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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Top 10 Destinations in Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Before heading off into the Cirques, you definitely need to visit Saint Pierre. St. Pierre undulates with energy unknown on the island, especially at weekends. This vibrant, spirited, and amiable city knows what’s really important in life and that is having a great time.
Exposed in the clear light of the southwest, the widely known capital of the south has an entirely different feel from its northern counterparts.

It is one of the greatest tourist destinations in the world, the sights in Saint Pierre are really amazing. Without further ado, enjoy the list of the top places to visit in Saint Pierre.

La Saga du Rhum

Those who wanted to understand how the ambrosia also called as “rum” started in the sugar cane fields and how it ends up on their palates, one should really need to come and visit the museum called La Saga du Rhum, which is on the site of the Isautier estate, one of the oldest rum distillers on Réunion. It's about 5km northwest of Saint Pierre in the Bois d' Olives.

Main Market

If you're in St-Pierre on a Saturday morning, make sure to traverse around the joyous and thriving main market, which stretched along the seafront at the west end of Blvd Hubert Delisle, a staple of local life. While you’re there make sure to explore the entire place, you'll find a busy produce section, flashy and showy miscellaneous small articles and plenty of food stalls. Don’t forget to try their local foods

Attyaboul Massadjid Mosque

You'll be amazed by the massive proportions of Saint Pierre's mosque, which extends an entire block. Its slender minaret is particularly attractive and impressive. Visitors and guests can enter the inner courtyard during opening times and outside prayer times. It is a solemn place for believers and for tourists.

Covered Market

It is housed in a metallic structure dating from 1856, the tiny covered market is a good place to roam if you're after fresh fruit, vegetables, local spices and herbs, bags made from vacoa, ascrew-pine fronds and the usual mixing of Malagasy crafts.

Terre Sainte

It is well worth exploring, the place is a skillfully and cleverly made neighborhood, situated to the east of the centre. Though no longer the traditional fishing village it used to be, this area has its own strange and odd appeal, especially along the seashore, where fishers can be seen playing dominoes in the late afternoon.

Hôtel de Ville

The Hôtel de Ville ranks among Saint Pierre's most fantastic historic buildings. It started as a coffee warehouse for the French East India Company during the 18th century.

Plage de St. Pierre

One of St. Pierre's major draws is its beach, a great and firm sweep of light colored sand massaged by aquamarine waters. It's exposed to the superior and dominant winds which is perfect for surfers and other water sports activities. It is very important to stick to the protected area while enjoying Plage de St. Pierre’s beach.

Entrepôt Kervéguen

You can't miss this very impressing building at the eastern end of Rue du Four à Chaux, because of its great size, appearance, dignity and overall elegance. Entrepôt Kervéguen was used as a warehouse by the French East India Company like Hotel de Ville.

Tamil Temple

Tamil temple is a Hindu Temple in Saint Pierre. West of the centre of Saint Pierre, this highly vivid and distinctive Tamil temple is well worth a visit and explore. Visitors are not allowed inside the temple, though.

Médiathèque Raphaël Barquisseau

Médiathèque Raphaël Barquisseau is one of the historical buildings found in Saint Pierre. This alluring and loving restored building dates from the thriving era of the French East India Company like Entrepôt Kervéguen and Hotel de Ville.


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