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How can I advertise my business with Backpacker-Footsteps?

Backpacker-Footsteps is the largest worldwide backpacker and traveler community on facebook!

We operate more than 100 professionally moderated travel groups for almost every country in the world, with a total of around 1 million members, of which 700.000+ count as “active members” by facebook statistics.

This makes us a high performance online marketing platform - the perfect advertising space for YOUR travel-related business, where you can get great exposure to a large audience of backpackers and travelers in the country/continent you are operating in!

We aim to support small- and medium-sized businesses by giving them direct access to our group members, which consist of international travelers, aged 18 - 60 years, with the great majority being young travelers.
That way we provide you direct access to your target customers!

Below is an overview of our advertising options for businesses. You can choose one or combine multiple. All of them allow you to enter the market very quickly and effectively:

A) Banner

-> This is the option that gets the highest exposure/visibility and therefore works most effectively.
Your business logo/advertising image will be the header image of the group - the first thing users will see when accessing the group page.
The design can be freely chosen by you.
A more detailed text can be added in the description of the image (“click here” option). This is also what will be seen when the group is automatically suggested to target users by facebook and when users actively search for it on facebook.                                                                                                                                             .


B) Fixed announcement post in a group

-> This is our option with the 2nd highest exposure/visibility. The advertising post will be pinned as a “group announcement” - The first post, members will see when they start browsing the group.

C) Advertising post (posted by you/your business page)

-> You create and post your advertisement as a regular post in the group.

D) Advertising post (posted by Backpacker-Footsteps)

-> The official Backpacker-Footsteps page will post your advertisement as a regular post in the group. Our members trust in our quality standards and know that we only work with reputable businesses. An added bonus for you.

E) Recommendation of your business in the comments of relevant member posts

-> Our professional worldwide admin team will strategically place your business recommendation under relevant posts. Our long term admin team functions as a source for trustworthy travel information and helpful advice. Members have a direct personal connection to the admins from helpful conversations in the comments 24/7.

F) Advertising post on the Backpacker-Footsteps facebook page

-> Your advertisement will be posted as a pinned or regular post on the official Backpacker-Footsteps facebook page, which is linked to all our groups worldwide and currently has [insert number] international followers.

Awesome, I’m interested! How much does it cost?

-> Our fees depend on factors such as group size, group performance/engagement and country your business is located in. We are more than happy to create a free personalized offer for you and your specific business!
Also, we are open to suggestions and very flexible, if what you have in mind is not listed above.

-> As part of our policy, we offer a generous 25% discount on your first campaign with us!

A few more things to note:

-> Backpacker-Footsteps is the only facebook marketing platform that self-limits the amount of advertisements in its groups. We believe that it is in the best interest of our advertising partners that our groups remain informative and helpful communities for travelers, rather than getting recognized as “promotion groups”, like many similar groups sadly are.
For you as a business partner, this will give you the best market exposure in a high-quality audience!

-> Travel groups on facebook play an important part in today’s travel preparation - Before, during and after the trip.
Keeping that in mind, we created a large number of country- and continent-specific groups to support our members with helpful advice for their travels. You can find a list of all groups we are currently operating here:

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