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Top 10 Destinations in Barbados
Top 10 Tourists Destination in Barbados

Amongst all the tourist attractions, Barbados is the most popular among the Caribbean islands. For vacation, it is a very pleasant place and a paradise for its visitors as its natural beauty is strikingly beautiful and captivating to the eyes of its beholder.

Barbados is a very well-developed country. It gained independence from the British rulers in 1966, but because of its British roots, the country has a refined elegance and culture reflecting everywhere. On the island, there are lots of sugar plantations and museums scattered here and there along with pink and coral white sandy beaches, botanical gardens, impressive colonial buildings, turquoise seas, surfing and popular dive sites.

Here are top 10 tourist’s destinations I would love to mention:

Barbados Beach

Barbados, for its golden sandy beaches and calm water for swimming, has turned into a great tourist attraction. The southeast, east and north of the island is perfect for watersports as the water there is rougher because of Atlantic Ocean waves. Surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing are the things you can enjoy in southeast coast.

Barbados Museum

If you are visiting the island, Barbados Museum and Historical Society is a must-see for you. The history and culture live here. You can explore the natural, social and military history of the island, African heritage, arts, prints and paintings of the country here in these compelling galleries and nineteenth-century beautiful buildings.

Andromeda Botanic Gardens

Andromeda Botanic Garden is where you will be astounded seeing the collection of various tropical plants from all around the world. The most beautiful thing about this place is its scenic location on a hillside from where the Atlantic is visible. Breadfruit trees, rare succulents and palms along with bearded fig trees are the great attractions in the garden. It is one kind of a paradise as it is where you can find true peace of mind with nature.


The village of Bathsheba is one central attraction of Barbados. Andromeda Botanic Garden lies close to this village. A large rock formation name Soup Bowl is a coral reef on the beach of Bathsheba. Carved by the surf, it looks like an enormous mushroom. Here, the sea is perfect for surfers and a gem for photographers; however, there are strong undercurrents and the waves are pretty harsh which make swimming here pretty dangerous.

Harrison’s Caves

Harrison's Cave is a crystallized limestone cavern with some exquisitely beautiful geological features that will instantly surprise you. The feature of the cave also includes crystal blue water magnificent pools, waterfalls, streams and cascading underground water through the caves. Near the cave, there is another opportunity to visit and see the Arawak Indian artifacts.

Farley Hill National Park

Farley Hill National Park is a very beautiful garden amidst a forest of mahogany trees. This ground used to be a rich plantation house. The lush 17-acre park on the hilltop makes it very scenic for its viewer and it eventually turned into a very popular place for weddings and picnics. The palm-covered hills and the view of the ocean from above are quite heavenly and picturesque.

Gun Hill Signal Station

The Gun Hill Signal Station offers its visitors awe-inspiring and heart-stirring vistas of the entire island and the ocean. The station was built in 1818 on the high ground of St. George, used to signal the approach of the enemy ships. One of its great attractions is a 19th-century lion statue which was sculpted by a British soldier from a single boulder.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wildlife Reserve is settled opposite of Farley Hill, enriched by iguanas, tortoises, agoutis, deer, wild green monkeys from Africa and crowded with the tropical birds. Here in Barbados Wildlife Reserve, walking through the mahogany forest surrounded by wildlife and the vibrant exposure of colorful orchids could be one memorable time for a nature lover.

Flower Forest

For nature lovers, Flower Forest is like a paradise with its beautiful vistas. The undisturbed tranquil nature of the forest, with its tropical flora lying in the hill of central Barbados located on the ground of a former sugar plantation, brings a lot of visitors from all around the world. You can stroll through the trails marked for visitors and sit and relax in this haven of nature amidst palms, gingers and many vibrant colors of flowers especially orchids.

Folkestone Marine Park & Museum, Holetown

The marine park, one mile north of Holetown, is actually an underwater park with the facilities for water-related activities like diving and beach. The Stavronikita, a 365-foot Greek freighter, was deliberately drowned in 1976 and later formed into an artificial reef. Corals have grown in its masts and became a swimming and dwelling place for colorful fishes. For experienced divers and snorkelers, it is a great and worthy place to explore.


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