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Top 10 Destinations in Austria
Austria is famous for its rich history, tradition and culture. It is the winter sports capital of Europe and tourists visit the country during summer for the grandeur and historic monuments it got to offer. In case you are planning for a trip to Austria, then it is important to consider some of the must visit places to be included in your itinerary.

Vienna – Package of Imperial History

The best method to explore Vienna is by foot. Take a walk around Vienna city to enjoy the historic monuments partnered with contemporary ones too. It is the city of music and is live all through the year. As a visitor, you will realize the grandeur filled all through the city of Vienna.

Hallstatt – Centre of Salt Mining

The pastel coloured houses reflecting to the shimmering glassy waters along with huge mountains all around Hallstatt makes it the most beautiful city in Austria. Hallstatt is famous for salt mining and the city is named after the Celts who worked in the mines.

Klagenfurt – Lakeside Villages and Sunset Evenings

If you are a lover of sunsets and lakes, then Klagenfurt has got a lot to feast your eyes! Unlike other cities in Austria, the city of Klagenfurt is not urban. But when it comes to lakeside villages and enjoying a sunset evening, then there is no better choice than Klagenfurt. Europa-park is located at the western limit and offer huge attraction to kids.

Salzburg – Land of Cliff Top Fortress and Mountains

The city of Salzburg holds arts scene, delicious dines and concert halls that anchor musical shows on almost every day in a year. The scenery, the skyline and the history of Salzburg will help take your spirits higher.

Graz – The Second Largest and Most Relaxed City

Graz is the second largest and the liveliest city, following Vienna. The bristling green park side and fast flowing river that gushes through its centre makes the city of Graz even more attractive. Graz also holds the largest student population. Visitors here get attracted to the nightlife that is always pleasant and active all through the year.

Bregenz – Resting Place of Europe’s Third Largest Lake

Bodensee, the third largest lake of Europe is spread across the city of Bregenz like that of a liquid mirror. The city of Bregenz has a combination of art and architecture and watch opera. Bregenz has got a taste of it all and the best method to get around the city is either through train or bicycle that will help you watch its beauty.

Innsbruck – Offers the Best Skiing and Hiking Experience

The city of Innsbruck offers its visitors with summer and winter activities alike. In case your itinerary has plans for skiing, then Innsbruck is your best choice. Also, visitors get a chance to go around and visit the most famous royal court church Hofkirche, Hofburg, Volkskunst Museum, among others.

Otztaler – The Alpine Valley

Otztaler is a small alpine valley that is located in Tyrol, Austria. There is the Otztaler River that flows in the northern direction, and the greenery on all sides helps you relax and gain the best of your holiday experience. The mountain that is located around the valley attracts lot of mountaineers and skiers all through the year.

Linz – “It Begins In Linz”

It begins in Linz is a popular Austrian saying, and tourists who visit this place truly gains an understanding what lies behind the saying. Public art installations, cultural scene, and cutting edge gallery make Linz the most promising and growing city in terms of technology too.
Melk – Land of Castles and Monastery
In case the reason for your trip to Austria is purely religious, then your ideal spot is Melk. The city of Melk is famous for its rich and huge monastery. It is a federal state and is located along the Danube valley.