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Top 10 Destinations in Norway
Recognized as the rising country of Europe, Norway has been always the hot favourite tourist destination. With its natural reminiscences of the past, the country has many fascinating and gorgeous places which have attracted travel enthusiasts. The country of Norway, which has showcased its modern and development, has also preserved the nostalgias of past and upheld the beauty delivered by the mother nature to the country.

Velmunden – Norway’s Canoeing Paradise

Known as the Canoeing Paradise – Velmunden is highly liked by people who are into canoeing. The place has many beautiful small and big water logs where you can enjoy both canoeing and fishing. Apart from canoeing, you can also visit various cultural places, including Finnish settlements, raw landscapes and islands.

Oscarsborg Fortress – History Resides Here!

Oscarsborg Fortress has a special place in the Norwegian middle history. Situated on the small and fascinating islands of the Oslofjord, this monument is one of the most attractive tourist places in Norway. Apart from the fortress, the mesmerising landscapes are also a tourist attraction spot.

Femundsmarka – Get the Wildest Experience

To get the wildest experience than any place in Norway, never miss Femundsmarka. Femundsmarka, which shares its border with Sweden, has Femundsmarka and Gutulia National Parks – one of the tourists’ place you should not miss. Enjoy your canoeing and fishing in this land of marshes and lakes.

Tovdal – Beauty Within Hills

Travel through the beautiful hilly regions of Southern Norway in the region of Tovdal. With fascinating mountains and picturesque attractions, Tovdal has attracted many tourists, where definitely you will enjoy the ride through the greenery and landscapes. Do not miss the Stuvestoyl, Juvass stream, Rjukan Waterfall, Skuggefjell Mountain in Tovdal.

Southern Archipelago – Land of Mesmerizing Beauty

Explore this land of beauty by any means of transport, but never miss the place. Revingen Lighthouse to Jomfruland Island is the stretch which is generally termed as the Southern Norway Archipelago. With beautiful islands and fascinating seashore, Southern Archipelago is best for kayaking that will definitely give a new experience in your life. Also, travelers can enjoy deep sea fishing at this coastal stretch area.

Telemark Canal – Gateway to the Lake Town

The Telemark Canal will carry you the stunning and gorgeous lake city connected to this canal. From Skien to Dalen, to various lakes including Lake Bandak and fjord lakes, the place through which you can also visit various other places such Morgedal.

Rjukandalen Valley – Valley of Power

The ever beautiful Rjukandalen Valley is the power generators of Norway. With hydroelectric power stations, this city also boasts Norway’s renowned museum, showcasing the development of Norway – Norway Industrial Workers Museum. This destination reveals you the life of the fishermen and farmers who turned this place into what it is today.

Mandal to Hafrsfjord – The Coastal Beauty

Be a part of the coastal beauty which stretches from Mandal to Hafrsfjord. Take a ride to this coastal landscape on your cycle, which will bring a stunning experience for those who loves traveling through the coastal areas. Mandal to Hafrsrjord is considered as the World’s longest cycle route.

Fjord Valleys – Cluster of Mountains and Mountains

Those who love hilly regions, don’t miss the opportunity of traveling this high ends of Norway. The valley stretching Todalen, Sunndalen, Eikesdalen, Innerdalen, Litjdalen and Grodalen is one of the most fascinating tourist places in Norway.

Nordfjord – Almost Paradise

With the reminiscences of old monastery and lighthouses, Nordfjord is an attractive place that has enticed many tourists from all over the world. A must see places in this region include Hendanes, Skogsnes and Krakeneslighthouses. Visiting Nordfjord will be a visual treat to your eyes as the place offers the beauty of nature.