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Our Team behind Backpacker-Footsteps

Eugene Reimer

Backpacker since 2010. Visited more 100+ countries and did 38 different backpacker jobs in 6 years.
Amongst all notable things he did was to organize more than 60 backpacker events plus giving a lift to more than 1500 people in Europe. He also created and currently managing more than 100 backpacker groups in Facebook that currently have 1.000.000 members.

Nik Walz
SEO & Web Consultant

Hey I´m Nik. Travel means to live. Meet new friends around the world and share impressions of different cultures and natural environments. Have a look to our wonderfull world around the globe. That´s why I travel always with backpacker footsteps.

Tanya Laricheva
Online Marketing

Im Tanya. I'm a social marketing manager. In my free time I like to travel because it is the best way to get to know and understand the people and myself. I joined the team in 2017

Isobelle Carmichael              Social Media Manager

Hi, I’m Isobelle! I joined my first Backpacker-Footsteps group (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos Backpacker / Traveler) in 2017 leading up to my first backpacking trip to Southeast Asia. While in Thailand I was asked to join the team of this group as a moderator, and I am now an administrator for over 100 BF groups for dozens of countries, of which I’ve been to 11.

Nina Stuhlfauth                  Marketing Expert

Growing up in the heart of Europe, Nina is very creative and reliable.
She has a strong interest in making traveling easier for everyone in the
world! She is an expert for Germany and the countries of Northern
Europe,  so if there are any questions about the Oktoberfest or the
Northern Lights, do not hesitate to ask her


Alexander Reimer
Facebook Group Manager

Alex is Eugene’s brother who’s passion is traveling as well. He is currently managing numerous FB groups and has helped every backpacker with his own experience