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Top 10 Destinations in Slovenia
Get a Chance to Enjoy the Hidden Wonders of Slovenia’s Remarkable Natural Beauty

Republic of Slovenia is a mountainous country bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Its territory is mostly mountainous and one of the water-rich regions in Europe. Wit its perfect mixture of Alps, rivers and beaches, Slovenia is undeniably a country to visit and explore.


Its captivating glacial Lake Bled makes this destination one of the most visited places in Slovenia. Bled showcases several picturesque views like the medieval Bled Castle, historic church and some high snow-capped peaks. This destination in Slovenia is well known for its romantic and famous resort that caters services mostly for couples especially for newlyweds.


Ljubljana, which is the historical capital of Carniola, is now the capital and largest city of Slovenia. This destination is situated between the trade routes of the Adriatic Sea and Danube region. Ljubljana is recognized as the desirable Europe’s Green Capital for 2016. A perfect example of showing care and respect for Mother Nature is by restricting car traffic in the town and only allowing pedestrians and bikes to travel on the streets.


Piran, which is a town in the southwestern part of Slovenia that showcases medieval architecture, is also one of Slovenian Istria’s major cities. This destination is one of the well conserved historical towns in the Adriatic Sea. Piran is also one of the well-loved towns in the Slovenian coastline.


Lipica, which is the center of equestrianism in the country, is a well-known breeding ground of world class horses. Horseback riding is the main activity in Lipica as there are several ranches, farms and equestrian centers that offer almost similar services. Enjoy the wonders of the forests, meadows and farms through riding tours.

Soca Valley

Soca Valley, which is the top destination for water rafting and hiking, extends from the Triglav National Park to Nova Gorica. This destination is also famous for skiing and tourists are attracted by historical heritages and structures dating from World War I. The enchanting Soca River is also one of the main attractions in this Slovenian region.

Karst Region

Stretching almost half of Slovenia, Karst is an astounding region covered with bewitching bodies of water like ponds, rivers and springs. This amazing limestone flat terrain not only boasts of its natural beauty, but it also showcases historical heritages like stone churches and other architecture.

Predjama Castle

Truly a world class and undeniable jaw-dropping historic structure that Slovenia has preserved, Predjama Castle is really worth visiting. This structure is built within a cave mouth in the Inner Carniola region. A tour at the Predjama Castle is like a walk down memory lane as it shows the way of living of early people. It also includes how rooms are arranged and what furnishings were used during the yesteryears.

Škocjan Caves

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1986, Skocjan Cave system is recognized as one of the natural treasures of the Earth. This destination in Slovenia is incomparable and plays a significant role in Karst region and Slovenia itself. One of the main attractions of Skocjan Cave is the formation of stalactite and stalagmites that are undeniably remarkable.

Julian Alps

Situated between Slovenia and Italy, Julian Alps were named after Julius Caesar who founded Cividale Del Friuli at the foot of the mountains. Although bordered by two countries, the highest peak of Julian Alps is under the Slovenian region, Mount Triglav. Reaching the peak of Julian Alps gives a glimpse of somehow what Slovenia has to offer to its visitors. Highlighting the beauty of nature with the limestone peaks, lakes, mountains and other wonders, this destination will definitely give an unforgettable experience to the tourists.


Maribor, which is the second largest city and one of the most visited tourist destinations in Slovenia, is well known for traditional wine growing. This destination offers different sorts of activities that tourists can choose from, like hiking, skiing and other nature trips. Maribor is where tourist can find the oldest vine in the world named the Old Vine.






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