Our Team behind Backpacker-Footsteps

Eugene Reimer

Backpacker since 2010. Visited more than 93 countries and did 38 different backpacker jobs in 6 years.
Amongst all notable things he did was to organize more than 60 backpacker events plus giving a lift to more than 1200 people in Europe. He also created and currently managing more than 100 backpacker groups in Facebook that currently have 300.000 members.

Nik Walz
SEO & Web Consultant

Hey I´m Nik. Travel means to live. Meet new friends around the world and share impressions of different cultures and natural environments. Have a look to our wonderfull world around the globe. That´s why I travel always with backpacker footsteps.

Tobi Schwarz
Graphic Designer

Tobi, who is living in Germany, is a graphic designer that loves to travel
and explore a lot. He is brilliant on what he does and never fails to create inspiring, fun and innovative projects.

Tanya Laricheva
Online Marketing

Im Tanya. I'm a social marketing manager. In my free time I like to travel because it is the best way to get to know and understand the people and myself. I joined the team in 2017

Jonny Hamburg Marketing Expert - Youtuber

Hey I´m Jonny

Nicolas oquio
Marketing Expert

I’m a digital Nomad, web marketing and digital marketing specialist. I’m well travelled and always on the go. I have itchy feet and thirsty for discovery. I currently visited 30 countries in my life, when work doesnt keep me busy, i’m already planning my next trips.

Alexander Reimer
Facebook Group Manager

Alex is Eugene’s brother who’s passion is traveling as well. He is currently managing numerous FB groups and has helped every backpacker with his own experience

Jekky Singtothong
Social Media Manager

Jekky, a sister of Eugene, is one of the social media manager of Backpacker Footsteps. She is a wonderful chef (Thai food) that owns a lovely local homestay which offers traditional Thai cooking class and events in Bangkok.

Daniel Laue
Facebook Group Manager

He is our Facebook Groups’ master who’s taking care numerous Backpacker pages. He travelled in Australia for a year and also travelling in other countries a lot.