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United Kingdome

Top 10 Destinations in United Kingdome
Off all the European countries, United Kingdom is one of the most liked places of tourists and traveller. Attractive churches, country cottages, bustling cities and pubs plus pleasant weather – a package of all what a traveller needs for a perfect destination.

Hardian’s Wall – Kingdom of Romans

One of the World Heritage Site, Hardian’s Wall, famously known Vallum Hadriani, is a mesmerizing place for those historical lovers. The place is the best heritage that preserved Roman Empire’s existence therein. Some of the must visit places include castles, churches and long and beautiful landscapes.

The Cotswolds – Land of Postcards Villages and Landscapes

Historical towns, stone built houses, postcard country sides and landscapes, architectural monuments and historical buildings – these are the specialties of The Cotswolds. A spell-bounding and magnetizing place to visit, The Cotswolds is a reflection of the medieval era. Some of the destinations to watch include Gloucester Cathedral, Cotswold Wildlife Park and Garden, Tewkesbury Abbey, Highgrove Gardens, Hidcote Manor Garden, Castle Combe Village, Cotswold Distillery and Corinium Museum, to name a few.

London – Fashion and Art Lovers.. Welcome!!

Not visiting London in your tour to England? Oopsss!! The visit is just a waste then. Set on the bank of the River Thames, London is not only famous as the place of origin for fashion and art, but also food, culture and history. Apart from the Crown Jewels – Tower of London, travel enthusiasts has a handful of places to visit, including Buckingham Palace, Camden Market, Abbey Road and Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Lake District – A District Dedicated to Lakes

An spectacular area to visit, Lake District is the largest National Park of England and one of the most liked holiday destinations spot in the country. With beautiful hilltops and lakes, it is the best place of trekkers and climbers.

Durham – Historical City of England

If you are planning to visit Durham, never miss to visit the world famous Durham Cathedral, for which the place is famous for. The cathedral is famous for its architecture that chronicles the history.
Windsor Castle – Visit the Largest and Oldest Castle
Inhabited with the largest Castle in the world – Windsor Castle – the place is located near London. Much known in the history of England, the Windsor Castle is a must visit to know the roots of England’s culture. A panoramic place, photographers and travellers will definitely get many enticing visuals to click and see.

Edinburgh – A City Dedicated to Food, Drink and Enjoyment

Edinburgh is famous for its cathedrals and castles. Renowned cathedrals including Edinburgh Castle and St. Giles Cathedral are situated at this place. Travellers don’t miss the Real Mary King’s Close and Museum of Scotland while you are in the town. Apart from visiting these places, enjoy the local food and drinks, along with the local traditions.

Llandudno – Enjoy the Mesmerizing Beaches

Just take a chill pill at Llandudno with your swim suit in! With a mesmerizing seashore and sea inhabitants, enjoy the seaside views from the resorts and castles and forts belonging to the medieval era at Llandudno. Apart from the beaches, enjoy the stalls and shops where you can buy some pretty souvenirs.

Liverpool – City of Nightlife

Back in the history, Liverpool is known for the imports and exports of spice and tobacco. A historic country towards the north of West England, Liverpool is the port city that is famous for music, culture, literature and arts plus its nightlife. Visit the place for its night culture – the pubs and restaurants for those foodie people. If you are in Liverpool, do visit Liverpool Cathedral and the Walker Art Gallery.

Torquay – Enjoy the Cool and Sandy Beaches

Enjoy the seaside beaches! Torquay is place with culture and the breezing air of seashore; the place is one of the busiest places in summer. With long coastal shores, the place is famous for Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves.