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Top 10 Destinations in Nigeria
Travel across the West African safari and enjoy the wonders of Nigeria

Officially acclaimed as the Federal Republic of Nigeria and bordered by Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Benin, this West African country is also known as the “Giant of Africa.”

This country is known as the most heavily inhabited region in the continent where it got its Giant of Africa moniker. Nigeria is populated by more or less 250 ethnic groups that make the country culturally and socially colorful and interesting.

Yankari Game Reserve

Covering around 866 square miles, Yankari Game Reserve is considered as the most abundant wildlife park in Nigeria. This destination is found in Bauchi region and is home to the huge percentage of elephant species across West Africa. Other wildlife species that can be found in Yankari Game Reserve are hippos, hartebeest, lions and buffalos. Yankari Game Reserve is also known for its warm springs and its unique location makes more tourists more interested.

Zuma Rock

Perched north of Nigeria’s capital city Abuja, Zuma Rock is a huge monolith that was naturally formed and was used by ancient tribe as shield during the tribal wars. This destination is famous because of the alleged human face that forms as soon as tourists get a closer look on the huge boulder. Zuma Rock is also believed to have spiritual powers which made opposing tribes weak and shielded its inhabiting tribe very well.

Ikogosi Warm Springs

Probably one of the most precious gems of Nigeria, Ikogosi Warm Springs is also one of the most appreciated works of nature in West Africa. This destination is said to be where cold and warm waters meet which produces an inviting water temperature perfect for a good relaxing plunge. Ikogosi Warm Springs is believed to have healing capabilities for ailments like hypertension, arthritis, body aches and other form.

Obudu Mountain Resort

Some call it Obudu Cattle Ranch which was its first name now called Obudu Mountain Resort this captivating destination is found in the Cross River state in Nigeria. Obudu Mountain Resort is one of the famous resorts in Nigeria both for local and international tourists. This destination offers an ideal holiday getaway as the longest cable car in Africa is found in this resort measuring 4 kilometers long which is also one of the main attractions in the area.

Tinapa Business Resort

One of the most prestigious business and leisure resorts in Nigeria, Tinapa Business Resort has world class facilities that are located in the south eastern portion of Nigeria. This destination focuses more on trade, entertainment and leisure. Tinapa Business Resort can absolutely cater tourists from across the globe because of its gigantic space covering around 80,000 square meters. Its vastness is not only limited for amenities and other facilities but it is also available for wholesale and retail shops and other establishments.

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

Located in the southern part of Nigeria, Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005 because of its importance to the society and its significance to the African culture. This destination is said to be the largest sacred forest that have surpassed the test of time four centuries back. Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove is filled with shrines of the fertility goddess Osun, sanctuaries along the Osun River and other forms of art to honor the Yoruba goddess.

Olumo Rock

One of the highly appreciated tourist spots across Nigeria, Olumo Rock was once used as fortress during the 19th century by the Egba tribe. This destination is found in the center of Abeokuta and the Olumo Rock plays a significant role in Egba’s history as it once served as their sanctuary and shelter during the tribal wars. Olumo Rock is also believed to have special healing powers in which local healers collect water from inside the rock.

Idanre Hills

Nigeria is truly one of the mysteriously amazing places to visit in West Africa, one of its gems is the Idanre Hills perched in the town of Idanre in Ondo state. This destination is definitely one of the most spectacular wonders of nature because of its naturally formed landscapes. Idanre Hill or locally called as Oke Idanre rises around 3,000 feet above sea level and there are local talks about the hill being mystical like other tourist spots in the country.

Chad Basin National Park

Covering around 2,250 square kilometers in three areas, Chad Basin National Park is located in the northeastern side of Nigeria across Sudanian and Sahel ecological zones and the Yobe state. This destination is divided into three sectors which all boasts of a captivating flora and fauna. Chad Basin National Park’s sectors are Chingurmi-Duguma sector, Bade-Nguru Wetlands sector and the Bulatura sector.

Millennium Park

Found in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria, Millennium Park is the largest public park in the city and it was inaugurated by Queen Elizabeth II in December of 2003. This destination is divided into two portions, the undisturbed and well-preserved side of the park and the scientific side in which the park’s entrance is located. Millennium Park is a perfect place for relaxing, good walk in the park and enjoying the fresh natural air.


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