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Top 10 Destinations in Guinea-Bissau
If you’re going to Africa, never miss the chance to visit Guinea-Bissau. The tropical country on Western Africa’s Atlantic coast is not only known for its national parks and wildlife but it is also known for its Portuguese colonial buildings and architectures.

Here’s some of the top places that you can visit in Guinea-Bissau:


Bissau is the capital city of Guinea-Bissau. This is where you will find those popular hotels, restaurants, museums, cathedrals and monuments. Bissau is a usual city having different height of buildings, where many people and tourists roam around.

Museum of African Artefacts

Museum of African Artefacts is where you can have the quick view about the history of the country that is displayed in the museum. There are sculptures and a historical pottery displayed made by the most talented craftsmen in the ancient Kingdom of Gabu.


Bolama is an executive region in Guinea-Bissau and is popularly known because of its cashew nuts and Mangrove Swamps. You will notice also the ruins of former administration buildings, the street view and the ubiquitous ruins at Bolama Street wherein most of the tourists have taken their pictures. Those are just an examples of the main attraction in the region of Bolama.


Bubaque is an island wherein you have to ride a ferry from Bissau Pier going to the Island of Bubaque. The best thing in this Island is the beach where along the shore you will catch up animals sunbathes, plus there is also a carnival in Bubaque where participants are topless and doing traditional activities.

Bijagos Islands

Bijagos Islands or Bissagos is the most populated island in the city. Like any other island, Bissagos is known for its beautiful beaches that becomes more interesting because of those resorts that provides the tourist everything they need while having their vacation in the island. The white sand of the island is very attractive and is the best spot for tourists to catch up the sunset.

Orango Island

Orango Island is one of the smallest part of Bijagos island. There is only one hotel in the island but you don’t have to worry because they are giving the best service. Those who loves to be alone, fisher lover and birdwatcher, this is the best recommended place for you as the sea is very calm, the nature is great with stunning white sand and a beautiful beach. Regarding with electricity and signal, unfortunately there is none so you better bring power banks and flashlights.


Cacheu is a town in northwestern Guinea-Bissau lying on the Cacheu River. A good go-to place in Cacheu is a museum that has been opened to recall the slave trade history, and though Cacheu is the oldest site in town, it still gives such a beautiful scenery to all tourists who visits the area.

Mercado Central

Mercado Central is a wide wet and dry market. There are also restaurants and eatery along the market where you can have your meal taken while waiting or while buying items. This market really attracts not only the locals but most of them are foreigners because all what you are looking for is actually in Mercado Central.

Museu Nacional

Museu Nacional is a private museum in the city, which is quite hard to find. Even locals are having hard time finding Museu Nacional while some of them does not know that this museum existed in their city. Museu Nacional is a very quiet place, and though there are only few people visiting the museum, it is still one of those recommended go-to place especially if you’re into history.

Fortaleza d’Amura

Fortaleza d’Amura is a fort in Guinea-Bissau that is very extensive as there are lots of old buildings and old towers you shouldn’t miss visiting. Most of the old buildings built very long time are still intact and existing. There are hotels near the fort if you want to stay for an overnight and visit all the historical places found in Fortaleza d’Amura.


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