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Top 10 Destinations in Cuba
Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Cuba

Cuba, the Caribbean's largest island is rich in culture, history and captivating natural beauty. The old colonial buildings and the vintage cars swarming the street of Cuba’s World Heritage-listed Old Town will illustrate decade's old scenario in front of you. This beautiful back-in-time scene will feel like time is frozen.
The island of Cuba has decaying but classic colonial architectures, statues, parks, museums, galleries, natural beauty with a lot of superb diving and fishing sites, a vibrant culture and a lot more to offer to its visitors.

Here’s the top 10 most attractive tourist destinations:

Old Havana

Old Havana, also known in Spanish as Havana Vieja, is the center of Cuban capital Havana. This downtown has preserved the Cuban history. You can easily imagine the two hundred years old lifestyle while you are walking through the cobbled street and looking at those neoclassical buildings and grand baroque. The ancient city is decorated with amazing plaza, palaces, statues and monuments.


Varadero, located on the Hicacos peninsula, is one of the largest resort towns because of its more than 50 hotels and resorts lined up with the palm-fringed strip. It is also the most famous beach destinations in Cuba with its stunningly beautiful white sand beaches. Its two caves - Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de and Parque Natural Punta Hicacos - are the main attractions here.


Baracoa is considered the oldest Spanish settlement located in the easternmost part of Cuba. La Farola highway, which was built in the 1960s, connects the city with the outside world. The city has its own charm and has beautiful colonial architectures, lush countryside with beautiful beaches and waterfalls to offer its visitors. From the mountains of Cajobabo, you can enjoy the spectacular view of the city. Baracoa is one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in Cuba.

Che Guevara Mausoleum

The Che Guevara Mausoleum is a memorial, which was built to honor Ernesto “Che” Guevara, is one of the greatest revolutionists of the world. Che was executed, and his companions in protesting the Imperial dominance were all killed. Their remains are here in this memorial. There is an eternal flame burning to honor Che's contribution to Cuba's history. The place has become one of the most visited historical tourist attractions in the country.


Swarmed with old yet still amazing restored colonial buildings with architectures from 17th to 19th century and cobblestone streets make the town Trinidad an attractive and most popular tourist destination in Cuba. The town’s city center square cobblestone Plaza Mayor is quite a charming place of multicultural gatherings.

The Neoclassical Church of the Holy Trinity, Museum of Colonial Architecture, the art gallery at the Casa de Aldeman Ortiz, Palacio Brunet and the Church and Monastery of Saint Francis with its distinctive bell tower are the highlights and attractions of the town.

Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a university town in the province of Villa Clara in Cuba, mostly known for the last guerrilla battle in 1958 that was led by one of the most famous revolutionists Che Guevara. The depth of this place's history is reflecting and living here until now.

The top attraction of the city is the Memorial Comandante Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, where his body is resting in peace for eternity. Some of Che’s personal items are exhibited in the Museo Historico de la Revolucion.

Playa Paraíso, Cayo Largo del Sur

Cuba is known for its beautiful beaches in Playa Paraíso. The island of Cayo Largo del Sur is known as one of the best amongst them. The island’s powdery, white sandy beach, the blue sea surrounding it, dry sunbathed climate and the availability of the hotels and resorts make it a great tourist destination.

Las Terrazas

Guarded by the Sierra del Rosario mountains and green forests, Las Terrazas is quite a peaceful town in Cuba. The town has some elegant hotels, resorts, and eateries which offer a comfortable stay to the tourists. Nature around is rich in wildlife, beautiful lakes, and waterfalls.

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is the second largest city in Cuba where one remarkable part of the country's history started - that is the movement led by Old Fidel and Che Guevara. You can explore the barracks where Fidel Castro started his Cuban revolution but later he failed, got caught and fled to Mexico where he met Che.

The main attraction of the country is a citadel where you’ll find numberless cannons, stairs, tunnels and dungeons.

Cayo Coco Beach

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Cuba is the beaches of the Cayo Coco Island. The island is most known for its Caribbean style resorts. For beach goers, it is like paradise on earth. The warm, perfect-for-sunbathing weather and the light breeze of Caribbean sea surely are the most relaxing ambiance for the mind and the body.


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