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Bosnia Herzegovina

Top 10 Destinations in Bosnia Herzegovina
Come and explore the untouched wonders of nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Situated in the Southeastern part of Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina is commonly known as Bosnia or shortened as BiH. Dominated by variety of fascinating land forms like hills and mountains, Bosnia and Herzegovina is yet to be known to the world.


Aside from being the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Saravejo is oftentimes tagged as the “Jerusalem in Europe.” This destination has rich history supported by architectural designs that has gone thru ages. Ridges and other land forms are also some of the main attractions in Saravejo.


This destination in Bosnia and Herzegovina is famously known for its Ottoman-style stone bridge. Mostar was said to be named after the bridge keepers “mostari,” as the bridge itself is previously known as “Stari Most” or The Old Bridge. Although the enthralling bridge is the main attraction in Mostar, there are also other structures that are worth seeing.


The Shrine of the Queen of Peace is located at Medjugorje and a well-known pilgrimage site for Catholics. Medjugorje is situated in the Herzegovina region of Bosnia and Herzegovina which literally means “between mountains.” Pilgrims from all over the world has been visiting this destination because of the believed apparitions of the Virgin Mary that is yet to be confirmed by the Catholic Church.


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s lone entrée to the Adriatic Sea, Neum was once a maritime retreat in 1965. This destination showcases various water activities being situated along the coastline of the country. Neum’s long summer or sunny days compliments its beaches and resorts which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Most hotels and resorts offer scuba-diving, parasailing, jet skiing and other water activities to its guests as part of their unforgettable Neum getaway.

Banja Luka

Banja Luka, which is the second largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina next to Saravejo, is also the administrative capital of Republika Srpska. This scenic destination showcases the beauty of nature as thermal springs and spas are dominant in Banja Luka. Tourists will be able to enjoy a close encounter to nature by doing rock and mountain climbing, water rafting and hiking.


Famous for the Dervish monastery, Blagaj literally means “mild” in Bosnian language. Following its literal meaning, Blagaj has a mild climate which goes along with its wonder of nature. A perfect combination of urban and rural architecture, this destination is surrounded by Ottoman and Mediterranean style of architectures.


Jajce is very well-known for its captivating and enchanting waterfalls. For nature lovers, Jajce caters picturesque mountains, canyons, lakes, and other land forms are some of the best attractions here in Jajce. This destination was once the capital of the Bosnian kingdom before it became Bosnia and Herzegovina, and seen here is the ruins of a castle where Bosnian kings were crowned.


Situated on the Trebizat River, Kravice is definitely one of the most fascinating waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This destination is circled by cafes, picnic areas and camp sites. Kravice is oftentimes compared to Niagara Falls and it was tagged by locals as mini-Niagara.

Hutovo Blato Natural Park

The largest bird reserve and nature in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hutovo Blato Natural Park is home to more than 240 migratory birds. The uniquely designed Krupa River, which flow both up and down streams, is also located in this destination along with some lakes surrounding the river.

Bjelasnica Mountain

An exciting mountain located in the center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bjelasnica Mountain is famous for hiking, skiing and snow surfing. This destination consist several tall mountain peaks, but the tallest is the Bjelasnica, which the mountain’s name was derived from. Visible around this mountain are Bosnian villages, huts, waterfalls and other eye-catching structures.






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