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Top 10 Destinations in Iceland
Iceland, situated on the edge of the Arctic Circle and resting on the top is the most volcanically active tourist spots of the world, is a famous place gaining popularity and attracting thousands of tourists every day. Visit the most fabulous and impressive place in the whole Europe. Plan and discover the outstanding landscapes, tourist spots like hot springs, rugged fjords and a fusion of glaciers.

Blue Lagoon – Famous for Geothermal Spa

Blue Lagoon, famous for a geothermal spa with opaque and crystal clear water, is the only place on earth to dive and swim all year around in the 40 degree centigrade water, which covered by snow and ice.

Great Geyser – Natural Hot Water Body

Situated in the South Western part of Iceland, this natural spot has been active for more than 10,000 years, as it can spurt hot boiling water till 70 meters up in the air. Explore the Geysers with the water surface all the way down for nearly 2,000 meters. After reaching to the boiling point, Great Geyser spouts boiling water with a steam that impresses the person to watch and appreciate the beauty.

Lake Myvatn – Waterfall of Gods

Lake Myvatn is the best spot for thousands of tourists to discover waterfall of the Gods in Europe. You can view the lavishness of the bird life, beauty of the lakes and the volcanic craters that hold your attention to view Lake Myvatn again and again.

Whale Watching in the North Coast

Perhaps, Iceland is the best tourist destination for Whale watching. Families gather here to view the majestic and gentle creatures during weekends, and let kids enjoy every minute of whale watching in the North Coast in an unforgettable way.

Gulfoss – Astounding waterfall

Gulfoss, crowns and climaxes the “Golden Circle” which looks as a perfect landscape in a real way. Here, Hvita River plunges over a lower tier, changes to 90 degrees and races into a cloud of spray and shimmies backstage through a beautiful gorge.

Huvasik – House Bay

Huvasik, a small town with 2500 population, is located in an uncommon dip in the coastline of the blue-green bay patched with cloud shadows and a couple of beautiful islands. Interestingly, a 9th century Swedish rover named Gardar Svavarsson wintered at this spot while making the initial record of traveling the place. The shelters he constructed in Huvasik got the title as House Bay.

Reykjavik – Fun Loving Capital of Iceland

Being a deserted place and the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is attractive, urbane and a lively city with numerous attractions and outstanding culture to view and enjoy. Location with picturesque views across Mt. Esja is nothing but spectacular. Well, nightlife in Reykjavik is renowned to be a part of a must-experience while visiting the place.

Glymur – Highest waterfall

Iceland is the location with numerous waterfalls from which Glymur is more nimble and graceful. Glymur is known for its streamlets passing the downhills in the form of a ribbon-like view plus the unfathomable canyon that is mantled in the green mosses.

Raufarholshellier – Lava tube cave

With the accurate preparations and precautions, every tourist walks straight into this cave like lava tube for more than 3 to 4 miles to its dimmest depths. In Raufarholshellier, you would be able to see lava formations and odd ice candles.

Latrabjarg – Massive sea cliffs

Latrabjarg is the endpoint of the earth that surely comes with a bang! Located in the western part of the Iceland, the sheer varieties of incredible birds are found in Latrabjarg.

Askja – Area of Volcanic Mountains

Askja is an overwhelming coil of volcanic mountains, circling an 8km-wide basin formed by the distorted magma chambers. It is one of the earth’s grandest indentation and the most desired tourist destinations in Iceland that bleak the interior of the highland. Enjoy a warm swim in the clear blue-green pond to make your trip unforgettable, amazing and full of pleasure.