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Epic Travel Show

Started as an idea after hearing many amazing stories of backpackers, nomads and expats alike.
Life and personal experiences tell the best stories and give the best advice.
We wanted to give these people a voice and a platform to tell their story and share it with others that want to hear it and may benefit from it. Find a local street food cart with the best Pad thai instead of a paid review on some blog, find that little amazing beach front bungalow which you can only know about if you are a local or expat there and you cannot find online.

Real stories from real people.

We want to create a Travel show that that is much more than the travel shows you see on TV or the Shows you follow on Youtube a show with which you can interact and help create, where you get actual valid information about travelers and not some paid endorsement (which will always be mentioned if something is paid for).

Furthermore we want to give fresh creators the possibility to come on our show and present themselves to our audience and show us what is unique about them and if our community likes them, help them and support them, maybe even send them off to a country to film for us and be part of the show on a more regular basis.

Video Creators

With EpicTravelShow we have started out early to make and produce our own videos. Jonny Hamburg and his network of video influencers help to create amazing videos for us and we want to give them the chance here to present their channels and a chance to collaborate with each other and give new members to the community the chance to learn from those who have come before them


Trusted Bloggers

Trusted bloggers are those that have gotten the Backpacker-Footsteps seal of approval.

We want high quality content for our readers that is why we only work with the best.

We also want to help young and new bloggers to become the best there is and that’s why we

Give many of them the opportunity to work with us and improve their style and to learn from our trusted bloggers