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Top 10 Destinations in Luxembourg
Come Visit Luxemburg and Experience its Fascinating Fairytale-like Ambiance
Luxemburg, which is one of the world’s most wealthy and smallest countries, is officially acknowledged as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Located in Western Europe, this landlocked country is the only Grand Duchy in the world. Luxemburg, which is considered as the world’s highest GDP per capita in 2014, bears simplicity in the most elegant way. Although one of the smallest and least populated in the European Union, Luxemburg is surrounded by fascinating castles and historic architectures that attract tourists.
Here are some of the countries proud destinations:

The Old Quarter, Luxembourg City

The capital city of Luxemburg may appear as a sophisticated and modern city, but here lies Europe’s well-preserved great fortresses. Its fortified sites were passed onto generations of royalty - from the greatest European power to the Holy Roman Empire, Burgundians, Habsburgs, Spanish and French colony. This destination is a modernized city that preserves a wealthy historic inside.

National Museum of History and Art

National Museum of History and Art is a museum in the heart of Luxemburg on the eastern bank of Alzette River, composed of eight scientific sections. This destination is also known or called as Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art. National Museum of History and Art houses several art collections like coins, jewels, armors and visual contemporary arts and paintings.

The Bock and the City Casemates

Oftentimes tagged as the “Gibraltar of the North,” the Bock and the Casemates has surpassed several eras from the time it was built. This destination in Luxemburg has been rehabilitated many times and preserved after all the conflicts. From being conquered by Count Siegfried to the Burgundy, Habsburgs, Spaniard and French colonization, the fortress stood stronger and stronger as time passed.


Considered as the oldest town in Luxemburg, Echternach is situated close to the border of Germany. This destination is customarily called as the little Switzerland of Luxemburg. A well-preserved medieval city, which brings its visitors back to the old days, Echternach is where the largest Roman villa is situated. One of the must-do in this destination is to explore the Gothic house and roam around the medieval town center.


Larochette is a commune and town located on the White Ernz River in central Luxemburg. The Larochette Castle ruins are very dominant in this destination. Locally claimed as the ideal starting point in touring Luxemburg, Larochette is situated in the center of the city.

Beaufort Castle

As one of the most visited sites in Luxemburg, Beaufort Castle is said to be built during the 11th century until the 17th century. This destination showcases the beauty of a Renaissance style castle which was said to be constructed from the 17th century, with fortresses built between 11th to 16th centuries.


Vianden is a famous destination in Luxemburg because of the fascinating castle that is perfectly situated in the Our valley. The infamous Vianden Castle was built during the 11th and 14th centuries. It is one of Europe’s undeniably stunning feudal residences during the Romanesque and gothic eras.

Grand Ducal Palace

The official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxemburg, Grand Ducal Palace is situated in the capital city of Luxemburg, specifically in the southern part of the country. This destination is famous to tourists because of its role in the society. Grand Ducal Palace was initially the governor’s residence during 1817.

Bourscheid Castle

Considered as the one of the largest castles in Luxemburg, Bourscheid Castle is a medieval building that was built during the Roman times. It was said that this castle was built around year 1000, then other structures was said to have been added in 1384 and 1477. This destination is being managed by the Association of Friends of Bourscheid Castle.

Luxembourg City

Luxemburg City is also a commune, but with a city status and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Luxemburg City is situated at the heart of Western Europe, which embodies the perfect combination of the country’s wealthy history and modern and cozy present.






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