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Top 10 Destinations in Uruguay
Visit the wonders that Uruguay has to offer and be amazed by its sights
Formally acclaimed as the Republic of Uruguay, this is the second smallest country in South America next to Suriname. Uruguay is sometimes tagged as the “Switzerland of South America” because of its similar democracy and social affairs. Even if this South American country is not one of the most famous destinations, Uruguay still offers a unique travel experience to its visitors far from the usual.


About one-third of the country’s population is living in the largest and capital city of Uruguay Montevideo. Montevideo has a blend of industrial, urban and natural beauty because of its alluring beaches, cozy restaurants and bars and modern and important ports.

Punta del Este

Punta del Este, which is a beach town in Uruguay that offers fascinating coastline ideal for surfing and sunbathing, is a famous getaway for Argentines and Brazilians. This destination does not limit itself to its world renowned alluring beaches, but it also has the historic colonial architecture as part of indoor activities. Punta del Este may be one of the expensive places in Uruguay, with its glamorous seaside homes and restaurants, vibrant night clubs, scenic yacht harbor and popular beaches.

Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento, which is one of the oldest towns in Uruguay, boasts cobbled stone streets, colonial-era structures and historic museums. Basilica del Sanctisimo Sacramento is also one of the tourist spots in Colonia del Sacramento.


Known for the old grand hotel situated in front of the coastline, Piriapolis was developed by Francisco Piria, where it took its name. This destination is also considered as one of the summer places in Uruguay, and is where the third highest peak in the country is located. Piriapolis offers activities at its port such as saltwater fishing and boating.

La Paloma

La Paloma, which is a city facing the Atlantic Coast with a lighthouse sitting on top of the hill, is comparable to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the USA. This is one of the summer destinations by neighboring countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Europeans and some fierce Americans. La Paloma is also a perfect place for surfing because of its huge inviting waves.


The second most populated cities in Uruguay located close to the ‘big jump’ or Salto Grande, Salto is almost near Argentina because it is situated in the northern part of the country. This destination is ideal for family and friends for a relaxing weekend or holiday getaway because of the hydroelectric dam in it. Salto also showcases some 19th century structures and a stunning river view.

La Barra

La Barra is said to be a fisherman’s village with few summer houses owned by known and important people, who usually tries to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities. It is also a party venue from sunset to sunrise as there are beers and other drinks sold on the main street for beach partying.

Punta del Diablo

Punta del Diablo is the usual destination for local and foreign tourists especially during Easter week. This destination is inhabited by typical artisans and fisherman as it lies on the seaside. Punta del Diablo has several homes and cabanas for rent as well as hostels and hotels to stay in during holidays.


Tacuarembo offers a relaxing ambiance with its tree-lined streets ideal for city stroll. This destination has interesting plazas where some of the surrounding structures are dating back in the old days. Tacuarembo is not the typical glamorous and vibrant city to stay in, but it lets its visitors unwind because the city is less crowded and noisy compared to other city in Uruguay.

Fray Bentos

Known for its Industrial Revolt Museum which displays machineries and artifacts, Fray Bentos was once the location of Liebig Extract of Meat Company. This destination showcases exhibits for main causes such as tourism and education.


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