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Top 10 Destinations in Gambia
A country located in the West Africa named Gambia is a place someone needs to discover. It has many historical roots that are very interesting while its culture is truly enticing, plus their climate makes tourists visit the country.

Gambia’s cuisine includes peanuts, rice, fish, meat, onion, tomatoes, cassava, chili peppers, and specially harvested oysters by the women in Gambia. People here love music and dancing, wherein they use a traditional drum to create music.

Katchikally Crocodile Pool

Katchikally Crocodile Pool is located in the heart of Bakau. What makes it a tourist spot is its three sacred crocodile pools, which is being used to fertility rituals.

There is an estimated eighty crocodiles here, and some people say that there is a presence of an albino crocodile which makes it really unique in its own way. Charlie is the most popular croc here because he freely wanders around and can be approached by anyone. It was scary at first but Charlie is really friendly.

Bijilo Forest Park

Bijilo Forest Park is a truly perfect place for adventurers out there. I really enjoyed my visit here as it has a natural trail, and what makes it even more awesome is that it is next to the beach.

It is rich in different kinds of species and the area is comprised of a closed canopy forest with a significant number of rhum palms and vegetation. It is home to various invertebrates, reptiles, and mammals, plus green vervet monkeys, western red colobus monkeys, senegal bushbabies, callithrix monkey, campbell’s mona monkey and patas can also be found here. You can also find here some sun squirrel, african civet, genets, mongoose, brush tailes porcupine and some rodents.

Albert Makret

Albert Market is the capital’s main urban market. It has a vast selection of designed fabrics, carved wooden masks and fresh produced fruits. Everything is laid down on the alleys, where you can also buy vegetables, fish, meat, and dried goods.

Makasutu Culture Forest

If you are looking for a private place to relax, Makasutu Culture Forest is the place for you. It is a protected wilderness and has a pristine collection of riverine, palm and hardwood forest, mangrove creek, savanna and salt-flat ecosystems. It has irregular shaped swimming pools which I really find it cool. There’s so much to do here such as pottery making, making wooden masks, or having an adventure to its base camp which is really impressive.


Tanji is a town primarily known for its fishing village and popular museums, which artisans and craftsmen engage in traditional crafts.

Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko Nature Reserve is a nature reserve and a much-known tourist attraction. It was actually the country’s first wildlife reserve.

River Gambia

River Gambia is dense in mangrove swamps. The vegetation of the river and of its creeks is a favorable habitat for insects, animals and birds. The river is abundant of fish and other creatures like the hippopotamus and crocodiles. It has hundreds of birds’ species like the cuckoo, the swallow, the heron and many more.

Wassu Stone Circles

Wassu Stone Circles, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was believed to be a burial mound of Kings and chiefs in ancient times. They are so unique as the stone sizes and circular shape vary from ten to twenty stones.

This sacred area was declared a National Monument, and is very accessible to local taxi’s. There is an admission fee in case you want to see this sacred monument but it’s all worth it!


Kotu is the place to be if you’re looking for a nice view and a relaxing beach. The sand has a good quality, but just be careful with the changing current when swimming in the sandy beach.

Lemonfish Art Gallery

Lemonfish Art Gallery showcases the works of twenty-eight West African artists. There are souvenirs around the area that sells arts, crafts, jeweleries and other local items.


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