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Top 10 Destinations in France
France, famous for its cheese and wines, is the most popular destination that receives 82 million tourists every year. Its amazing historic sites that spell thousands of words, fabulous countryside, and the marvelous castles of Normandy, Brittany and Loire valley make it a land of surprises. Over all, France presents a pleasant climate with excellent beaches on the Atlantic coast, Corsica Island and the French Rivieria with possibilities for adventurous trip and winter sports to have a great time. Luckily, the most notable in the Pyrenees and the Alps is its rich and remarkable culture with wines and cuisine that attracts people to taste and make the trip memorable.

Here are some other nice attractions that in France that you can visit:

Paris – Romantic city on earth

Paris, the top tourist attraction and the city of Eiffel tower, is the most visited spot by tourist from every corner of the globe. A simple walk down the boulevards and the avenues of Paris make you feel amazing over the beautiful nature and climate that makes it the romantic city for couples and crazy tourist. Visit the legendary museums and galleries in Paris like Museed’Orsay and The Louvre to explore and shop till you drop.

Nice – A hub of fashion and restaurants

Nice, the cosmopolitan place with Riveria Vibe, is an interesting place to visit and enjoy the fashion and style. Its fashionable boutique, delicious cuisine restaurant and the popular beaches is what attracts people to spend a couple of days. Tourists in Nice can also enjoy shopping at the daybreak market on Cours Saleya. Also, a few steps towards the Castle Hill and the Bay of Angels with bright and blue water makes you fall in love with it.

Marseille – the port city

Marseille – the third largest city for its style and history is the most visited place by tourist. Its bay flanked by Fort Saint-Jean and Fort Saint-Nicolas shelters the If Castle from Count of Monte Cristo fame. Being watched by the basilica Notre-Dame-de-la-Garde, the pedestrian Zone of the city, shopping areas in the form of colorful French African quarter is a must-to-visit place in Marsielle.

Lyon – The city with UNESCO World Heritage sites

This city in France holds 2000 years of history imprinted on the streets. A pair of Roman amphitheaters here rock stage concerts to which thousands of people get attracted to enjoy the evenings. Being popular for antique markets, dynamic university, music festivals, culture, museums and vibrant theater, plan your trip to Lyon France and make it an unforgettable moment in life.

Mount St-Michel – A sea tomb

The spectacular play of tides on Abbey Island is magical and mysterious. As per the Celtic mythology, Mount St-Michel is where the souls of the dead were buried. Being rich in history and legend, try your barefoot across the wrinkled sand in this island to reach the stunning and marvelous architectural ensemble. Either walk alone or go with a guide to make the day dramatic over the bay.

Cannes – The city of Film Festival

Regattas, Film Festival and Gala are the affluent and despicably attractive set characterize about Cannes. Life is a festival in Cannes and watching the locale is the main activity for the every tourist in Cannes. Being popularized by Coco Chanel, the beaches here are the huge attraction with expensive sea-food, drinks and hospitality of the people which drags the spot to spend time. Visit de la Boca and Plages du Midi beaches for cool evenings and pleasant nights.

Carcassonne at Dusk – The city of stone

First glimpse of La Cite’s strong stone, witch’s hat tower above Carcassonne in the Languedoc is enough to make your hair stand. In order to be delighted in this fairy tale city of Carcassonne, move at the dusk when the crowds disperse.

D-Day beaches – Perfect for Emotional Journey

Being the most emotional spot to visit, D-Day beaches offers wide stretches of breeze-blown bluffs and fine sand in this tourist destination. Prior to June 6, 1944, there were a cacophony of explosions and gunfire on the beaches of northern Normandy, with the bodies of Allied soldiers lying in the sand and their comrades in arms occupied the Island. A simple stroll to the Omaha Beach let you view the long rows of the symmetrical gravestones, which is a silent evidence to the terrible price compensated for the France’s freedom from Nazi dictatorship.

Alsatian Wine Route – Popular for drives

Every tourist who visits France considers it an incomplete trip without a visit to Alsatian Wine Route. Strolling in this northeast corner takes you through the kaleidoscope of the abundant green vines, soft mist covered mountains and hovering castles. Drive to Alsatian Wine Route when the vines are heavy and delicious, with grapes to harvest and their vivacious colors to enjoy taste.

Brittany – City of ancient traditions

Beautiful historic region on the northern coast of France – Brittany – is a city to visit. Enjoy the rugged seaside in Brittany, weathered sea ports and the quaint fishing villages that are outstanding in nature. Being proud of the ancient tradition and well known for the religious festivals full of customs, Brittany is a land of legends and myths that even their language is connected to Gaelic. The other places of interest are the tiny remote islands, ancient castles and the pristine sandy beaches to make your presence and enjoy every single moment.