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Top 10 Destinations in Spain
A known popular Spain attraction is their dance and music, bull fights, beaches and lots of sunshine, but Spain still has a lot more to offer. Spain has grown to be one of the best and most popular cultural centres of Europe that holds a rich heritage of beautiful and old monuments.
Here are some places in Spain that you shouldn’t miss to visit:

Barcelona – Fills Your Day

Barcelona is a city that’s so filled with culture, architecture and a world class experience of drinking and dining. Barcelona, which is a city famous for its varied kind of cuisines and music, offers tourist some of the world class cocktail and mock tail drinks. An early morning jog on the seashore of Barcelona will last to make your day perfect.

Madrid – The City Full of Life

It would never be wrong to say that the city of Madrid knows how to live. Madrid will surely excite every visitor as the city boasts rich artistic excellence. Many artists visit Madrid over and over again to enjoy the beauty of this city in Spain.

Tenerife – Archipelago family

Tenerife is one of the most striking islands in Spain that attracts more than a million visitors in a year. But did you know that beyond the sandy beaches of Tenerife is an island of drama, as the island is home to some of adventurous and fabulous hiking experience.

Valencia – The Architectural City

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain that offers some of the most fabulous architecture. Valencia, which is surrounded by fruit and vegetable farmland, is also famous for its rice dishes. Bike tour is the best way to get around city of Valencia that also offers some of the most memorable journey experience.

Seville – The City of Myths

Seville is rich for its historical culture and differs from other cities in Spain, with its flamboyant and charismatic attraction it offers. If myth is to be believed, Seville has been founded by Hercules, the Greek God. The most remarkable feature about this city is that it is adaptable to any changing environment.

Lanzarote – UNESCO biosphere reserve

Lanzarote contains more than 300 volcanic cones with plenty of restaurants and hotels, beaches and a lot more option for sightseeing. Over the years, there was an increased number of independent tourists who visit this place.

Gran Canaria – Miniature Continent

A land of purpose built holiday resorts; Gran Canaria is famous for the rugged coastline and stands as the third largest island. Gran Canaria is rich with white sandy beaches that allow option for various adventures sporting such as cycling, hiking and water sports.

Ibiza – Holy Ground for Clubbers

Ibiza is the perfect city for party and fun lovers! The city of Ibiza is modestly populated and attracts maximum tourists all throughout the years. Tourists get a chance to step off the beautiful islands and white sands that make this city the most beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

Malaga – Historical and Cultural Rich

Malaga is the province city of culture that is rich in historical beliefs and values. Malaga, which is a Gothic cultured city, offers traditional and modern bars that make it the ideal destination for tourist lovers. Roads filled with apartments on either sides and the 11th century Gibralfaro castle offers the best view of the city.

Granada – The Catholic City

Granada is the best place to visit for people who has a love for architecture. The city is rich in Moorish architecture heritage that you can never ignore because of its awesome beauty. Hookah pipes, tapas and catholic Museums all together make this city beautiful and admirable all the time.






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