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Top 10 Destinations in Switzerland
Switzerland is a dream destination for all travelers across the world, having made its place as one of the most popular country to visit. Picturesque landscapes, charming winter, unique panorama of the Alpine, ski runs of the best class, and cozy huts for skiers are some of the wonderful attractions that are enticing for every tourist.

Geneva – The Capital of Peace

Lying snugly set between the hilly terrain of Jura and the Alpine Valleys, Geneva is known as the Capital of Peace for housing the headquarters of Red Cross and The United Nations. Lively street sides, lakeside promenades, elegant shops and the 500 foot high Jet d’ Eau Fountain are some of the beautiful places anyone would like to visit.

Montreux – The City of the Chillon Castle

Montreux is a town located on the shores of the Geneva Lake. Montreux is significant for the 11th century Chillon Castle as it boasts courtyards, dungeons, large numbers of rooms housing weaponry, ancient furniture and frescoes, where large numbers of tourists visit every year.

Lucerne – City lying in the Laps of the Alps

There can hardly be any other city more picturesque than Lucerne as the city lying in the laps of The Alps and dotted with historic landmarks. This town has the traditional beauty and contemporary settings standing side by side, and the futuristic culture make this city one of the perennially popular cities in Switzerland.

Zermatt – Dream Destination of Mountaineers

Large numbers of mountaineers visit Zermatt, the city of Matterhorn. Zermatt is one of the most famous peaks of The Alps, which throws a challenge to climbers for being technically difficult to reach. Panoramic views and top class skiing facilities are some of the other attractions that make this destination one of the top ten must visit places in this country. Food lovers would also enjoy visiting the way side restaurants and thrilling nightlife.

St. Moritz – An Ideal Winter Resort

Exciting nightlife, extraordinary spas, mud therapies and world famous savories are only a few tourist attractions in St. Moritz. Array of winter and summer activities including skiing and mineral baths make, St. Moritz is an ideal place for the affluent tourists. St. Mortiz is a famous winter resort which is one of the most visited places in Switzerland.

St. Gallen – The city of Colorful Murals

St. Gallen, the old city of colorful murals, picturesque buildings and artistic balconies is the seventh largest city in Switzerland. Cathedrals with twin towers, decorated with remarkable stucco designs and ceiling frescoes are a treat to watch in St. Gallen.

Interlaken – The city of Adventures

Adventure loving tourists will surely mark Interlaken as one of their most spectacular cities ever visited. What make this city adventurous are the mountain railways, chair lifts, cable cars, ski lifts and vast areas of hiking trails.

Basel – A place of convergence of modern Architecture and Art

Art lovers will surely find Basel, the 3rd largest city in this country, as an ideal place to visit. Large market places, historical landmarks, 40 museums, and several art and music galleries make this city worth visiting.

Zemez – House of the Swiss National Park

Zemez houses The Swiss National Park, where visitors will be entertained to wildlife beauty. Nestled between woodland and mountains, this city of breathtaking trails is the home of chamois, giant red deer, marmots and ibexes, some of the rare wildlife species.

Bern – The Old Charming City of Natural Beauty

Surrounding hills, river banks, fast flowing Aare River, arcaded buildings made of sandstone which are over 500 years old, and the cobbled lanes interlacing them, are wonderful sights that any visitor would like to witness in Bern.