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Szech Republic

Top 10 Destinations in Szech Republic
Czech Republic has been attracting tourists for some time now as it is an ideal holiday spot for those who wish to escape from the boring or traditional European path. Czech Republic is rich in architecture and it is the only space that went untouched during World War.
Here are the 10 best tourist destinations that must be included in your travel itinerary:

Plzen – Bohemian city with rich architectural culture

Plzen is the fourth largest city in Czech Republic and is the home for Pilsner Beer. Renaissance style town hall, the great Synagogue are some of the must visit locations in Plzen. The city also features a national institute of Law along with world famous breweries.

Moravian Karst – naturally protected region

Moravian Karst is located towards the north of Brno and is ideally situated in a naturally protected region. There are underground limestone caverns and gorges that stretch up to thousand kilometres in Moravian Karst that were formed during a collapse.

Litomysl – Portmoneum styled town

Litomysl was once located in an important trade path between Bohemia and Moravia called Tristenice Path. The town built its most notable building and that too in renaissance style during the sixteenth century. Yet another attraction in this town is Portmoneum that was once the residence of Josef Portmon.

Olomouc – Built as a Roman fort

Olomouc was originally built as a Roman fort which later became the residence of Moravian governor. The town is popular for its rich architectural building and has more than dozen buildings to visit.

Telc – Land of Renaissance Architecture

This particular town was created so as to facilitate trade between Bohemia, Austria and Moravia. Telc is filled with renaissance styled buildings. The old gothic palace in Telc was restyled to suit the renaissance culture of the town.

Castle Karlstejn – Store House for Treasure

The Gothic castle of Karlstejn was once the home for Roman Emperor Charles IV and is located in 30km distance from Prague. The castle once served as a war fortress that also served as a store house for treasures. The building shares terraced levels, wherein, each level showing importance of each storey.

Karlovy Vary – Hot Spring Town

It is believed that the healing waters flowing out from Karlovy Vary has an ability to heal almost any kind of disease in human beings. Like many other hot spring region, Karlovy Vary also produces water in the large spa region. Although natural disasters destroyed most of its parts, the town is still famous for its richness and picturesque beauty.

Kutna Hora – The first Bohemian Monastery

The town was completely under the control of Gothic during the development phase. This resulted in creation of huge Gothic buildings. Gothic churches, the Ossuary, Stone Haus are just some of the must visit destinations in Kutna Hora. Yet another added attraction in this town for architecture lovers is the few preserved buildings dating back to 1300’s.

Cesky Krumlov – Land of Bohemian Castle

The town was created by Bohemians in the late thirteenth century and now holds a place for trade. The appearance of Cesky Krumlov has changed a lot from 18th century, wherein, the buildings are restored and well maintained attracting tourists all throughout the year. The castle city still sticks to its elegance and offers the feel of a medieval town. Visitors get ample time for shopping and also indulge in various varieties of traditional Czech food in Cesky Krumlov.

Prague – The Capital City

Prague is the capital city of Bohemia and has more than 1000 years of history to its credit. It is one of the most top visited cities in Europe wherein the castles, architectural buildings, and the Charles Bridge only adds to its charm.