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Top 10 Destinations in Latvia
Latvia is popularly known as “the gem of the Baltic” and is situated in the eastern part of Europe. Latvia is a wonderful tourist destination as it presents medieval castles, numerous history museums and breath-taking pristine beaches. Starting from Riga, which is the capital of Latvia, heading towards the Gulf of Riga – an entire experience of being in Latvia is something that you would treasure for the rest of your life.
The following destinations are some of the most popular and must-visit places in Latvia:

Riga – The Capital of Latvia

Riga is the capital city of Latvia and is popularly known as the Old City. Riga has so much in it that the city has been tagged as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You may witness an enchanting collection of medieval shops and houses which are a treat to watch for sure. The wonderful streets and the churches built with exotic architecture are something you should not miss out if you are touring in Latvia.

St. Peter’s Church Tower – The Landmark of Riga

St. Peter’s Church Tower, Riga is a UNESCO World Heritage site. St. Peter’s Church Tower is a cultural hub of the old city of Riga where numerous concerts and exhibitions are being conducted here. St. Peter’s Church Tower also boasts medieval architecture that you would appreciate for sure.

Jurmala Beach – The Quartz Sand Beach

This wonderful beach of Jurmala is situated just 20 minutes drive from the old city of Riga. Jurmala Beach is a wonderful and absolutely clean white sand beach where you can also find wonderful resorts perfect for holiday season.

The Museum of the Occupation in Latvia – The Place for Food of Thought

An hour spent in The Museum of the Occupation will certainly give you some food for thought. You may perceive the name of this museum to be literally uninteresting but there are some really interesting things inside The Museum of the Occupation for sure as there are some poignant personalized things that are exhibited which will surely interest you.

National Opera of Latvia – The Hub of Ballet Performances

The country of Latvia is well-known for its culture and rich heritage. The Latvian National Opera is the hub of culture and is extremely popular for the great ballet performances that are performed there. This cultural hub is based in the old city of Riga and is a must-visit destination for you if you are in Latvia.

Turaida Castle – The Best Medieval Castle of Latvia

Turaida Castle is indeed the most medieval castle of Latvia and is highly appreciated for the wonderful architecture. The castle was built spending a lot of time as the work started in 1214 and was being developed till the seventeenth century. If you are in Latvia, you shouldn’t miss out visiting Turaida Castle to see the true beauty that it offers.

Freedom Monument – The city centre of Riga

Freedom Monument is a wonderful structure which is 42 meters high and was built way back in the twentieth century to commemorate the sacrifices of the soldiers in the Latvian war of Independence. You should surely witness Freedom Monument if you are in Latvia.

Ethnographic Open Air Museum of Latvia – The Renaissance of Latvian Culture

Ethnographic Open Air Museum of Latvia is a perfect destination for an interesting day trip in Latvia. Ethnographic Open Air Museum is built on 80 hectares of large piece of land and is a collection of ancient bathhouses and numerous restored ancient buildings. You will have lot of things to know, learn and discover about the history of Latvia if you spend a day in Ethnographic Open Air Museum.

Art Nouveau Museum – The Newest Museum in Riga

Art Nouveau Museum is the newest museum that was opened in the city of Riga. This wonderful museum is located in Alberta Street and has been given a complete look of the Nouveau era. You should seriously consider visiting Art Nouveau Museum if you are in Latvia.

Gauja National Park- The Picturesque National Park

Gauja National Park is just an hour drive from Riga and is situated at the eastern side of Riga. Gauja National Park is huge and is built on 90,000 hectares of land where there are several attractions here that are worth witnessing. You should make it a point to enjoy the natural and the cultural attractions in Gauja National Park if you are in Latvia.