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Top 10 Destinations in Albania
Top 10 Albania Destinations

Albania is a country worth to explore, especially for the Stalinist history, ottoman culture, pristine beaches and local hospitality that offers endless possibilities to any traveler. Exotic notes that emanates from its culture, customs, language and cuisine, make this country one of the most popular countries in Europe.

Tirana – A City with Plethora of Attractions

Tirana, which is the largest city in Albania, has plethora of attractions like architecture of the Musolinni era, lush green parks and beautiful churches that makes this place a must visit in Albania. Attractions also include the Et'hem Bey Mosque at the Skanderbeg Square, Sahat-Kulla, the Puppet Theater, and the Peace Bell made of old cartridge shells.

Kruje – House of the National Ethnographic Museum

The National Ethnographic Museum makes Kruje a destination worth visiting when touring Albania. Islamic style frescoes, two storied high tower, closed corridor and natural spring’s model at the entrance make the ambience of this museum a fabulous one. Other attractions in Kruje include Kruje Castle and the Old Bazaar.

Berat – A City Holding Surprises for Travelers

You will miss a great opportunity in tasting the world’s finest wine if you are not visiting Berat, where the Cobo Winery is situated. Other attractions here include the Berat Fortress and Bar Restuarants that serves European food.

Apollonia – The City of Ruins

Apollonia, which is situated next to Fier, is a city of ruins where its significance as one of the ancient towns in the world can be witnessed. Things to do and places to visit in Apollonia include temples, libraries, theatres and buildings that exhibit original glory.

Duress – A City of Culture and Beaches

Duress is a big harbor city where you will find festive activities like feasting and cultural events taking place all throughout the year. The amphitheatre is one of the biggest attractions here, and besides number of ancient buildings, Duress boast numerous magnificent beaches.

Shkodra – A City Witness To Conquests and Battles

Shkodra, which is the fifth largest city in Albania, is a city that has witnessed many conquests and battles, and is now considered as an important trade center. Castle Rozafa is yet another landmark that has a long history behind it which houses the museum holding remnants of the past.

Gjirokastra – A city of world cultural heritage

Elected as one of the cultural heritages in the world by UNESCO, Gjirokastra is a city in Albania that boasts unique styles in architecture derived from Balkan architecture, and is dotted with houses that resemble small castles.

Albanian Riviera – A Place of Inviting Beaches

Albanian Riviera, resembling the Italian Riviera, is a place where you will find inviting beaches and picturesque coastline. Go sunbathing or swimming, and feel the excitement of visiting tourist attractions at this place. Romantic villages in the mountain settings form an ideal gateway to a honeymoon trip.

Ksamil Village – A Destination for Exotic Beaches

Ksamil Village is a place where you will find exotic beaches and exquisite restaurants serving fresh seafood. Ksamil Village also houses the Butrini National Park. You will still find tangerines, olive oil and excellent lemons that made Ksamil Village a popular destination from the Communist times.

Sarande – A Place of Significant Tourist Attractions

Sarande, also known as Saranda, is a municipal town in Southern Albania within Vlore County, which houses the Blue Eye and Butrint, making this place one of the top tourist attractions in the country. Multi cuisine restaurants entice travelers in visiting this town, and to speak of hotels, you have multiple options to choose according to your budget.






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