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Top 10 Destinations in Macedonia
Top 10 Macedonia Destinations

With never ending history that has been inscribed in the form of majestic frescoes, forts constructed along the shores of Lake Ohrid and the rich endemic species found along the slopes of Mount Galicica, and many other that adds to the stunning country of Macedonia. The country also offers scenic vistas comprising of picture perfect volcanoes, vineyards and iconic merchant sites dating back to 12th Century and the Heraclea city that was found in 4 B.C.
Following are our top 10 picks if you are planning to pack your bags to Macedonia.

Skopje City Centre

After a lot of revamping, restoration and construction of newer structures in and around the Skopje City Centre, the city center has seen a major transformation. One would take at least two day to three days to go around the city to explore the history and past hidden in the walls and museums of Skopje City Centre. Owing to its multifaceted culture, nightlife has also sprawled into the city walls and now one can find restaurants and bars open around the clock, with shopping malls shining bright in dazzling lights. Areas around numerous museums and old stone bridge showcase a splendid cultural offering.

Lake Ohrid

The glam of the Ohrid Lake just doesn’t end with breathtaking and scenic views, but also continues sprawling into the diverse aquatic eco-system and endemic species living in its waters. It’s quite a fascinating experience going by the lake, as the most famous tourist destinations are along the shores of the lake, and to mention, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. Lake Ohrid spreads across 358 square km offering a lot to the locals in the form of fishing.

National Park Galicica

The Galicica National Park is situated on Mount Galicica and is spread around 227 square km along the slopes of the mount. It is well known for its exceptional beauty along with 11 endemic species that only exists on the slopes. The Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa enables continuous, extremely long and beautiful scenic view in the vicinity of the Mount Galicica. Tourists who are interested can also find some research teams that are carrying intensive research to further discover flora and fauna in this region.

Old Bazaar Skopje

The Old Bazaar has been a house of trade and merchants right from the early days of the 12th Century. This stands as an iconic heritage site in the Skopje city that still holds the references to the Ottoman Empire. It still showcases some jewelry and handcraft shops that turn out as a paradise for someone interested in collecting original arts and products.

Millennium Cross

Standing 66m tall, the Millennium Cross on top of Mount Vodno, overlooking the Macedonian City of Skopje, gives us a complete 360 degree view and offers incredible scenic vistas. If hiking stands as one of your favorite adventure, a pair of hiking boots would do good, and a few hours later, one could reach the top choosing the hard way. A cable car transport also lands up people to the top within 8 minutes for a pretty cheap ride.

Bay of Bones

After attaining its name from large chunks of animal bones that were found during the under-water excavations that began in 1997, the Bay of Bones Museum is set on the shores of the Lake Ohrid, standing 1.5m above the water. It takes back to the Bronze and Iron ages and the style of construction museum reflects the same. Valuable artifacts and collectibles are showcased in Bay of Bones museum dating back to the 700 B.C.

Memorial House of Mother Teresa

It is rather a new construction in the city of Skopje which has managed to draw good number of local crowd and tourists especially those are influenced and interested in Mother Teresa. This memorial house is built on the site of what was once “The Sacred Heart of Jesus” Roman Catholic Church, where Mother Teresa was baptized. Despite of being a modern looking building, it showcases interesting and rare pictures and religious relics that belonged to Mother Teresa.

Lake Matka and Matka Canyons

Lake Matka is actually a manmade artificial lake with a purpose of generating hydroelectricity for the city of Skopje. In recent years, the Lake and Canyons have become a major tourist attractions that draw pretty good number of tourists and locals. The summer temperatures can reach 40 Celsius, and 10 “cool” caves along the way offer a pleasant and formidable experience. The caves can range from 20 meters to 176 meters long. The paths also consist of two vertical pits each 35 meters deep. Numerous churches and monasteries are found along the way.

Church of Sveti Jovan at Kaneo

The Church of Sveti Jovan at Kaneo is built on the cliffs of the Lake Ohrid. The church illustrates the wonderful Byzantine Architecture from this region along with an assortment of Armenian Architecture. The church is built in the 13th century with few of the original frescoes (murals) still surviving till date. It’s only possible to reach the church by Foot. A life sized fresco of St. Jovan the Theologian, to whom the church is dedicated. The main dome of the church depicts a picture in which Jesus surrounded by eight angels.


The Architecture of Macedon Empire dating back to 4 B.C to 2 B.C is well preserved and can be found at the historical site of Heraclea. This site is named after the Greek Hero Heracles. The city of Heraclea was found by King Phillip 2nd, where a Roman Style open air theatre and Roman baths are found. A Jewish temple, an Episcopal Church and baptistery are all beautifully intact.






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