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Top 10 Destinations in Italy
Italy would always be one of the best choices of places one would wish to visit. Some of the places that would make you feel about being in paradise are mentioned below:

Colosseum – Art in itself

Colosseum, also known as Flavian Amphitheatre, has created a history of being the largest amphitheater ever created and would attract you in the way that you cannot avoid. The unusual looks of the building adds up to its beauty, which one can even think of sculpturing it! Colosseum is an important place to visit in Rome, Italy due to its iconic exquisiteness.

Canals of Venice – Nature’s Gift

The beauty of Italy lies in the old buildings that have been there for more than hundred years. The Canals of Venice are one of the wonderful places to visit in Italy. The ride on the flat boat that is called Gondola takes you through the waters of lake which will definitely give you a feeling of solace.

City of Pompeii – The Successor

The significant part of the city is the remains found after the volcano, known as Mt. Vesuvius, hit the City of Pompeii. You could walk around the City of Pompeii to get that amazing feeling of the artistic buildings, temples and to get a hang of the city itself. Make sure you don’t miss the chariot ride through the City of Pompeii because that’s the coolest!

Leaning Tower of Pisa – Amazingly Beautiful

How in the world would you miss to see this amazing art of man? Yes! The Leaning Tower of Pisa stands still, even though it leans. The art of engineering and intelligence of artisans has made people think twice about what this would be like! The actual fact is that there was an error caused while building it, as the leaning was triggered by sinking. After all those eyes rolling around, you realize that there is really a leaning tower that is amazingly beautiful.

The Como Lake – Paradise on Earth

This lake is “heaven on earth” as the villages and Villas surrounding the lake adds up to its beauty. Mountains seen around the lake surges the beauty of the scenery. You just have to stand on the edge of the lake and take a deep breath to feel the best about the nature. Look! You got the feeling already, so row through the sea now!

City of Paestum – Calm As Possible

The City of Paestum has the most picture-based look. Temples that have been taken cared for years has led to a surge of tourist visits. The calmness that prevails in the city has its own importance of being explored, with the complete essence of freshness! You could bump against the monuments with grace and adore Paestum’s beauty and cherish them always throughout your life.

The Coast of Amalfi – Prestigious Effect

Amalfi Coast is a very beautiful place to visit as you would be able to see the mountains sloping towards the sea. Towns around the coast are built very carefully, though it seems it would slope down. Many towns of this city are famous and you can take a ride to view the best results of art on house buildings.

Cinque Terre – Emphatically The Best

Cinque Terre, which means five villages, is one of Italy’s most visited places because of its great weather and superb views. The hills and mountains surrounding the villages make it special for visit. The coast is a place of heaven, where you can just sip that special drink, relax and pose in the midst of the calm breeze. The climate is good for you to bear because this has the beauty which cannot be compared to others!

City of Vatican – Religious City

The city of Vatican has St. Peter’s Square, which attracts people in large number. The art found in Vatican City gives life to the sculptured art. The St. Peter’s Basilica is another attraction of art
Roman Forum – Artisan’s Gift
The importance of Roman Forum is that it was the main place of art in Roman regime. The buildings that were partially built make it a vital place that cannot be overlooked in the Roman history!