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Top 10 Destinations in Dominica
Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Dominica

Dominica is an unspoiled nature paradise amongst the countries in the Caribbean islands. It has breathtaking volcanic landscapes -- which include the highest mountains in the east part of Caribbean -- waterfalls, lakes, rivers, gorges, rainforests, and steaming hot springs. In short, this country possesses almost all bodies of waters which can lure divers, snorkelers, hikers and naturalists.
Dominica is a gathering of British, French and West Indian cultures, and also a home to the largest Carib-Indian community. Roseau is the colorful capital and main town of Dominica with a diversity of cultures.
Only two small airports have kept the country safe and sound from the swarming tourists. People visit the land mostly via on cruise ships. Most tourists stay for a day or two. Some stay here in winter and some to enjoy its amazing natural splendors.
The top 10 most attractive tourist destinations in Dominica include the following:

Cabrits National Park

Its black-sand beaches, coral reefs, lush rainforest, swampland and scenic panoramic views make Cabrits National Park an excellent tourist destination. The park is located in the northwest of Dominica.
The reefs provide a great opportunity for snorkeling and scuba diving.
The 18th-century British garrison Fort Shirley is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful view of Prince Rupert Bay.

Boiling Lake

After about three hours of a strenuous hike through the dense forest will be worth it as you reach the eerie-looking bubbling, gray-green Boiling Lake. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dominica.
Rain makes the trail often sticky and muddy which is abit dangerous to trek. I suggest you should definitely keep a guide for this tour.

Trafalgar Falls

The other half of the famous twin falls, Trafalgar Falls is only 20 minutes’ drive from Roseau and it is one of the most popular attractions in Dominica. Interestingly the twin falls are known as Father and Mother. You have to go for a hike of 10 to 15-minutes through a forest of ginger plants and vanilla orchids. The hot spring water is very much refreshing.


Roseau is the colorful capital of Dominica decorated by lush peaks, West Indian cottages, the rush of modern life, buildings and market stalls. You will be able to witness the seaside esplanade and cruise dock crowded with strolling tourists during the winter season.

Another major attraction of Roseau is the 19th-century Gothic-Romanesque-style made St. Patrick's Catholic Cathedral. You can also visit Dominica Botanic Gardens as well as Dominica Museum which is home to the slave trade and Creole and Amerindian culture

Champagne Reef

In the southwest coast of Dominica lies the most famous Champagne Reef, which is considered a great diving and snorkeling site. Because of active geothermal activity, the water is warm here.
Seahorses, batfish, rays, barracuda, trumpet fish and squid can be seen in this area. Champagne Beach also offers change rooms, a shower, and snack bar to the beach goers.

The Carib Territory

One of the great attractions in Dominica is the Carib Indians also known as Kalinago people, a tribe which depends on fishing, agriculture and craft selling. Dominica has preserved the largest remaining of this tribe and their fascinating culture. The settlement, located amidst the banana and breadfruit trees, is a cluster of wooden-made traditional buildings. You’ll be able to see their carving of dugout canoes, their knowledge of medicinal plants and their weaving of baskets and mats.

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Waterfall in Morne Trois Pitons National Park is the most beautiful and photogenic waterfall in Dominica. Wearing water shoes with a nice grip, the 40-minute hiking and crossing rivers and boulders and eventually confronting the breathtaking beauty of the falls and river are worth seeing. You can relax by dipping in the warm pool of the falls. Doing so can easily wipe out all the tiredness you had. The guide is much needed here as parts of the trails were washed away by the tropical storm Erika in 2015.

Dominica's Festivals

Dominica offers not only sightseeings but also the celebrations and festivals of the music, heritage and its ties to the sea. The carnival celebrates a costume parade, jumps-ups, Carnival Queen contest and calypso competitions.

Visitors can enjoy the DOMFESTA (Dominica Festival of Arts), Dive Fest, The World Music Creole Festival and The Independence celebrations which were held at different times over the year.

Papillote Tropical Gardens

Papillote Tropical Gardens is a charming wild eco-lodge, a haven for naturalists, artists, and photographers. You can walk through the bamboo trees, bromeliads, orchids, ginger blossoms, and begonias. You can also see birds, frogs and colorful butterflies in this garden. Plus the Rainforest Restaurant here possesses magnificent views of the mountains and valley.

Boeri Lake - Roseau Valley

Boeri Lake is the highest lake in Dominica, located on the slopes of Morne Micotrin in Morne Trois Pitons National Park at an altitude of 2,850 ft. and often shrouded in mist. The lake’s local name is 'Letan Bwewi'.
The trail to the lake provides viewers a spectacular view of far Atlantic coast and back towards Freshwater lake. While following the trail you can enjoy the Montane forest ornamented by the tree ferns and cabbage palm. Many myths and legends hover in the air of the lake.


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