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Top 10 Destinations in Paraguay
Come and visit Paraguay and explore its wonderful sights
Formally acknowledged as the Republic of Paraguay, this South American country is oftentimes called as the Heart of South America or Corazon de Sudamerica because of its geographical position. Paraguay is a perfect mismatch that offers the best of both worlds, with its amazing man-made structures and stunning exotic natural wonders.


Asuncion is considered as an environment-friendly destination, and is one of the most interesting tourist attractions in Paraguay because of its colonial architectures. There are numerous art buildings in Asuncion, as well as night clubs and shopping malls, which are considered as the chic suburbs.


Encarnacion is considered as Paraguay’s tourism capital because of its inviting beaches and stunning waterfront boardwalk. This destination is also the Carnival capital of the country, and is attracting more than 300,000 local and foreign visitors every year, especially during summer. Encarnacion is also known as La Perla del Sur, which is the most attractive city in Paraguay.

Gran Chaco

With literal translation “Hunting Land,” Gran Chaco is a scarcely populated region in Paraguay and is said to be one of South America’s last frontier because of its stunningly diverse flora and fauna. Gran Chaco is a hot and arid place where various species of plants and animals are found as well as birds, mammals and reptiles.


Famous for its best kept old church, Yaguaron is one of the top destinations to visit in Paraguay. For travelers who are interested in seeing Reductions, Yaguaron Church is one of the most sought after churches to explore. Apart from the infamous Yaguaron Church, the Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia Museum is also a must-see in this destination as it showcases artifacts coming from the 19th century.

Itaipu Dam

Bordering Brazil and Paraguay, Itaipu Dam was listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. The construction of this hydroelectric dam caused the elimination of the world’s largest waterfalls by volume, Guaira Falls. The famous Guiara Falls is said to be twice as big as the Niagara Falls in Canada and the seventh largest river world changed its navigation to give way for Itaipu Dam.

La Santisima Trinidad de Parana

La Santisima Trinidad de Parana, or commonly known as the “ruins of Trinidad, is one of the several Jesuit Reducciones. This destination is translated as the Most Holy Trinity of Parana and said to be one of the last reductions of Jesuits constructed along the Parana River. The Jesuits mission is to introduce Christianity to indigent Guarani people and let them convert to the religion.

Cerro Cora National Park

With over 5500 hectares, Cerro Cora National Park is the largest protected area in Paraguay and it share borders with Brazil. This destination does not only cater astounding flora and fauna but it also share historic importance because it is where the last battle of Paraguayan War occurred in March of 1870. Cerro Cora National Park is home to rare faunas such as tortoises, monkeys and armadillos, although jaguars are suspected to be spotted, officials of the park have yet to claim it.

Ybycui National Park

Ybycui National Park is home to various birds species and animals like capuchine monkeys, South American coati and deer. Ybycui National Park offers several outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking and plunge into the waterfalls, and shares an equal significance to Paraguay’s rich history.


With a huge influence of the German culture and architecture, Filadelfia is the heart of the Chaco which showcases the cultural influences of German, Spanish and aboriginal blend. This destination is said to be the “Wild West “of South America because of its remoteness with partly barren temperature. Armadillos, cheetahs and rheas are some of the animals that can be seen in Filadelfia.

Iguacu Falls

Undeniably one of the most stunning places in the world, Iguacu Falls is situated in a complex geographical location bordered by Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. This destination has its own name in each country such as Foz do Iguacu in Brazil, Puerto Iguazu in Argentina and Iguacu Falls in Paraguay. Although entry through the Paraguay side of the falls is not that easy, there are still travelers who opt to see the Paraguayan side of the Iguacu Falls through Ciudad del Este.


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