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Top 10 Destinations in Germany
Germany, which is considered as Europe’s powerhouse that is often synonymous with its annual drinking event Oktoberfest, isn’t only offering their famous beer, food nor Cinderella-esque castles, but offers more than that. Germany widely offers a number of things that includes their rich culture, their popular places and their rich history. If you are planning to stay, embrace and experience Germany’s culture, here are some places that you can visit.

Berlin – The Cool City

Berlin, which is the capital of Germany, offers an exciting, vibrant and an edgy feel to its tourists. Tourists would be able to see how wonderful this destination has to offer, from its fashion to art to music to its political history and to its architecture. In Berlin lies the great Berlin Wall, which was built to divide East and West Germany, where you could see remnants of post war atmosphere and structures. Traveling in Berlin will give you a glance on its 600 galleries, 175 museums and 3 opera houses.

Munich – The Bavarian City

If you are a beer lover, Munich is a good place for you to head on as this destination is where the annual beer and specialty food celebration – Oktoberfest – is being held. Bavarian capital Munich is not only known for Oktuberfest as the city offers electrifying combination of historical and modern architecture. Munich’s English Garden is also popular to tourists for its Chinese Tower Pagoda and its beach-like gateway during summer.

Hamburg – The Maritime City

Hamburg, which is the second largest city in Germany by size and population and lies the biggest Europe harbors, is dubbed as one of the most beautiful city in the world. If you’re traveling in this destination, a boat trip, wild nightlife and kayaking would be the best way to feel the spectacular Hamburg vacation. Hamburg harbors the best of the best attractions such warehouse complex Speicherstadt, the must-see Fish Market, the marvelous Port of Hamburg and tourists’ favorite spot – the Jungfernstieg.

Dresden – The Culture City

Dresden, which is the capital city of Free State of Saxony in Germany, is filled with historic treasures – artistic and cultural history. This destination in Germany serves as the royal residence of Electors and Kings of Saxony. As a traveler, you would see many faces of Dresden as it offers the beauty of its Blue Wonder and the Green Vault, the striking banks of the Elbe, the Saxon State Orchestra, the popular Wilhelminian district, to name a few. Dresden’s sheer wealth, its cultural treasures and stunning river landscape are sufficient to blow one’s mind.

Cologne – The Sacred City

Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city, is known for its landmarks such Cologne Cathedral, Twelve Romanesque Churches, Medieval houses such The Cologne City Hall, the Overstolzenhaus, Gürzenich and Haus Saaleck plus the amazing medieval city gates such Severinstor, Eigelsteintor and Hahnentor. This destination in Germany not only houses gothic structure, but also offers beauty of modern architecture, great restaurants, gardens, museums and theatres. Cologne is also dubbed as one of the best places to stay during Cologne’s Carnival Festival and New Year’s Eve, as thousands of people flood the street for parades and street parties.

Moselle River Valley – A Natural Dreamy Beauty

Moselle River Valley, dubbed as the Wine region, is known to host exceptional wine festivities throughout the region during summer. This majestic destination in Germany offers intimate charm through its prehistoric wine warehouses, hilltop castles, brightly colored medieval villages and classy villas. Some of the attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss are: Trier’s gate of Porta Nigra and Aula Palatina, the spectacular old city of Koblenz, Eltz Castle, the early gothic St. Michael’s Church in Bernkastel-Kues, the old castle is Cochem and the ever attractive churches of Treis-Karden.

Frankfurt – The City of Commerce

Frankfurt am Main, dubbed as “Chicago on the Main” or “Mainhattan,” is the center for economic and commerce in Europe, where you would see high-rise buildings that has a diverse North American taste, hence getting the nicknames provided (Mainhattan and Chicago of the Main). Some of the attractions you will find in this destination are The Palm Garden, The Hauptwache, The Eschenheimer Tower, Darmstadt, The Museum District, to name a few.

Heidelberg – The Old Romantic City

Heidelberg may be included on the densely populated region but still is a favorite destination for international tourists as it boast a very romantic and attractive cityscape. Aside from the charm of its Heidelberg Castle and artistic old town, this destination in Germany also offers unmatched superior culture and entertainment plus delightful cuisines.

Düsseldorf – The Heart of Art and Fashion

Düsseldorf, which is an international business and financial center in Germany, is one of the top cities to go to in Germany as it is known for its trade fairs, art, fashion and pretty large Japanese community. This destination in Germany not only houses impressive art collections in its museums and galleries, Düsseldorf also boasts gardens, parks and numerous elegant shops along the streets.

Berchtesgaden – Heart of Sports

When Berchtesgaden is being mentioned, one would always think of Watzmann – the third highest mountain in Germany after Zugspitze and Hochwanner. Berchtesgaden is not only famous because of Watzmann, it is also a popular tourist destination for winter sports enthusiast because of its top notched bobsled track, skeleton track and ski slopes. This destination may not have any manufacturing industry, but they offer competitive and recreational sports to every tourist.