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Top 10 Destinations in Niger
Experience the wonders of nature that Niger has to offer and be mesmerized

Niger, which is formally known as the Republic of Niger and is bordered by Chad, Mali, Libya, Nigeria, Mali, Algeria and Burkina Faso, is the largest country in West Africa.

This country is named after the Niger River and is a landlocked country stretching an area of approximately 1,270,000 square kilometers. Surrounded by mostly sand dunes and desert plains along with savannahs on the southeast portion, Niger is also inhabited by mostly Muslims.


Niamey, which is the center of economy, cultural and administrative of Niger, is the largest and capital city of this West African country. This destination possesses a mixture of African and European cultures that are noticeable with their architectures and other structures. Niamey is the most populated place in the country, which is comprised of a huge percentage of Muslim inhabitants. Niamey, which lies on the river banks of the gentle Niger River, is known for its modern and colonial heritages.


Zinder, which is the first capital city of Niger before it was changed to Niamey, is the second largest city in this West African country. This destination is where the infamous Sultan’s Palace is located and is also known for its huge market found in Sabon Gari or the new town. Zinder is atypical from other African towns as it may not have much to offer but its historical importance and heritages say it all.

W National Park

W National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site that shares management with Benin and Burkina Faso, covers around 10,000 square kilometers across three African countries. This destination is home to various species of wildlife including aquatic species which is abundant across the park.

W National Park Niger portion is where tiger bush plateau distribution is visible. Wildlife animals that can be found in W National Park include buffalos, bush elephants, African leopards, cheetahs, baboons and warthogs.

Air Mountains

Considered as one of the largest ring dike on earth, Air Mountains is found in the center of the Sahara Desert in Niger. This destination is one of the most scenic views that Africa has to offer because of the unique formations made up of volcanic materials. Air Mountains, which bears spectacular Neolithic rock arts, is a known wildlife reserve with a number of wildlife species inhabiting the area.

Tenere Desert

Covering a vast area of sand dunes and desert plains, Tenere Desert is found in the heart of the Sahara Desert in Niger. This destination showcases the spectacularly picturesque view of dry land overlooking Air Mountains in the west Djado Plateau in its northeast and Lake Chad in the south. Tenere Desert also offers captivatingly amazing landscapes of sand and desert plains.


Known for its hippo tour along the Niger River, Ayorou is recommended for a weekend getaway. This destination offers a relaxing ambiance far from the hustle and bustle of the city buzz. Ayorou, where people are accommodating and friendly, is known for its Sunday market where genuine cultural products are sold.


An important road for trade and commerce from the 11th century until today, Agadez also played a significant role during the Sahel era. This destination is an Islamic center of learning, wherein its famous landmarks include the Agadez Mosque and the Sultanate Palace. Agadez is also known for its markets including their camel market as well as leatherwork and silver products.

Musee Nationale du Niger

Established in 1959, Musee Nationale du Niger is also known as the Musee National Boubou Hama and is located in Niger’s capital city Niamey. This destination is home to various artifacts including archeological, ethnological and cultural collections. Musee Nationale du Niger is one of Africa’s gems and its stunning Hausa architecture design makes it even more precious.

Grande Marche

Considered as the most important commercial center in Niger and the largest in Niamey, Grande Marche is where local and traditional products and handicrafts are being sold. This destination is also an important tourist attraction as it promotes local products and magnetizes over 20,000 tourists all year. Grand Marche is also the major commercial center in Niger where some imported products are being sold in more than 4,000 shops.


Home of the West African giraffes, Koure is a rural town that is located near the country’s capital Niamey. This destination is believed to be where the last herd of the endemic specie of giraffe is found, which is why it is being preserved. During the rainy seasons, giraffes move closer to the road to find food which makes it easier to watch the animals.


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