilts, egrets and many wading birds also gather in a large salt pond behind the village.

Island Harbour

The fishing village of Island Harbour has scattered tourist attractions. The narrow beach where the fishermen park their colorful boats produces a great view too. In the afternoon, you can also watch the unloading of fishes caught all day.

Near the village, Big Spring National Park preserves a partly collapsed cave which has 9th-15th century 28 Amerindian petroglyphs. A two-day festival named Festival Del Mar takes place on the island with various food, music, activities and entertainment that will be a great experience for you while you’re staying here. Scilly Cay and Scrub islands are another great attractions for tourists.

Anguilla's offshore islands

Prickly Peer, Sandy and Anguillita are popular offshore islands of Anguilla. These are great places for snorkel-fans and scuba divers. In the mini walls and caves of Anguillita, barracudas, eels, sharks and stingrays are often found. Sandy island, with its silvery sands and coconut palms and the lagoon, is indeed a perfect place for snorkeling.


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