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Top 10 Destinations in Belize
Top Ten Tourists Destinations in Belize

Belize, which lies in the south of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, is a very beautiful country with its pure Caribbean spirit. Along with Caribbean atmosphere, the country has stunning white sandy beaches, world-class diving sites, coral reefs, lush jungle, cave formations, mountain, rainforest, exotic wildlife, ancient archaeology and so much to offer to its visitors.
The second longest barrier reef in the world lies about half a mile away from the island. The Mayan ruins are scattered all around the jungle and the 1000-foot-diameter Great Blue Hole can also be added on your must-visit list to fire up your excitement.
Here’s the top 10 destinations worth visiting:

Belize City

Belize City, which is a commercial capital and mostly a transportation hub located on a small peninsula, is the largest city in the country. Once this city used to be the capital of the country but it still serves as a cultural center with a great number of attractions for the visitors. Horse rides, boat adventures, a casino and energetic nightlife provide tourists a great pleasure. The sanctuaries for birds and howler monkeys are another bonuses for visiting Belize city.

Belize Barrier Reef

The 190 miles (300 kilometers) long Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest coral reef system in the world. It is the long section of Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System, and is the most popular tourist destination in Belize, especially for scuba divers and snorkelers.

Great Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole is another attractive and popular tourist destination and diving site in Belize. It has interesting limestone formations on its wall, and this giant sinkhole has the perfect hues of deep blue water. The deeper you go, the clearer the water becomes and the scene becomes complex, intense and strikingly beautiful.

Belize Zoo

The zoo is set in a natural forest, only 31 miles away from Belize City. Visitors are allowed here to observe and experience the wildlife more closely. Belize Zoo is like a paradise for animal photographers.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Jaguar Reserve, is a much protected area in Belize. It has spectacular mountain views, beautiful waterfalls, trails of nature and the diversity of neotropical birds to offer to its visitors. The sanctuary is like heaven to the nature lovers. Climbing and hiking to the summit of Victoria Peak that is 1,120 meter (3,670 feet) high could add a great excitement while staying in the country.


Placencia is a long, narrow peninsula in the southern part of the country and a very popular destination for tourists. It has stunningly beautiful white sandy beaches while its offshore coral caves are really amazing.
For canoeing and kayaking, Placencia Lagoon is a perfect place along the wetlands because it is surrounded with dolphins, manatees and birds. The abundance of space with its breathtaking natural beauty makes it an amazing place for relaxation.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker is a small coral island easily reachable by small plane or water taxi from Belize City. The island may not have beautiful beaches to offer but tourists and backpackers are getting attracted because of its relatively cheap accommodations, goods and its abundance of restaurants and bars. Because of the closeness of Belize Barrier Reef, Caye Caulker boasts some best diving sites. This peaceful island offers its beholders stunning vistas of the ocean.


Caracol is the largest ancient Maya archaeological site in Belize. Its resting place is now on the Vaca Plateau which is 500 meters above sea level. Between 484 AD and 889 AD, 40 of its monuments were built and Canna is the largest in Caracol, which is 143 feet tall and the tallest man-made structure in the country. Caracol is a great place for archaeologists and researchers.

San Ignacio

San Ignacio is a town with friendly people, pleasant climate, nice food, affordable hotels, and transportation. Loving mother nature has surrounded the town with forest hills and rivers. From this town, it’s great to start exploring the Mayan ruins. Locals call the town Cayo as the word is used in Spanish to describe the offshore islands.


Xunantunich is an ancient Maya archaeological site that it is situated on a ridge. You can see the Guatemala border from here. Most of the constructions here are from 200 to 900 BC and it has more than 26 temples and palaces. El Castillo is the tallest structure in Xunantunich and second in Belize. It is a great place to discover the ancient world going back to the ancient time.


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