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Top 10 Destinations in Denmark
Denmark is a wonderful country where you can explore numerous fascinating destinations that will certainly blow your mind. Denmark houses numerous galleries, museums, and very educative historical parks. Apart from that, the natural beauty of the country is worth seeing.
The top ten destinations which you should visit for sure if you are in Denmark are as follows:

Tivoli Gardens – The wonderful Amusement Park in Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest amusement park in the world with numerous attractions for you. The place is situated few minutes walking distance from the City Hall and the Copenhagen Station. Tivoli Gardens was built way back in the year 1943 and over the years has become an international tourist attraction. The historic buildings, the exotic architecture and the lush greenery creates a heavenly ambience in Tivoli Gardens. The multiple colorful lights in Tivoli Gardens make the nights even more beautiful.

Bakken – World’s Oldest Fairground

Bakken lies on the northern side of Copenhagen and is the world’s oldest fairground. The fairground of Bekken is believed to be 431 years old and is surrounded by several year-old trees and monuments which you will enjoy watching thoroughly. There are thirty-three roller coasters, many fairy wheels and many other adventure rides in Bekken which makes this park a must visit destination for you.

The LEGOLAND – The World of Fantasy

This is the Universe’s largest LEGO model and is built out of five million LEGO blocks which makes it an interesting stuff for you. There is also an option for you to take a ride to the haunted house which is indeed scary and fun at the same time. There are also numerous concerts and events that is happening every other day which is also a great attraction in the LEGOLAND.

Zoo of Copenhagen – A day With the Wilds

This zoo in Copenhagen is a must visit if you are in Denmark. Zoo of Copenhagen houses 3000 animals, and when you count them, there are around 264 species which are kept in this zoo. All animals and reptiles are found in Zoo of Copenhagen.

National Aquarium of Denmark – Den Bla Planet

National Aquarium of Denmark is North Europe’s largest aquarium and you will for sure be fascinated to visit this. National Aquarium of Denmark is a giant-sized aquarium and houses a number of aquatic creatures which is a treat to be watched. The aquarium depicts the environment below an ocean and showcases the natural coral reefs which are fascinating to be watched.

The National Museum – The Treasure House of History

The National Museum which is situated at Copenhagen is a treasure house of history. You will certainly be able to learn a lot of things if you visit The National Museum. The museum proudly showcases various interesting and informative exhibitions – from the ancient Stone Age till the Modern Danish Age. There is so much you can learn under one roof in the National Museum of Denmark.

Faarup Somerland – The cool Amusement Park

Farup Somerland is the best amusement park of Denmark and is counted as one of the top most tourist destinations in Denmark. You should not miss out on Farup Somerland if you are touring in Denmark.

Louisiana Museum – The Hub of Modern Art in Denmark

Louisiana Museum is the hub of modern art in Denmark and is a treat to the eyes. Louisiana Museum is built in a gorgeous old complex from where you can witness the breath-taking view across the strait of Sweden.

AquaDome – The Best Place for Water Sports

If you are in Denmark and thoroughly enjoy the water activities, then you must visit AquaDome. There are numerous water rides in AquaDome like the Octopus Racer and Tornado water slides which are just breath-taking.

Djurs Sommerland – Scandinavia’s Largest Summer Land

Djurs Sommerland is a hub of world class fun and has something to engage visitors of all ages. If you visit Djurs Sommerland, you will have the wonderful opportunity to witness the biggest roller coasters in Denmark plus the huge Aqua Park.