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Top 10 Destinations in Hungary
Top 10 Hungary Destinations

Hungary! Tradition and history play along in front of the eyes when one walks down the city lights through the streets of Budapest – the city of lights – towards the beautiful and scenic plains, and through the river of Danube that flows gracefully through the countries and lush green valleys. Invaded by the Turks and displaying Italian Renaissance designers, the country’s history has spread across the canvas of time and with hot springs and baths dating back to 2,000 years old. No wonder, Hungry attracts millions of tourists annually spreading its warmth of culture, tradition, history and nature globally.

Buda Castle - Budapest

The 61 metre Central Dome facing the river Danube, and explaining its praise “Paris of the East”, the Buda Castle is a historic landmark in the capital city. The amazing view from Danube just makes you fall in love with the architectural beauty that is built symmetrically featuring 200 rooms. Buda Castle is now named as UNESCO World Heritage Site and ranks up with the likes of Versailles.

Spa Towns

Without taking hot spring bath, one’s trip to Hungary would be incomplete. Having history dating back to 2,000 years old, the country boasts of more than 1,300 hot springs and baths, which provide spas medicinal and thermal waters that enthrall the tourists. These spas are spread all over the country.

Parliament (Orszaghaz)

While some say Parliament building is unreal, other says it magnificent, and few people just stare at the architectural wonder. Sitting gracefully on the banks of the Danube River, it is a treat to watch the Hungarian Parliament Building in the broad day sunlight and in the midst of lights during the evenings. The building simply amazes travelers as it stands by far the tallest building in Budapest.

Fisherman’s Bastion

At a first glance, a child would casually refer it to the Disney Castle, but mind your steps when you walk down the neo – Gothic and neo – Romanesque style terrace built on the Buda Bank of the Danube River. The whole construction features 7 towers that represent seven Magyar tribes. The place is filled with rich historic and scenic beauty, to which Danube River adds. The Bastion takes its name from the fisherman who defended this stretch of city walls in middle Ages.

Danube River

One finding a majestic stream of water flowing through the country, undoubtedly it’s the Danube River. Found in the words of the poets from the 17th Century, blending right into the cosmopolitan culture of 21st Century, the river has been an unmoved watcher of battles and glories, cries of pain and sorrow, tears of hope and joy. A cruise along Danube river will leave you emotionally connected to the beautiful city of Budapest and Hungarian Culture.


Even though rich culture and tradition is preserved untouched in the villages of Hungary, Hollókő stands out to be something ever special and colorful. Men and women dressed in beautiful traditional costumes, with old houses defines how amazing a true culture means even in the modernized tech world.


Feel like having some local wine, soaking yourself in the warm sun and looking at the breath taking volcano at the far end? Then, Balaton-felvidék might be the right place for you. Right from a picture perfect volcanos in the forefront, and rich vineyards across thousands of hectares, cultural festivals, local tipple, meandering paths, and of course, with fabulous vistas of the lake, means you are in no better place you could ever imagine.


The Aggtelek Cave system is known to be the largest cave system in Europe, consisting the Baradla Cave that is 26 km long, of which 8km is in Slovakia. The cave systems of Aggtelek consists of 712 caves and cover a total of 198.92 sq.km and are located in Aggtelek Karst region. The caves interestingly display tropical and glacial type of climates, and are listed under UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


Ever dreamt of a small peninsular island, hardly covering 8 sq.km and most interestingly closed to traffic with only well-marked rail network operating? Tihany is one such place boasts the above mentioned. It’s one of the most popular holiday resort in Hungary that flaunts Hungary’s extraordinary scenery. A walk to the old Inner Harbor on foot will leave moments that one would always reminisce in a sense of happiness and joy.


Sziget may be the last on our list, but definitely not the least as Sziget Island is the place for Europe’s largest musical festival that has been taking place for the last 20 years. This small island located in Danube goes crazy in August at the time of the music festival. The French, Italian, Dutch and other neighboring European countries and global tourists spend their best moments in the festival.






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