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French Guiana

Top 10 Destinations in French Guiana
Come and visit French Guiana and experience its sights and sounds
French Guiana, which is officially acclaimed as Guiana and an overseas region of France in the Atlantic Coast, is one of the wealthiest regions in the continent due to being a department of France outside of Europe. French Guiana has various attractions to offer to its visitors such as colonial architectures and natural beauty.


Cayenne, which is the capital city of French Guiana with a perfect blend of Europe, Caribbean and South America, is a city with multi-ethnicity. Cayenne is not only filled with sumptuous restaurants that offer authentic and world class cuisine and local dishes, as it also boasts of its awe-inspiring nature wonders along with colonial structures.

Îles du Salut (Salvation Islands)

Iles du Salut - a group of Islands situated near Kourou but governed by Cayenne - is divided into three islands such as Ile du Diable, Ile Royale and Ile Saint-Joseph. This destination is famous for the notorious penal colony situated in Ile du Diable, or commonly called as the Devil’s Island. Iles du Salut is where the infamous Captain Alfred Dreyfus was imprisoned.

Guiana Space Centre (Centre Spatial Guyanais)

With its geographical location, Guiana Space Center, or oftentimes called Centre Spatial Guyanais (CSG), is the only space center in the world to be constructed near the equator, which is said to be the perfect place for the structure. Guiana Space Center is where two-thirds of commercial satellites of the world are being launched since 1980.


Remire-Montjoly is the largest city in French Guiana where the important seaport is located, and is also known for its best beaches. One of the famous landmarks in this destination is the Montjoly Beach where tourists enjoy its shoreline, especially during holidays. Remire-Montjoly is where major imports and exports of the country are being transported.


Cacao showcases wooden houses in an elevated area, and one of the main attractions in this destination are its glassy rivers as well as its plantation of vegetables. For tourists and backpackers, Cacao offers activities like kayaking, boating and other jungle adventures.

Camp de la Transportation

Guiana Camp de la Transportation is said to be the receiving area for prisoners who are being processed back in the old days. Camp de la Transportation is near Office de Tourisme and is famous because of the prison cell where Henri Papillon Charriere stayed.

Maison de la Reserve Natural l’Amana

Maison de la Reserve Natural l’Amana is where Plage Les Hattes and Awala-Yalimpopo can be seen, and has a museum that displays the interesting biology of turtles. Maison de la Reserve Natural l’Amana usually gets crowded during hatching period between the months of April and July.


Aside from Kourou River, which is one of the most visited places in Kourou, this destination also offers natural and indoor beauty because of its historical heritages and pristine wonders of nature. This destination in French Guiana has coastline and beaches where visitors can get their skin tanned, but the whole district is nowadays being used for the spaceport majority of the time.

Musée Départemental De Franconie

Translated as Museum of France with a vast collection of natural and local history as well as archeology, Musee Departemental de Franconie is a colonial museum. This destination is a way to promote the rich culture and history of French Guiana being an overseas region of France.

Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens was originally established in 1879 and was recently renovated in 2009. This destination is oftentimes called the Jardin botanique de Cayenne, which was named as King’s Garden back in the days. Botanical Gardens now have different species of palm trees being planted and maintained.


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