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Top 10 Destinations in Guyana
Visit the hidden wonders of Guyana and explore its beautiful attractions
Guyana - formally acknowledged as the Co-operative Republic of Guyana – is one of the smallest South American country that is bordered by Brazil, Suriname and Venezuela, as well as the Atlantic Ocean to its north.
Here are the top 10 destinations that tourists should enjoy while visiting Guyana:

Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima, which is the highest point in Guyana that is situated on the Guiana Shield and the highest among Guyana’s Highland Range, is the border of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. This destination is one of the oldest geological formations in the world that is said to be around two billion years back. Mount Roraima is flat-topped mountain that has vertical sides and it is oftentimes called as Tepui.

Iwokrama Forest

Iwokrama Forest, which is one of the last pristine tropical forests on Earth, serves an important role in transition zone for rainfall, landforms, human histories and biological communities. This destination is world renowned for having the world’s highest number of bat and fish species as well as arapaima and jaguars. Iwokrama Forest is rich in wildlife, but these animals are not that easy to locate inside the forest.

Kanuku Mountains

With its rich diverse wildlife, Kanuku Mountain is home to most mammals that can be seen in Guyana as well as bird species. Some of the animals that can be found in this destination are giant otters, arapaima and the harpy eagle. Kanuku Mountains is recognized as the most biologically diverse region in Guyana surrounded by gallery, lowland and montane evergreen forests.


Georgetown, which is tagged as the “Garden of the Caribbean” and the capital city of Guyana, is the largest urban center in the country that is rich in historic heritages with cozy restaurants and relaxing ambiance. Georgetown’s tree-lined streets adds up a magical feeling, along with the perfect blend of Dutch and Victorian colonial architectures.

Kaieteur National Park

Considered as the top destination in Guyana because of its diverse and stunning wildlife and rainforests, Kaieteur National Park is home to exotic plants, orchids and radiant animals such as butterflies and frogs, and it is where the Kaieteur Falls is found, which is said to be one of the world’s amazingly beautiful falls.

Orinduik Falls

Orinduik Falls is the most accessible falls in Pakaraima Mountains, and is said to be named after an endemic plant from an Amerindian word. Typically, tourists are getting tour package for Kaieteur and Orinduik Falls to better explore these wonders.

Shell Beach

Shell Beach, which is famous for being home to four of the eight sea turtle species, is one of Guyana’s best kept secret. This destination is mostly visited during the turtles’ hatching season between the months of March and August. The species of sea turtles that can be found in Shell Beach are Hawksbill, Leatherback, Olive Ridley and Green, and these are all nesting freely in this 90mile shoreline. Shell Beach, as well as Annette beach, is where sea turtles are nesting and are being taken care of to prevent these species in becoming endangered or extinct in the near future.

The Guyana National Museum

The Guyana National Museum is considered the largest museums in Guyana where general artifacts and other gem stones are kept. This destination was established around late 1800s and it showcases local arts and crafts as well as the flora and fauna of Guyana and other archeological discoveries. The colorful management background of Guyana National Museum advantageously paved way to the expansion of the museum, depending on the interest of its new curator.

The Museum of African Heritage

The Museum of African Heritage, which was established in 1985 and was previously known as the Museum of African Art and Ethnology, mostly showcases arts from West Africa. The Museum of African Heritage aims to educate its visitors about the African culture as well as its influence to Guyana’s equally rich history.

Rupupuni Savannah

Covered by virtually unstained rolling grasslands and rainforests, Rupupuni Savannah is also bordering to Brazil and Venezuela. This destination is also filled with swamplands and was acknowledged as the country’s most diverse areas. Rupupuni Savannah is home to the world’s most powerful bird of prey - the Harpy Eagle - and other wildlife such as jaguar and other local animals.


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