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Top 10 Destinations in Mozambique
Visit the hidden wonders of Mozambique and be captivated by its surprising attractions

Formally acclaimed as the Republic of Mozambique, this Southeast African country is bordered by Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. This country brags about its pristine coastlines with breathtaking diving spots and not to mention its inviting tropical climate.

Although Mozambique is tagged as one of the poorest and underdeveloped countries in the world, its tourism and trading industries are silently growing and making significance.


Considered as the most attractive and inviting capital cities across African nations, Maputo is also known as the City of Acacias as its streets are lined with the tree named Acacia. This destination is also surrounded by amazing colonial structures such as Mediterranean inspired architectures and Portuguese-style structures. Maputo offers a perfect blend of chic and cozy city streets and alluring and relaxing wonders of nature.

Ponta d’Ouro

Situated in the most southern part of Mozambique, Ponta d’Ouro is translated as Tip of Gold. This is one of the most famous diving and surfing destinations among tourists because of its inviting and amazing beaches. Ponta d’Ouro is also a perfect place for bird and dolphin watching. There are also seasons where whales and whale sharks are visible within its waters, which also attract tourists to come over and have whale watching.


Oftentimes tagged as one of the prettiest towns in Mozambique, Inhambane is filled with amazing colonial structures and architectures. This destination is also famous for its coastline and water activities such as snorkeling and fishing. Inhambane also offers outdoor activities such as bike trailing, picnic by the shore, horseback riding along with other water sports. Scuba diving is also a famous activity in this destination along with seasonal whale shark and whale watching.

Tofo Beach

With a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean and white sand coastlines, Tofo Beach is undeniably one of the best tourist destinations in Mozambique. Tofo Beach is filled with beachfront villas which are normally packed with tourists because of its inviting marine life and diversity. This destination is also known for its marine animals like giant manta rays and sea turtles as well as whale sharks. Tofo Beach is also one of the best diving spots along the southern coastline of Africa.


A small town that will give access to the infamous Barazuto Archipelago, Vilanculos can either be the end point or starting point of a Mozambique journey depending on the tourists’ itinerary. This destination is a short yet interesting place to be in Mozambique as it offers various water sports activities along with luxurious accommodations. Vilanculos is not only limited to exciting water activities but it also has safari tours and horseback riding activities.

Bazaruto Archipelago

Comprised of six islands (Shell, Santa Carolina, Magaruque, Bazaruto, Banque and Benguerra), Bazaruto Archipelago is situated near Vilankulo. This destination is often tagged as one of the most beautiful places across African countries because of the remarkable wonders of nature that fills all of its islands.

Bazaruto Archipelago is also considered as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” The Bazaruto National Park is one of the most famous spots in this destination, and apart from exciting water adventures, Bazaruto is also known for bird watching.

Ilha de Mozambique

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ilha de Mozambique is said to have a historical heritage and significance that no other African country can match. This destination is known for its historical structures and buildings such as the Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo, which is said to have been built in 1610. Ilha de Mozambique does not only showcase historical heritages but it also offers pristine beaches like other tourist destinations in the country.


Gradually making its way to the A-list of tourist destinations in Africa, Pemba is a town that showcases colonial architecture and structures. This destination is also known and famous for being one of the best diving spots in the country as well as other water sports. Pemba is slowly being one of the most recommended places to visit in Africa. Pemba Bay is considered as the third largest bay in the world which makes it a famous tourist spot in the country.

Quirimbas National Park

A protected area situated within the Quirimbas Islands with an approximate measurement of 7500 square kilometers, Quirimabas National Park is home to various land and marine species. This destination is comprised of coastal and inland forests where several hundreds of animal species are located. Marine animals such as sea turtles and different species of fish are found in this national park. Furthermore, endemic Miombos are part of the attractions on this destination together with other forest species.

Inhaca Island

Surrounded by white sandy beaches, Inhaca Island is one of the most important marine centers because of its coral reefs. This is a famous tourist destination especially for nature lovers like eco-tourists and ecological researchers.

Apart from its coral reefs, Inhaca Island is home to several various species of marine animals, such as barracudas, pufferfish, seahorses, manta rays and whale sharks.


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