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Top 10 Destinations in Montenegro
Explore the Enchanting Places in Montenegro and Fall in Love With Its Bewitching Beauty

Montenegro, which is a state situated in Southeastern Europe, is a sovereign state which means “Black Mountain.” Montenegro is simply a place where love and magic meet as it will truly captivate the hearts of its visitors. With such awesome beaches, land forms and structures, this destination is truly an unforgettable and magical place to be.
Here are some of the places to wander in Montenegro.


Kotor, which is a coastal town in Montenegro and one of the most concaved portions of the Adriatic Sea, is undeniably a picturesque landscape. This destination’s tourism has been increasing as years past because of the natural beauty that it encompass.


For a relaxing and calm ambiance and a perfect getaway from the boisterous city life, Perast is the ideal place to be in Montenegro. This destination is a small old town situated on the Bay of Kotor. Perast may seem like one of the usual old town, think again as this town boasts of several historic churches and mysterious ruins.

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro, which is a military naval base turned into an awesome tourist attraction, is also an Arsenal shipyard. Although Porto Montenegro is still being redeveloped and renovated, there are already commercial buildings that are accessible to tourists. Restaurants, shops, museums and galleries are some of the places to visit in this destination.


Considered as the second capital city of Montenegro, Cetinje is also the historic capital of the country. It plays a significant role in Montenegro’s rich history, and in this destination, official mansions in the past have become the present’s art galleries and schools. The small town of Cetinje only has few and little restaurants that visitors can enjoy.

Ostrog Monastery

Ostrog Monastery is situated in a nearly perpendicular huge rock of Ostroska Greda in Montenegro. This destination is the most important pilgrimage site for Serbian Orthodox Christian. Divided into the Upper and the Lower church, Ostrog Monastery was founded in honor of Saint Basil. The Upper Church’s architectural design leaves many questions to the visitors’ curious minds.

Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar, which is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula, is sandwiched between Albania and Montenegro. This destination is recognized as a protected national park since 1983 and it houses variety of different species of birds and other wildlife. Lake Skadar is one of the most essential natural reserves for wetland birds in Europe.

Njegos Mausoleum

Njegos Mausoleum, which is an outstanding highlight of Lovcen Mountain in Montenegro, is in fact one of the most controversial and fascinating mausoleums. Situated in Jezerski Vrh at 1657m high, this destination is covered by amazing works of art. One of the main attractions in this mausoleum is Ivan Mestrovic’s masterpiece.


Ulcinj, which is the southernmost town in Montenegro close to the Albanian border, is the center of the Albanian community in Montenegro. This destination is surrounded by interesting mosques and this is where the Day of Ulcinj is held every first Saturday of April. This destination is also the top choice for holiday getaway because of its alluring seaside towns.

Stari Bar

Stari Bar, which is a small town in Montenegro that means Old Bar, is surrounded by different Ottoman structures that were built during the 17th and 18th centuries. Some of the main attractions in this destination are the Clock Tower and several churches that are very interesting and impressive. Stari Bar’s fortress gives a perfect view of the town’s olive groves and mountains.


One of the oldest cities in the Adriatic Sea, Budva is a well preserved medieval walled city of Montenegro. This destination is the most visited tourist spot in Montenegro because of its heritages and outstanding beach resorts. Budva also showcases a vivacious night life which makes the town crowded and inviting.






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