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Explore the Hidden Wonders of Morocco and Enjoy its Extravagant Historic Heritages!

Officially branded as the Kingdom of Morocco – this country was once known as the Western Kingdom, which is located in the Maghreb region in North Africa and identified as a rugged mountainous interior with large portions of desert. Morocco has a lot to offer to its tourists and never to miss destinations that will definitely give unforgettable experience.


Surrounded by the famous destinations like Rabat, capital city of Morocco and Marrakesh, Meknes is a place that tourists should take time to explore. This destination was able to keep its simplicity and mellow ambiance in spite of the surrounding famous cities. Meknes was once the residence of Sultan Moulay Ismail, a Moroccan sultanate who engineered the cities fame.


Historically called as Sidi Megdoul, Essaouira is defined as a coastal city of Morocco. During the 19th century, this destination became the first seaport of Morocco. Essaouira is at times called as the “Wind City of Africa” because of the extreme coastal wind that blows off sand all over. This destination is also known for World Music Festival Gnaoua , tagged as the “Moroccan Woodstock,” which is usually held at the latter part of June.


This ancient walled city was once the capital city of Morocco and it is divided into two regions, Fès el-Bali (Old Fez) is the largest and recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage. This destination is also the home of the oldest university in the world named University of al-Karaouine or al-Qarawiyyin. Fez is an old city which needs to be restored to invite more visitors and investors. This destination in Morocco is said to be the world’s largest car-free urban region and known as the “Mecca of the West”.


The undeniably fascinating entrance to Africa, Tangier is every tourist’s entryway to exploring the interesting history of Morocco. Tangier is presently having drastic renovations and getting ready in setting a new trend that will definitely attract more tourists. Although this destination has already proven its worth with giving a perception of mystery and fascination to its travelers, Tangier aims to encourage more visitors.

High Atlas

For tourists who enjoy trekking, mountain climbing and skiing, High Atlas is the place to be in Morocco. This destination overshadows Marrakesh and it includes the range of Mount Toubkal. High Atlas Mountains is the most compelling way to explore nature and discover ancient way of living of the Berbers (native inhabitants).


A destination in Morocco that will surely offer simplicity and genuineness is no less than Chefchaouen. Tagged as The Blue Pearl in northern Morocco, Chefchaouen is perfectly located in an alluring mountain. This destination showcases infrastructures at its finest, a mix of Moroccan and Andalusian domination. Buildings and houses all have touch of blue with red-tiled roofs are one of the famous attractions in Chefchaouen.


The irrefutable evidence of Roman existence in Morocco is definitely the Volubilis ruins. It is said to be built during the first century AD and was able to stand the test of time until 18th century. This destination caters a well preserved proof of the Roman Empire’s colonial town in Morocco, which made Volubilis ruins as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.


A city located near the capital of Morocco, which was previously known as “The Red City,” is Marrakesh. This destination is a major city and one of the four imperial cities of Morocco. Some of the sceneries in this destination are madrasas, mosques and palaces that were built centuries ago. This is where the largest traditional Berber market is located, with numerous souqs, stalls and shops to choose from.

Dades Valley

Perched between Jbel Saghro and Atlas Mountains, Dades Valley was originally built for defense purposes only during the ancient times. This destination just recently became one of the most visited tourist attractions in Morocco. The enchanting beauty of nature and several Kasbahs made Dades Valley a place to visit in Morocco.

Erg Chebbi

It averages a height of up to 150 meters; an orange colored huge sand dune is one of the largest Moroccan Sahara and the other is Erg Chigaga. This destination offers camel trips and night camps few kilometers away from the erg. Erg Chebbi is a “must-see” during a Morocco escapade. The picturesque smooth sand hills are definitely a fascinating scene.